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How Do You Measure Success?

Success should mean more than wealth and power.

It should mean the accomplishment of one’s goals.

The truth is that, we all have the ability to become successful and interpret success the way we want to – regardless of where we are in life.

As it can be measured on several variables, let us look at some things we can base our successes on:

14 Things as a Measure of Success:

1. Having a sense of purpose in your life.

Your life should have direction and should be headed to particular destination.

You may not be where you want to be yet, but you have sense of purpose.

You are clear about the path you need to take.

You know where you are headed.

2. Being loved.

Of course, as sentient beings, we want to love and feel loved as well.

It becomes futile and disappointing when our love is not reciprocated.

It’s only natural that being loved is a measure of success.

3. Making a difference in the world.

We all want to make an impact in the world around us, not just to be recognized for our effort.

It doesn’t matter where we need to make such difference from, whether it is our home or when we travel abroad.

Making a difference in the world helps us embrace inner peace and awesomeness.

It’s a good measure of success.

4. Achieving individual goals.

The goals do not need to be outrageous or colossal to be a true measure of success.

Sometimes, little steps could take us in the right direction we want.

Achieving certain goals can make us feel successful and have a sense of fulfillment.

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5. Believing in yourself.

You don’t need to be wealthy and famous to feel successful.

Often, the belief we have in our abilities and strengths could be what determines our success at the end of the day.

Most times, people tend to live an opposite life other than that which helps them become the best version of themselves.

When you believe in yourself, you tend to want to live your best life and NOT the life other people want for you.

6. Inspiring relationships.

We can’t do without relationships with others.

Whether it is for our personal gains or for the interest of others, inspiring relationships can help us attain the success we desire.

Of course, when you can inspire people to become the best they can be, surely that is one measure of success in life.

7. Taking responsibility.

Everyone wants to pass the blame to someone else.

It is so easy to make complaints and offer excuses.

The reality is that, many people do NOT want to be liable for their mistakes.

But to develop and grow, you have to be willing to accept responsibility for your errors.

Through this, you can find achievement and personal fulfillment.

8. Satisfaction regardless of our circumstance.

Satisfaction and contentment could elude even the rich.

Often, after having a particular thing, we always want something else.

It is a struggle to be contented with what we have.

But when we eventually find such contentment, we understand what true success means.

9. Being generous.

It shows we have an abundance mentality when we are generous and kind to others.

It is not about how much we have, but how much we can give away.

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To those who have received much, much should be given away.

It is not about our material possessions or valuables.

Most times, it is about our attitude towards these things.

10. Gratitude.

While some would find it difficult to adapt to certain circumstances, it takes success to find enough good in any situation, to express gratitude and focus on the right things that are working for you.

Attaining success means you can infect others with such a great spirit.

11. Having the right attitude even in victory.

Showing off accomplishments could mean arrogance for some.

But one good measure of success is having the right attitude even in triumph.

Yes, those who are quick to deflect praise even after reaching their goals and winning should be the first to receive it.

12. Persevering during failure.

It takes character and strength to persevere during failure.

When people fail, it either exposes their weaknesses or strengths.

Successful people can face failure with courage, character, persistence, and humility.

Once measure of success is when you can face your adversities and rise up to try again.

13. Discipline.

It is so easy to fall under the influence of substances and possessions.

We could become slaves to these things and lose ourselves in the process.

It takes control and discipline to face any sort of addiction – and become victors.

14. Being gracious to others.

Spreading love and extending grace to others can also be a measure of success.

When you realize how unfair the world is, you realize how much you need to assist others regardless of their background.

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Rather than take a selfish stand, you view extending grace and mercy to others as an opportunity.

Nobody is truly self-made.

You will always seek the help of others to get to the next phase of your goals.

15. Being faithful to any commitment we make.

We live in a world where people say one thing and do another.

It hurts when you see someone betray your trust.

Anytime we seal something with a handshake or in a contract, we should be willing to keep to it.

You earn respect and are viewed as honorable when you can be true to your word.


When it comes to achieving personal success, there are so many ways to strive for it.

It is one thing to measure personal success based on the points listed above.

Still, you have to believe in yourself.

Have confidence in your skills and desires.

If you can do this, people will believe in you, too.

You should dare to dream and follow your dreams.

Even when your dreams are intimidating and vague it is up to you to actualize them.

Learn to break down these goals into smaller goals as this will lead you toward the bigger picture.

Know what inspires you.

It could be by reading motivational material or hanging out with people with similar dream.

You could find your motivation and inspiration in building your mental strength or perhaps meditating.

Be willing to unleash your passion and engage in those activities you are enthusiastic about.

It is difficult to retreat and let go of your goals when passion is involved.

Passion is ALWAYS a recipe for success.

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