25 Misery Quotes From the Classic Psychological Thriller

Fans of Stephen King or psychological thrillers will love these Misery quotes!

Misery is a psychological thriller released in 1990 and based on the 1987 Stephen King novel of the same name.

The movie was directed by Rob Reiner, produced by Reiner and Andrew Scheinman, and William Goldman wrote the screenplay.

Misery stars James Caan, Kathy Bates, Frances Sternhagen, and other talented actors.

The movie was well-received by critics and moviegoers.

It grossed over $61 million at the box office against a $20 million budget.

Additionally, Kathy Bates won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her work on the movie, and the movie was the only movie adapted from a Stephen King novel to win an Oscar.

Take a look at these Misery quotes to learn more about the classic movie!

Misery Quotes From Annie

Annie Wilke is an unstable, fragile-minded fan of Paul Sheldon.

1. “I love you!” — Annie

2. “Now the time has come.” — Annie

3. “Now that’s an oogie mess.” — Annie

4. “I go out of my way for you!” — Annie

5. “I will take good care of you.” — Annie

6. “Oh poo, I can’t think of any words.” — Annie

7. “The operation was called hobbling.” — Annie

8. “Throw it all out. Except that part about naming the gravedigger after me.” — Annie

9. “I thought you were good, Paul… but you’re not good. You’re just another lying ol’ dirty birdy.” — Annie

10. “We’re put on this earth to help people, Paul, like I’m trying to help you. Please, help me help you.” — Annie

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Iconic Misery Quotes

Enjoy some of the most iconic quotes from the movie Misery.

11. “Annie, what’s the matter?” — Paul

12. “I’m your number one fan.” — Annie

13. “Nobody knows you’re here.” — Annie

14. “Well, I’ll get your stupid paper.” — Annie

15. “You have no idea what I’m capable of.” — Annie

16. “He didn’t get out of the cock-a-doodle car!” — Annie

17. “There’s nothing to worry about. You’re going to be just fine.” — Annie

Misery Quotes From Paul

Throughout the movie, Paul, in trying to survive, has many classic quotes.

18. “Annie, please!” — Paul

19. “The Sistine Chapel?” — Paul

20. “She just died, slipped away!” — Paul

21. “That’s — very sweet of you –” — Paul

22. “Why not? I learned it from you.” — Paul

23. “No, just the paper would be fine.” — Paul

24. “You know I never tasted meatloaf quite like this; what’s your secret?” — Paul

25. “Annie, in 1871, women often died during childbirth. But her spirit is the important thing, and Misery’s spirit is still alive.” — Paul

What is the Plot of the Movie?

The movie’s plot follows author Paul Sheldon who is in a bad car accident, but in what seems like a lucky break, a former nurse who is his biggest fan rescues him.

Unfortunately, Annie takes Paul to her remote cabin to recover and locks him in a room.

As Annie reads Paul’s new work, she becomes angry and unhinged, and Paul must think quickly to save his own life!

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