20 Naya Rivera Quotes to Remind You of the Actress

Remember the actress and singer with these Naya Rivera quotes.

Naya Rivera was a singer and model, but she is best known for her career as an actress.

Rivera’s acting career started at the age of four when she played Hillary Winston on The Royal Family. 

The show only lasted a year but resulted in her being nominated for a Young Artist Award.

Her breakthrough came when she was cast as Santana Lopez on Glee.

She received several awards for her time on the show from 2009-2015, including ALMA Award, SAG Award, and nominations for a Brit Award and Grammy Award with the cast of Glee.

In addition to acting, Rivera signed with Columbia Records and released a single as a solo artist.

She experienced a high level of success before her untimely and unexpected death.

You can learn more about her life in these Naya Rivera quotes.

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Memorable Naya Rivera quotes

Were you a fan of Naya Rivera? These quotes below show a little of who she was and how she lived her life.

1. “Me and my cheeseburgers are insane.”  Naya Rivera

2. “You only get one you. It’s best to just love yourself.”  Naya Rivera

3. “I will admit to hoarding beauty products. I’m a beauty lady.”  Naya Rivera

4. “Forgiveness is the ultimate source of peace, healing, and inner happiness.”  Naya Rivera

5. “When your thinking thoughts pass, you will be in the clear sky of your mind.”  Naya Rivera

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6. “Feel yourself grounded to the earth while your mind is focusing on the sky of clarity.”  Naya Rivera

7. “It was the perfect timing and the perfect role for me. It was like everything came together.”  Naya Rivera

8. “Music is one of my greatest loves. I don’t think I would be able to live without music in my life.”  Naya Rivera

9. “Success is not defined by what the people around you want. It is based on what you want for yourself.”  Naya Rivera

10. “I can relate to girls with self-esteem issues because growing up in this industry, there is the side of you that is obsessed with perfection.”  Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera quotes to remember her

Many times the words of someone become more important when they are no longer here with us. If you were a fan, you can remember her with these Naya Rivera quotes.

11. “I definitely knew that I loved acting from the very beginning. I was such a ham growing up.”  Naya Rivera

12. “If I had a dollar for every time my mother told me God had a plan, I’d probably buy a new Prada bag.”  Naya Rivera

13. “If you think back to your first love, you always remember them, and little things always remind you of them.”  Naya Rivera

14. “I watch Pretty Little Liars with my best friend Telly. We go to each other’s houses when it airs, and we watch it.”  Naya Rivera

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15. “We’ve all been hurt by words before. So before you speak, think about how your words might affect someone else.”  Naya Rivera

16. “Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”  Naya Rivera

17. “I don’t trust people who claim to be like everyone because, really, how is that possible? If that’s true, then you must not have any standards.”  Naya Rivera

18. “Be kind to people, do the best you can do, and don’t compromise yourself for anyone else, and you’ll end up being the best person, trust me.”  Naya Rivera

19. “Going to regular public high school and working and auditioning was really, really tough. I never really fit in and hit the stride that all the other kids were on.”  Naya Rivera

20. “Aside from being a Latina, my family immigrated from Puerto Rico and Yugoslavia, so I know all about that. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today if they didn’t come to America. Everybody has an immigration story.”  Naya Rivera

The death of Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera died in 2020 from drowning while she was boating and swimming with her four-year-old son in Lake Piru.

From the reports, she was able to help save her son by getting him back on the boat before being unable to get out of the water herself.

Her ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the county that manages Lake Piru.

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Fans grieved her passing, and there were many public tributes to her, including on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and at the 32nd GLADD Media Awards, among others.

Rivera had voiced Catwoman for the comic Batman: The Long Halloween. 

It was her final role in film and was dedicated to her during its release.

You can pay tribute to her by sharing your favorite Naya Rivera quotes and sayings with others.

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