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Nicolas Cage is the stage name of Nicolas Kim Coppola, who was born in Long Beach, California, in 1964.

Cage is both an actor and a movie producer and has won many awards, including a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award.

He started his professional acting career in 1981 and is still active today, with his latest being called Renfield, which is being released in April 2023.

Cage’s most-known films include The Rock, Con Air, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Ghost Rider, but he has appeared in many other films.

In 2002, he directed his first movie called Sonny.

Under his production company called Saturn Films, he produced The Shadow of the Vampire in 2000.

Take a look at these Nicolas Cage Quotes to learn more about the actor and producer.

Well-Known Nicolas Cage Quotes

Here are some well-known quotes from Nicolas Cage.

1. “Movies can change the way people think.” — Nicolas Cage

2. “Everything we do impacts someone else’s life.” — Nicolas Cage

3. “I care about the connection with the audience.” — Nicolas Cage

4. “I came out of independent film; that’s my roots.” — Nicolas Cage

5. “You can’t make your choices based on what critics think.” — Nicolas Cage

6. “I try to make two movies a year. To me, that’s not too much.” — Nicolas Cage

7. “Acting is like any other art form, in that you have the option to go very big or go very small.” — Nicolas Cage

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8. “I think that if you go about making movies to win Oscars, you’re really going about it the wrong way.” — Nicolas Cage

9. “For me, acting was a way of taking destructive energy and doing something productive with it, and in that way, it was quite a lifesaver.” — Nicolas Cage

10. “Passion is very important to me. If you stop enjoying things, you’ve got to look at it because it can lead to all kinds of depressing scenarios.” — Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Quotes About Movies

Here are quotes from Nicolas Cage about movies.

11. “I do enjoy animated movies.” — Nicolas Cage

12. “Good science fiction is intelligent.” — Nicolas Cage

13. “I’m not a trained actor. I’m someone who is autodidactic and learned on my own.” — Nicolas Cage

14. “Film has lost something in the translation to high tech. It’s become so super-real.” — Nicolas Cage

15. “I want people to discover my movies, and however they choose to receive it is their business.” — Nicolas Cage

16. “If I do do a sequel, I’m going to have to know for sure that the script is better than the original. So I’m going to be very careful about that because I’m not eager to repeat myself.” — Nicolas Cage

17. “I like movies where you feel like you’re going into another world, and no matter how many times you watch it, you’re gonna see something new in that world. That level of detail really inspires me.” — Nicolas Cage

The Best Nicolas Cage Quotes

Take a look at our pick for the best Nicolas Cage quotes.

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18. “Having been a father for 19 years, I realize fatherhood has changed me.” — Nicolas Cage

19. “I’ve always had a soft spot for comic books. I learned to read from them.” — Nicolas Cage

20. “My father was always getting excited about something. It’s genetically inside me somewhere.” — Nicolas Cage

21. “I’ve gotten pretty good at leaving characters on the set. I go home and try to relax and regroup and be ready for the next day.” — Nicolas Cage

22. “Sometimes people think I’m wearing a wig when I’m not wearing a wig, and then sometimes they think I’m not wearing a wig when I am wearing a wig.” — Nicolas Cage

23. “Film acting is one of the only industries where you’re criticized for working hard. In any other industry, it’s considered a quality and something to behold.” — Nicolas Cage

24. “Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean that you can’t raise your kid. I think that families should stay together, but if you are a single father, don’t give up no matter what they say.” — Nicolas Cage

25. “You can choose your family sometimes. You can choose people; it could be a teacher, it could be a professor, it could be someone you work with that actually genuinely cares about you and wants you to succeed.” — Nicolas Cage

More on His Personal Life

Nicolas Cage has been married five times, with his current wife being Riko Shibata.

He has a son from his first marriage and a daughter with Riko.

Cage is also involved in philanthropy, donating millions of dollars to organizations that help those in need.

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