25 POSE Quotes with a Unique Perspective

These Pose quotes give a different perspective from the three-season series.

Pose is an American drama series about the LGBTQ and gender-nonconforming drag ball culture set in the 80s and 90s.

It revolves around the story of a group of dancers and models who compete in an underground culture and support one another.

The unique story and brave presentation of this series captivated many fans around the world.

There is an 80s vibe to this series that many enjoyed along with scenes of the vibrant and bustling city of New York.

This series is full of twists and turns as well as vibrant scenes and exciting dance culture.

These Pose quotes give you a glimpse at how underground culture evolved throughout time.

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Pose quotes by Pray Tell

1. “They’ll never know that feeling what it’s like to love without worrying that you’re gonna die, or worse yet, that you’re gonna kill somebody. I don’t know what’s shittier having that freedom taken away or never having had it to begin with.” — Pray Tell

2. “All we have left is right now.” — Pray Tell

3. “I’ve buried more friends in the last year than any of you can count! And when it’s all over who knows how many of us will be left?” — Pray Tell

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4. “I don’t need a bunch of immature 20-somethings, who just figured out how to wipe their own asses telling me how to act or feel! When y’all have walked a mile in my shoes, y’all come find me.” — Pray Tell

5. “A house is much more than a home. It’s family. And every family needs a mother who is affirming, caring, loyal, and inspiring.” — Pray Tell

6. “The legendary Elektra Abundance. Looking like a tall glass of lemonade. Giving us daffodil realness. Giving us sunflower. Sun power! Making the little things grow.” — Pray Tell

7. “You know, that’s the burden of having a parent. They haven’t a clue what they’re doing. And every mistake they make chips away at us. As we get older, we got to glue the pieces back together. And we can blame them. But here’s the thing. They’re human. They make mistakes.” — Pray Tell

8. “You’ll always have the memories.” — Pray Tell

9. “I have HIV. I recently lost a lover and being here with you it’s like the first time I was with — First time I was with him.” — Pray Tell

10. “I told Blanca I wasn’t ready, but she told me I couldn’t sit around the house feeling sorry for myself.” — Pray Tell

Pose quotes by Elektra Abundance

11. “Trust gives people power over you.” — Elektra Abundance

12. “You’re lucky I believe in second chances.” — Elektra Abundance

13. “If you were to ever part from me, I would destroy you.” — Elektra Abundance

14. “Not much of a house with only one bitch in it. More like a studio apartment.” — Elektra Abundance

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15. “Just because you have an idea does not mean you know how to properly execute it. Ideas are ingredients. Only a real mother knows how to prepare them.” — Elektra Abundance

16. “You are not on my level!” — Elektra Abundance

17. “I look too good not to be seen.” — Elektra Abundance

18. “You think I just woke up one day and poof, I look like this? No. It takes work, drive, sacrifice to be a woman.” — Elektra Abundance

19. “If they don’t grow strong enough to rebel, to reject you, to move away, then you’re not raising men and women. You’re creating parasites.” — Elektra Abundance

20. “If you choose to be a mother, you choose to shape the world.” — Elektra Abundance

21. “I don’t like being needy. I hate myself for it.” — Elektra Abundance

Pose quotes by Blanca Rodriguez

22. “I am not gay, and I am certainly not sinful. What I am is a woman, Mother. Not your son, but your daughter.” — Blanca Rodriguez

23. “It must be hard having to tell people they gonna die day after day.” — Blanca Rodriguez

24. “We need to focus on bringing our best, not worrying about what anyone else is bringing.” — Blanca Rodriguez

25. “You got a lot to hate yourself for, but needing help ain’t one of them.” — Blanca Rodriguez

Which of these Pose quotes is your favorite?

This series tackles societal issues and the struggles of the LGBTQ community.

Together in the series, they form “houses”, a self-selected family that provides genuine support to LGBTQ youths who have been rejected by their own families.

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The houses compete in balls where they challenge each other through dance and outfits.

Pose dives into showing the sentiments and struggles that minorities and the LGBTQ community encountered in the 80s and 90s.

They even include the issues of HIV and AIDS during the height of its pandemic in the 90s.

Overall, viewers thought of this as a thought-provoking series with a digestible narrative as you’ll see in these Pose quotes and sayings.

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