50 Drone Quotes Illuminating Aerial Photography

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Some Words about Drones 

Also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), drones have turned out to be a game-changing technology.

It has massive potential to work with a range of industries. 

In addition to their multiple applications, drones also have a transformative impact on sectors like: 

  • Photography
  • Agriculture
  • Infrastructure
  • Security 
  • Delivery

Evolution of Drones

Since its inception, drone technology has come a long way.

Initially, drones were only developed for military purposes.

However, with the passage of time, they have evolved a lot.

Now drones are capable of attaching and carrying a wide range of devices.

In addition, drones are more accessible to professionals and hobbyists.

With the advancement in technology, drones have become more agile and compact.

These flying machines are now equipped with various sophisticated features, including:

  • High-resolution cameras 
  • GPS navigation systems 
  • Obstacle avoidance capabilities

Drone and its Applications

Drones are beneficial for an array of industries, and some of the most popular ones are:

  • Environmental monitoring and agriculture 
  • Photography and Videography
  • Construction and infrastructure 
  • Surveillance and security

Environmental Monitoring and Agriculture 

When it comes to agriculture, drones do have a significant impact.

It enables farmers to detect pests/diseases, optimize irrigation, and monitor crop health.

They offer valuable data, which allows farmers to make the best possible decisions.

This, in turn, increases productivity and lowers environmental impact. 

The use of drones is also beneficial in other areas associated with agriculture, such as:

  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Aiding in wildlife conservation 
  • Mapping of ecosystems 
  • Detecting deforestation 
  • Pollution

Photography and Videography

The field of photography and videography has been revolutionized after the inception of drone technology. 

With a drone camera, it is possible to take breathtaking aerial shots as well as panoramic views. 

Hence, drones have become highly valuable tools for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators.

Construction and Infrastructure 

Drones have been used in the construction infrastructure and sector.

This technology helps while mapping and surveying construction sites.

In addition, it is also easy to conduct inspections and monitor the progress of ongoing projects. 

Drones allow the stakeholders to locate potential issues and increase efficiency by offering real-time data. 

Surveillance and Security

Drones play a critical role during surveillance and security operations. 

The use of drones allows law enforcement agencies to gather intelligence by monitoring public spaces and supporting rescue missions. 

The latest drones have high-end technologies like facial recognition and thermal imaging cameras.

Top 10 Drone Quotes

Soar through the skies with the top 10 drone quotes about the stunning unmanned aerial vehicle, Drone.

1. “I’m a big advocate of drones.” — Robert M. Gates

2. “Amazon led with online bookselling, web services, and drones.” — Adam Lashinsky

3. “I think drones are a good tool to go after high-value targets.” — Michael McCaul

4. “A man on a mission is far different  from a drone on a deadline.” — Rheta Grimsley Johnson

5. “I don’t think England is that gray, but India is like a long drone.” — Ray Davies

6. “In the age of the almighty computer, drones are the perfect warriors.” — Eduardo Galeano

7. “The worst terrorist crimes going on right now are the drone campaigns.” Noam Chomsky

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8. “Drones watch for disease and collect real-time data on crop health and yields.” — Peter Diamandis

9. “Drones, with their agility and small size, seem perfect for search and rescue operations.” — Grant Imahara

10. “Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.” Bill Gates

Drone Quotes on Innovation & Tools

Drone-friendly quotes in this section show how amazing drones are and how many possibilities they offer. These quotes inspire and appreciate drones’ amazing powers.

11. “Visual artists use drones to capture beautiful new images and camera angles.” — Peter Diamandis

12. “As a pilot, I can tell you drones may be a lot of things; airplanes they are not.” — Robin Hayes

13. “The use of drones to improve public safety, agriculture, and other uses will only increase.” — Cindy Hyde-Smith

14. “Drones can be useful tools, and I am all about useful tools. One of my mottos is ‘the right tool for the right job.’” — Martha Stewart

15. “Drones don’t stop people from coming across the border; they merely tell you that someone is coming across the border.” — Kris Kobach

16. “We need technology, we need drones, we need surveillance capabilities, and we need rapid-reaction capabilities.” John McCain

17. “You have to be very prudent with what you are doing and what sort of tools you are utilizing. Drones have become a wonderful new tool in filmmaking.”Werner Herzog

18. “Drones are just another weapon, and they turn out to be a very effective weapon that puts no American troops at risk, and I don’t see why we shouldn’t use them against identified enemy targets.” Colin Powell

19. “Drones can be a highly effective way of dealing with high-priority targets, but they should not become the drug of choice for an administration that is afraid to use successful, legal, and safe tactics of the past.” — Jose Rodriguez

20. “Drones can be a huge advantage to agencies fighting natural disasters. They can launch immediately, gather vital data about an emergency situation, and help efficiently relay that information to all agencies involved, all without putting further lives at risk.” — Grant Imahara

Drone Quotes on Technological Advancements, Transformations, & Future Possibilities

The following quotes showcase technological advancements, transformations, and exciting future possibilities.

21. “We will never get to the flying car era. We will get to the era where we get flying drones that haul people, though.” — Thomas Frey

22. “We live in a time of astounding technological advancements. There are deep-sea drones and live-streaming virtual reality.” — Jenna Wortham

23. “Drones photograph, prospect, and advertise real estate from golf courses to skyscrapers; they also monitor construction in progress.” — Peter Diamandis

24. “How has the sky been transformed by drones? How has the ocean been transformed by the fact that over 90% of the world’s information travels in underwater cables?” — Trevor Paglen

25. “Environmental activists in the rough Antarctic seas have launched a new tool in the fight to stop a Japanese operation from killing hundreds of whales: remote-controlled drones.” — Jonathan Franklin

More Technological Advancements and Drone Quotes

Here are several more quotes highlighting what is happening and what may be possible in the future.

26. “A.I. will make it possible for the Internet to directly engage people in the real world, through robotics and drones and little machines that will do smart things by themselves.” — Jensen Huang

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27. “There’s no excuse in a technological age where we’ve got drones – you know, overhead, and we can monitor anything, all sorts of minutia – that we can’t track living flesh-and-blood children.” — Jane Velez-Mitchell

28. “Hundreds a year are killed inspecting power lines, inspecting gas lines, and cellphone towers. They fall. There are helicopter crashes. We can eliminate all that with autonomous drones and artificial intelligence.” — Brian Krzanich

29. “Drones ply the liminal space between the physical and the digital – pilots fly them but aren’t in them. They are versatile and fascinating objects – the things they can do range from the mundane (aerial photography) to the spectacular – killing people, for example.” — John Battelle

30. “If you look at the history of innovation, the innovations coming through the defense department have been some of the most important innovations ever. Little things like drones, sensors, and the Internet of Things are defense-type initiatives, but the big one is the Internet itself.” — David Cohen

Drone Quotes On Drone Attacks & War

Learn more about the moral and strategic complexities of using drones in modern warfare by reading these quotes from various authors.

31. “The only thing about sanctions is that, like a lot of drone strikes, there are countless unintended victims.” — Henry Rollins

32. “We’ve been talking about this for a good while, the immorality of drones, dropping bombs on innocent people. It’s been over 200 children so far. These are war crimes.” Cornel West

33. “As far back as 2008, the Canadian Forces brass was explicit: drones with ‘all-weather precision strike capabilities’ were a ‘requirement’ for Canada’s overseas operations.” — Terry Glavin

34. “It’s so hard to go to war at home. Go to war, go home, repeat. And that is the future of warfare. Forget about remote control drones; there’s going to be remote control tanks.” — Andrew Niccol

35. “Only in America can you be Pro-Death Penalty, Pro-War, Pro-Unmanned Drone Bombs, Pro-Nuclear Weapons, Pro-Guns, Pro-Torture, Pro-Land Mines, AND still call yourself ‘Pro-Life.” — John Fugelsang

Additional Quotes About the Use of Drones in War

There are many opinions about using drones in combat and what could be possible through their use, as shown in the following quotes.

36. “In Waziristan, people get really upset when there are no drone attacks. Their apprehension is that the US and Pakistani government might enter into an agreement to halt the attacks.” — Pervez Hoodbhoy

37. “The drone war takes place 24/7, 365 days a year. The war doesn’t stop on Christmas. It’s like being a fireman when there’s a fire every single day, day after day after day. That’s emotionally and physically taxing.” — P. W. Singer

38. “It strains credulity to suggest that an agency charged with gathering intelligence affecting national security does not have an ‘intelligence interest’ in drone strikes, even if that agency does not operate the drones itself.” — Merrick Garland

39. “The harm that you do to others is the harm that you do to yourself, and you cannot think then that you can cause wars in other parts of the world and destroy people and drone them without this having a terrible impact on your own soul and your own consciousness.” Alice Walker

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40. “The use of drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. On the battlefield, a squad leader can receive real-time data from a drone that enables him to view the landscape for miles in every direction, dramatically expanding the capabilities of what would normally have been a small and isolated unit.” — Michael Hastings

Some More Drone Quotes

Here are more drone quotes regarding various aspects and tech innovations related to this device. 

41. “Drones that dropped drones that released drones that then silently killed people.” — Brett Arquette

42. “The drones are a terrorist weapon; they not only kill targets but also terrorize other people.” — Noam Chomsky

43. “We need to embark on a human revolution. A revolution where our reality is not replaced by drones but augmented by technology to do better.” — Vishal Sikka

44. “I want to say to anyone who works in a drone workplace, raise the bar! There’s no reason why you have to dress to the lowest common denominator.” — Tim Gunn

45. “I think the greatest threat to the privacy of Americans is the drone, and the use of the drone and the very few regulations that are on it today.” — Dianne Feinstein

Final Thoughts From Drone Quotes

Here are a few final quotes about drones and the possibilities to make you think.

46. “You need to put drones under control; you need to lay out certain rules of engagement in order to prevent or minimize collateral casualties. It is extremely important.” — Vladimir Putin

47. “A drone is a high-tech version of an old army and a musket. It ought to be used in Somalia to hunt bad guys, but not in America. I don’t want to see it hovering over anybody’s home.” — Charles Krauthammer

48. “The scary thing about the future… there will be tiny cameras everywhere, and they’ll be flying around like mosquitoes and drones. That will be bad. Drones are scary. You can’t reason with a drone.” — Matt Groening

49. “It is already clear that, because of advances in technology, drones are going to play an increased role in warfare in the years ahead. It is therefore vital that the legal frameworks governing their use are robust and internationally recognized.” — Douglas Alexander

50. “We’re setting up mechanisms where we can kill human beings with drones and missiles where you’re sitting at a console and pressing the button. We never have to hear their whimpering or hear them begging for their mother, or dying in horrible realities around us. I don’t know if that’s necessarily such a good thing.” — George R. R. Martin

Which One of these Drone Quotes is your Favorite? 

Drones have done wonders and transformed various industries.

With this technology, it is not possible to explore new possibilities and revolutionize the way we used to perform different industrial operations.

Due to the unmatched popularity of drones, people are now sharing drone quotes via social media platforms.

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