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Rain Man Quotes on the Need for Diversity and Empathy

These Rain Man quotes remind us of the importance of diversity and empathy.

Many narratives remain unknown until they are portrayed in movies and the 1988 film Rain Man is one of the most well-known portrayals of life for people living with savant syndrome.

Dustin Hoffman won an Academy Award for his authentic depiction of Raymond Babbitt while introducing and humanizing a misunderstood condition like autism.

Some consider Rain Man to be groundbreaking art while others feel it set the tone for damaging stereotypes about autism. Whatever your reaction to the film, Rain Man’s impact on the world is undeniable.

In the movie, Raymond (Hoffman) and his estranged sibling Charlie (Cruise) venture out of their comfort zones and develop empathy to repair their family bond.

Today we see people across the globe feeling more separate and polarized than ever. There are lessons to be learned from the film.

Perhaps if we took a cue from Raymond and Charlie, we can expand our limitations, learn how to see past differences, embrace empathy and experience more diversity.

Rain Man Quotes by Charlie

1. “What you have to understand is, four days ago he was only my brother in name. And this morning we had pancakes.”

2. “I just realized I’m not pissed off anymore.”

3. “I’m gonna go take a celebration piss.”

4. “Well taking your book is not a serious injury!”

5. “Well forgive me, I’ve lost my secret decoder ring!”

6. “I’m gonna let ya’ in on a little secret, Ray. K-Mart sucks.”

7.  “This is a good one. We don’t go out when it rains, this is a real good one. I hope you appreciate this because my business is going down the f***ing toilet.”

8. “I should be in L.A., instead I’m in the Honeymoon Haven motel in Bumblef***, Missouri because you won’t go out when it rains. Mystifying. F***ing mystifying.”

9. “Ray, you’re never gonna solve it. It’s not a riddle because Who is on first
base. That’s a joke, Ray, it’s comedy, but when you do it you’re not funny. You’re like the
comedy of Abbott and Abbott.”

10. “This guy’s a f***ing fruit cake.”

Rain Man Quotes by Raymond

11. “K-mart sucks.”

12. “I’m an excellent driver.”

13. “Gotta get my boxer shorts at K-Mart.”

14. “That’s my pen. That’s definitely my book.”

15. “Serious injury book is a red book, that book is blue.”

Rain Man Quotes from conversations between Raymond and Charlie

16. Charlie: “Did you fart?”
Raymond: “Yes I did.”
Charlie: “How can you stand that?”
Raymond: “No I don’t mind it.”

17. Raymond: “It’s definitely very small in here.”
Charlie: “Small, and safe. Don’t wanna miss the party. You know that, there’s a party in
your honor Ray. When we get to LA, there’ll be a little custody hearing. Lawyers are
setting it up right now. Know why there’s a party for you? Because you’re the $3,000,000

18. Raymond: “Of course I don’t have my underwear. I’m definitely not wearing my
Charlie: “I gave you a fresh pair of mine to wear. Where are they?”
Raymond: “They’re in the pocket of my jacket. Here.”
Charlie: “I don’t want them back.”

19. Raymond: “These are not boxer shorts. Mine are boxer shorts. These are Hanes 32.”
Charlie: “Underwear is underwear, Ray.”
Raymond: “My boxer shorts have my name and it says Raymond.
Charlie: “All right, when we pass the store, we’ll pick you up a pair of boxer shorts.”

20. Raymond: “I get my boxer shorts at K-Mart in Cincinnati.”
Charlie: “We’re not going back to Cincinnati, Ray, so don’t even start with that.”

21. Raymond: “Lights out at eleven.”
Charlie: “Yeah well new rules.”

22. Charlie: “Raymond, what are you looking at? The ducks are over here. What are you
looking at?
Raymond: “I don’t know.”

More Rain Man Quotes Between Charlie and Raymond

23. Charlie: “Listen, Ray, our dad died, that means he’s not with us anymore. Did they tell
you about that?”
Raymond: “I don’t know.”
Charlie: You don’t know if they told you or you don’t know what death is?
Raymond: “I don’t know.”

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24. Charlie: “Ray, all airlines have crashed at one time or another, that doesn’t mean that
they are not safe.
Raymond: “QANTAS. QANTAS never crashed.”
Charlie: “QANTAS?”
Raymond: “Never crashed.”
Charlie: “Oh that’s gonna do me a lot of good because QANTAS doesn’t fly to Los
Angeles out of Cincinnati, you have to get to Melbourne! Melbourne, Australia in order
to get the plane that flies to Los Angeles!”

25. Charlie: “We’re not in the air, we’re not on the highway, I’m on some sh*t secondary
road. I gotta make up some time. I have to get to LA, I should’ve been there this
afternoon, my business needs me. I gotta make up some time.”
Raymond: “Definitely watch TV but you have to be in bed at eleven. Lights out at
Charlie: “Forget it”.
Raymond: “Uh oh, nineteen minutes to eleven.”

26. Charlie: “When did you drive?”
Raymond: “I drove slow on the driveway when my dad came to Walbrook.”
Charlie: “Was Dad in the car?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Charlie: “I’ll have to let you drive sometime.”
Charlie: “Raymond, you NEVER! NEVER touch the steering wheel when I’m driving.
Do you hear me? Do you hear me?”

27. Charlie: “Who took this picture?”
Raymond: “D-A-D.”
Charlie: “And you lived with us?”
Raymond: “Yeah, 10962 Beachcrest Street, Cincinnati, Ohio”.
Charlie: “When did you leave?”
Raymond: “January 12, 1965. Very snowy that day. 7.2 inches of snow that day.”
Charlie: “Just after Mom died.”
Raymond: “Yeah Mom died January 5, 1965.”
Charlie: “You remember that day. Was I there? Where was I?”
Raymond: “You were in the window. You waved to me, “Bye bye Rain Man”, “Bye

28. Raymond: “Of course you can’t have pancakes without maple syrup.”
Charlie: “You bet your butt.”
Raymond: “Bet your butt.”

29. Raymond: “Maple syrup is supposed to be on the table before the pancakes.”
Charlie: “We haven’t ordered yet, Ray.”
Raymond: “Of course when they bring the maple syrup after the pancakes, it’ll definitely
be too late.”
Charlie: “How is that gonna be too late? We haven’t ordered the pancakes yet.
Raymond: “We’re gonna be here the entire morning with no maple syrup and no – no
toothpicks, I’m definitely, definitely not gonna have my pancakes w-with…

30. Charlie: “Stop acting like a fing retard.” Raymond: “UH-OH!” Charlie: “What are you writing?… What the f is this? “Serious Injury List”?
Serious injury list? Are you f***ing kidding me?”
Raymond: Number eighteen in 1988, Charlie Babbitt squeezed and pulled and hurt my
neck in 1988.
Charlie: Squeezed and pulled and hurt your neck in 1988?

31. Charlie: “Hey, Ray, you take a shower right?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Charlie: “Well the rain is a lot like the shower, you get a little wet. What do you say,
Ray? What do you say?”
Raymond: “Of course the shower is in the bathroom.”
Charlie: “That’s the end of that conversation.”

32. Charlie: “That’s it. You blew it. You don’t get to see your program. Finished.”
Raymond: “One minute to Wapner.”
Charlie: “Yes, one minute to Wapner. I had you in there, Ray! You were in there! The
defendant, the plaintiff, you had it all. They are in there making legal history.”

33. Raymond: “’Course I got Jeopardy! at five o’clock. I watch Jeopardy!”
Charlie: “Don’t start with that, Ray.”

34. Charlie: “You’ve got a date, Ray, you’re gonna go dancing.”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Charlie: “You know how to dance, Ray?”
Raymond: “No.”
Charlie: “I’ll have to teach you sometime.”
Raymond: “Definitely have to dance on my date. Have to learn how to dance.
Definitely. Now.”

35. Charlie: “Ray, you’re not gonna have to dance, but I will teach you sometime.”
Raymond: “Definitely have to dance with Iris.
Charlie: “Sorry I even brought this up. You’re right, Ray, you got a date with the only
famous dancing hooker in Las Vegas.”

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36. Charlie: “Okay, Ray, we’ve got blueberry, buckwheat, all flavors, what kind do you
Raymond: “Pancakes.”
Charlie: “I know, but what kind?”
Raymond: “Pancakes.”

More Rain Man Quotes From Your Favorite Characters

37. Raymond: “We have pepperoni pizza for dinner Monday nights.”
Susannah: “Pizza? You get pizza in an institution?”
Raymond: “Monday night is Italian night.”

38. Susannah: “You use me, you use Raymond, you use everybody.”
Charlie Babbitt: “Using Raymond? Hey Raymond, am I using you? Am I using you
Raymond Babbitt: “Yeah.”
Charlie Babbitt: “Shut up! He is answering a question from a half hour ago.”

39. Doctor: “Ray, do you know how much a candy bar costs?”
Raymond: “’Bout a hundred dollars.
Doctor: “Do you know how much one of those new compact cars costs?
Raymond: “’Bout a hundred dollars.”

40. Susanna: “How was that?
Raymond: “Wet.”

41. Doctor: “Raymond, do you know what autistic is?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Doctor: “You know that word?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Doctor: “Are you autistic?”
Raymond: “I don’t think so. No. Definitely not.”

42. Dr. Bruner: “Raymond, wouldn’t you feel more relaxed in your favorite K-Mart clothes?
Charlie: “Tell him, Ray.”
Raymond: “K-Mart sucks.”
Dr. Bruner: “Oh, I see.”

43. Doctor: “Ray, do you want to stay and live with Charlie?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Doctor: “Or do you want to go back to Walbrook?”
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Doctor: “Which is it? Go back to Walbrook or stay with Charlie Babbitt?”
Raymond: “Go back to Walbrook, stay with Charlie Babbitt.”

44. John Mooney: “Are you disappointed?”
Charlie: “Disappointed? Why should I be disappointed? I got rose bushes didn’t I? I got
a used car, didn’t I? This other guy, what’d you call him?”
John Mooney: “The beneficiary.”
Charlie: “Yeah him, he got $3,000,000 but he didn’t get the rose bushes. I got the rose
bushes. I definitely got the rose bushes. Those are rose bushes!”

45. John Mooney: Mr. Babbitt, there’s no reason to…
Charlie: “To what? To get upset? If there is a hell, sir, my father is in it and he is looking
up right now and he is laughing his ass off. Sanford Babbitt, you wanna be that guy’s son
for five minutes? I mean did you hear that letter? Were you listening?”
John Mooney: Yes I was. Were you?
Charlie: “Um, no, can you repeat it because I can’t believe my f***ing ears.”

46. Charlie: “Hey Ray, I got a great idea. Stay in front of the car until we get off the exit,
you’ll get in and we’ll take a not so dangerous road, whatever that might be. Is that an
Raymond: “Yeah.”
Charlie: “Give me five, that’s a great idea. Give me five.”

47. Motorist: “Hey you! Hey dipshit! Move it! You ain’t gonna move, I’ll move you!
Raymond: “Have to get to K-Mart. 400 Oak Street. The sign said ‘Don’t Walk’. Have to
get to K-Mart.”

48. Charlie: “I’ll tell you a story about my father, that car in the garage, was off limits to me.
He said it was a classic, it demands respect. One day, I’m a sophomore in high school, I
bring home a report card, it’s almost all A’s so I go to the old man, ask him if I can take
the car out as sort of a victory drive. He says no. So I stole the keys and snuck it out.”
Susanna: “You took the car with no permission? Why?”
Charlie: “Because I deserved it! Nothing I did was ever good enough for this guy. Don’t
you understand, We’re on Columbia Parkway, four kids, and we get pulled over.”
Susanna: “Accident? What is pulled over?”
Charlie: “You know, siren, police. Can I finish? Okay so we’re taken to jail. The other
kids’ fathers bail them out, mine left me there for two days.”
Susanna: “He left you in prison for two days? Were you scared?”
Charlie: “Yeah.”

49. Susanna: “You have his money.”
Charlie: “HIS money? That man was my father too, what about my fin’ half? Where’s my fin’ half? I’m entitled to that money, Goddammit!”

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50. Charlie: “He’s not crazy, he’s not retarded but he’s here.”
Dr. Bruner: “He’s an autistic savant. People like him used to be called idiot savants.
There’s certain deficiencies, certain abilities that impairs him.”
Charlie: “So he’s retarded.”
Dr. Bruner: “Autistic. There’s certain routines, rituals that he follows.
Charlie: “Rituals, I like that.”
Dr. Bruner: “The way he eats, sleeps, walks, talks, uses the bathroom. It’s all he has to
protect himself. Any break from this routine leaves him terrified.
Since the release of Rain Man, autism and other spectrum disorders have garnered more
awareness and attention, resulting in public perception shifts.

Classic Rain Man quotes

51. “C-H-A-R-L-I-E, my main man.”  -Raymond

52. Raymond: 82, 82, 82.

Charlie: 82 what?

Raymond: Toothpicks.

Charlie: There’s a lot more than 82 toothpicks, Ray.

Raymond: 246 total.

Charlie: How many? 

Sally Dibbs: 250.

Charlie: Pretty close.

Sally Dibbs: There’s four left in the box.

53. Charlie: Now casinos have house rules: they don’t like to lose. So you never show that you’re counting cards. That is the cardinal sin, Ray.

Raymond: Counting cards is bad.


Raymond: I like to drive slow on the driveway.

Charlie:If you get this right, Ray, you can drive anywhere you want as slow as you want.

54. “I’m sorry ma’am, I lied to you. I’m very sorry about that. That man right there is my brother and if he doesn’t get to watch ‘People’s Court’ in about 30 seconds, he’s gonna throw a fit right here on your porch. Now you can help me or you can stand there and watch it happen.” -Charlie

55.  Raymond: Sally Dibbs, Dibbs Sally. 461-0192.

Sally: How did you know my phone number?

Charlie: How did you know that?

Raymond: You said read the telephone book last night. Dibbs Sally. 461-0192.”

56. Charlie: Listen… Ray, I don’t know if I’m gonna have a chance to talk to you again. Because you see, these… Dr. Bruner really likes you a lot, and he’s probably gonna take you back. You know?

Raymond: Yeah.

Charlie: What I said about being on the road with you I meant. Connecting. I like having you for my brother.

Raymond: I’m an excellent driver.

Charlie; Yes, you are. I like having you for my big brother.

Raymond: C-H-A-R-L-I-E. C-H-A-R-L-I-E. Main man.

57. Dr. Bruner: Well, Raymond? Aren’t you more comfortable in your favorite K-Mart clothes?

Charlie: Tell him, Ray.

Raymond: K-Mart sucks.

Dr. Bruner: Oh, I see.

Charlie: Hey, Ray: you just made a joke.

Raymond: Yeah, a joke. Ha ha ha… ha.

58. Dr. Bruner: Raymond’s unable to make decisions.

Charlie: You’re wrong.

Dr. Bruner: He can’t decide for himself.

Charlie: He’s capable of a lot more than you know!

59. “Uh oh. Underwear on the highway. Uh oh.” -Raymond

60. Raymond: Very shiny train.

Charlie: Yeah, sure is. 

About Rain Main

Dr. Darold Treffert, an expert on autism and consultant for the film lamented that “in its
first 101 days,” Rain Man “accomplished more toward bringing savant syndrome to public awareness than all the efforts combined of all those interested in this condition the past 101 years following Dr. Down’s 1887 description of this disorder.”

He also notes that it was unfortunate for the public to assume that all people with autism are savants because in actuality only about ten percent of those diagnosed demonstrate savant abilities.

Rain Man is a film of different themes, one, in particular, is the idea of bringing family
together. Whether we are from different continents or come from different backgrounds, in the end, we are all one big earth family.

Is there anybody in your life with who you have been meaning to reconnect? Take a lesson from Charlie and Raymond and these Rain Main quotes and act on that desire sooner than later.

Clifton Sankofa
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