55 Keanu Reeves Quotes that Will Remind You to Be Kind

These Keanu Reeves quotes give an insight into his philosophy on life.

Read these quotes to be inspired to live life with kindness.

Well-known as one of the most generous celebrities, Keanu Reeves lives a life of kindness.

The actor, born in 1964, began his career at the age of nine and has been in the spotlight since his big break in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in 1989.

How can you make the world a more compassionate place?

Despite his successful career, Keanu has faced tragedies.

His father left his family when Keanu was a toddler and his mother remarried several times.

In 1999, Keanu’s girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn daughter and they ended their relationship soon after.

A year later, Jennifer passed away in a car accident.

While the tragedies that Keanu has faced could have given him a bitter outlook on life, Keanu is known for being extremely compassionate.

Secretly, he has given away millions.

From cutting his pay so that the special effects crew and actors on his films are paid more to donating time and money to cancer research and efforts to heal spinal injury, money isn’t everything to Keanu. 

To inspire kindness, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and thought-provoking Keanu Reeves quotes and sayings.

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Wise Keanu Reeves quotes

1. “I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called respect.” – Keanu Reeves

Wise Keanu Reeves quotes

2. “The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.” – Keanu Reeves

Unique Keanu Reeves quotes

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3. “Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.” – Keanu Reeves

Epic Keanu Reeves quotes

4. “The inspiration really comes first from the character and the story. That vision of what the story is, and what the character is, the world that they inhabit and what the story wants to tell. That’s really what inspires me.” – Keanu Reeves

Best Keanu Reeves quotes

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5. “Sometimes simple things are the most difficult things to achieve.” – Keanu Reeves

More Keanu Reeves quotes

6. “Multi-culture is the real culture of the world – the pure race doesn’t exist.” – Keanu Reeves

Other Keanu Reeves quotes

7. “Luxury is the opportunity to experience quality, be it a place, a person or an object.” – Keanu Reeves

Wise Keanu Reeves quotes

8. “Nothing ever truly dies. The universe wastes nothing, everything is simply transformed.” – Keanu Reeves

Relatable Keanu Reeves quotes

9. “Tattoos are interesting, but at the same time they are also a mask – you are exhibiting your past life on your body.” – Keanu Reeves

Short Keanu Reeves quotes

10. “Positive energy brings good feelings, and dark energy often means harm. But the destruction in dark energy is also a subtle aspect of construction, like how even forest fires have their benefits. Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.” – Keanu Reeves

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Positive Keanu Reeves quotes

11. “There’s a lot of great writing, and characters, and stories being told in television nowadays. And much more than there used to be. The opportunities to tell stories, because of the opportunities to show content. And so, it’s drawing actors from cinema, movie actors, actors to where there’s a lot of opportunities to where you can tell stories.” – Keanu Reeves

Motivational Keanu Reeves quotes

12. “Life is good when you have a good sandwich.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes about life is good when you have a good sandwich

13. “Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction. It must have some effect somewhere.” – Keanu Reeves

Wise and inspirational Keanu Reeves quotes

Keanu Reeves quotes on mental health

14. “Grief changes shape but it never ends.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes about grief changes shape but it never ends

15. “You need to be happy to live, I don’t.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes about you need to be happy to live, I don’t

16. “Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, they can only make you stronger.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes on mental health

17. “You have to change your life if you’re not happy and wake up if things aren’t going the way you want.” – Keanu Reeves

Favorite Keanu Reeves quotes

18. “The person who was holding me back from my happiness was me.” – Keanu Reeves

Appreciation Keanu Reeves quotes

19. “So, in the end, I think we can all pretty well agree that even in the face of tragedy, a stellar person can thrive. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can overcome it! Life is worth living.” – Keanu Reeves

Amazing Keanu Reeves quotes

20. I cried over beauty, I cried over pain, and the other time I cried because I felt nothing. I can’t help it. I’m just a cliché of myself.” – Keanu Reeves

Cool Keanu Reeves quotes

21. “In my quiet, I was working something out.” – Keanu Reeves

Random Keanu Reeves quotes

22. “Even in the face of tragedy, a stellar person can thrive. No matter what’s going on in your life, you can overcome it! Life is worth living.” – Keanu Reeves

Special Keanu Reeves quotes

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Funny Keanu Reeves quotes

23. “Sometimes I go out and hear people talk about irrelevant things and then I tell myself this is why I don’t go out.” – Keanu Reeves

Funny Keanu Reeves quotes

24. “I’m a meathead. I can’t help it, man. You’ve got smart people and you’ve got dumb people.” – Keanu Reeves

Top Keanu Reeves quotes

25. “On a good night, I get underwear, bras, and hotel-room keys thrown onstage… You start to think that you’re Tom Jones” – Keanu Reeves

Meaningful Keanu Reeves quotes

26. “Here comes 40. I’m feeling my age and I’ve ordered the Ferrari. I’m going to get the whole mid-life crisis package.” – Keanu Reeves

27. “Fame is drag. The paparazzi culture is more pervasive than it used to be. On the positive side, it’s nice not to have to worry about bills.” – Keanu Reeves

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28. I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.” – Keanu Reeves

29. “People were saying that David Geffen and I had gotten married and it just blew me away. Not that they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot.” – Keanu Reeves

30. “But, you know, it’s still a drag to get your picture taken when you’re eating a sandwich. It’s a downer.” – Keanu Reeves

31. “How do I confront aging? With a wonder and a terror. Yeah, I’ll say that. Wonder and terror.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes about love

32. “If you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth.” – Keanu Reeves

33. “It’s fun to be hopelessly in love. It’s dangerous, but it’s fun.” – Keanu Reeves

34. “Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place.” – Keanu Reeves

35. “When the people you love are gone, you’re alone.” – Keanu Reeves

36. “If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you’re a badass with a heart of an angel.” – Keanu Reeves

37. “Kissing someone is pretty intimate, actually very intimate, and your heart always kind of skips a beat before you do that.” – Keanu Reeves

38. “So many people have that relationship. The companionship. The connection. To our – to other beings, our pets. I hate to call them pets. But you know, to other creatures that we share our lives with.” – Keanu Reeves

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39. “I believe in love at first sight. You want that connection, and then you want some problems.” – Keanu Reeves

40. “Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.” – Keanu Reeves

41. “I guess living without love, without experiencing it or being able to give it is pretty strong punishment.” – Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves quotes to inspire you to enjoy life 

42. “Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and live simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.” – Keanu Reeves

43. “Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life.” – Keanu Reeves

44. “When I don’t feel free and can’t do what I want, I just react. I go against it.” – Keanu Reeves

45. “When you truly understand karma then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.” – Keanu Reeves
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46. “It’s the journey of self, I guess. You start with this kind of loner, outside guy, which a lot of people can relate to, and he goes out into the world.” – Keanu Reeves

47. “I’ve been really fortunate to be able to do different kinds of films in different scales, different genres, different kinds of roles, and that is important to me.” – Keanu Reeves

48. “Mortality is very different when you’re 20 to when you’re 50.” – Keanu Reeves

49. “I’ve been pleased to work with so many wonderful stars through the years. This has been an amazing journey. I hope it continues.” – Keanu Reeves

50. “How do people relate to movies now, when they’re on portable devices or streaming them? It’s not as much about going to the movies. That experience has changed.” – Keanu Reeves

51. “I mean, if you didn’t get it or if you didn’t feel like you enjoyed it, sometimes that experience can change.” – Keanu Reeves

52. “The acting experience and the collaborating and creating the world, working on the piece, they’re the same joys.” – Keanu Reeves

53. “I guess I’m not really involving my imagination to that of a circumstance or happening – I’m just kind of acknowledging it as an existence.” – Keanu Reeves

54. “I do think there must be some kind of interaction between your living life and the life that goes on from here.” – Keanu Reeves

55. “Artists are losing the choice to use film. People have a love for it – the grain, how it feels, the texture.” – Keanu Reeves

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Which of these Keanu Reeves quotes resonated with you best?

Keanu Reeves is the ultimate badass.

The millionaire, action-movie star, and motorcyclist doesn’t need to be kind to get by.

That’s what makes it cooler that he is. 

Kindness is a simple gesture that is often overlooked in the modern world.

We get so wrapped up in our busy lives and technology that we sometimes forget to connect with other human beings – including ourselves.

Take a leaf out of Keanu’s book and think about what you can do today to make the world a more compassionate place.

Even something as small as smiling at a stranger or letting someone know you appreciate them in your life can make someone else’s day. 

Did you like these inspirational Keanu Reeves quotes?

Which quote inspired you the most?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Eloise

    December 18, 2021 at 4:56 PM

    I am 77 years old and I want to thank you Keanu for your words of wisdom. I enjoyed reading all of them. I’m sure you have always had this wisdom because of the life that you had. I feel that we live in the lives we have for a reason and as we get older we realize it more. I believe in reincarnation and we’ve lived many lives. I have been hypnotized a few times back to provided lives and now understand asking mom questions about another lifetime, which she too was in. But she didn’t know what I was talking about. I come from a family of 8 brothers, mom and dad. I had a sister that passed at 9 months but she passed at 9 months old. After 4 brothers born after her I came along so my father wanted me to have her name which is what I have now. Then 4 more brothers so that left me in the middle. 4 older and 4 younger. 7 brothers served in the military all in about the same time. My poor mom! I now have 2 brothers left, 73 and 74.. our relationship is great and I hear from them as much as possible. I know that we have been together before. Anyway, to make a story short, I’m hopping that you understand that I feel your pain of loosing someone. Stay strong Keanu and I will continue to watch your movies and pray that you continue to get your message across to us. 🌺

  2. Julie

    October 31, 2021 at 1:43 AM

    Did Keanu really write these? Is he the new Spock? Seriously, I like the badass quote because I have been brutalized but I can’t hurt a fly. Recently I hit an armadillo–I thought about it for days–was it a female? Did she have babies in the woods that starved to death? I am absolutely hopeless.

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