5 Positive Reasons Why You’re Always Late

No matter how early you set your alarm and wake up, you still end up being a few minutes late.

Traffic was NOT at fault, and accidents on the road aren’t always to blame.

You get so preoccupied with filling up the time to get ready that you haven’t noticed those 45 minutes fly by.

But, late for what, exactly?

There are so many contexts where the word “late” can be applied in an optimistic manner.

There’s the late bloomer, who “matures” at a much delayed rate than us, yet was worth the wait.

Then there are women whose periods are “late” as a sign of fertility – representing a happy addition of a family member.

Lateness is actually related to psychology and personality.

Don’t let the clock stress you out.

Being habitually unpunctual isn’t completely a bad thing.

There’s beauty in waiting for the sunset, even if it happens late, at different times, every day.


Always Late? 5 Reasons Why It’s Not Such a Bad Thing:


1. You had breakfast.

“All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.” – John Gunther.

People who are always late (especially in the mornings) most likely had time to sit down and have breakfast.

Better yet, someone cooked it for you and you enjoyed eating together.

Consider yourself lucky to be able to have had the “most important meal” of the day.

Seriously, if you had a decent breakfast, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything.

It doesn’t how mentally prepared you are for the day ahead, your stomach will betray you.

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2. You had a good night’s rest.

You definitely have more reasons to smile since you woke up on the right side of the bed.

In addition to this, you were perhaps having a good dream.

There are just some reveries that we don’t want to end, so you spent even more time daydreaming.

Anything to prolong what happened in our unconscious, right?

You might be always late, but you’re also (hopefully) well-rested and alert.

3. You’re good at multitasking.

You’re the type of achiever who tries to fit as many tasks as you can in an hour.

You feel that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.

So you try to squeeze in a few errands on your way to work, or before you head home.

Being always late means less time to work, but it’s not a problem.

It has been tested and proven that some people actually work better under pressure.

4. You took the extra effort to look good.

Ever heard of the saying “It’s better to arrive late than ugly”?

This has become a philosophy for many, especially women who don’t dare to leave the house bare-faced.

Being “on fleek” is important!

If being late means enjoying the extra time to prepare, then so be it.

You never know who you’ll run into during the day, so it’s best to be prepared.

Practice that dramatic entrance.

Being fashionably late has its perks.

At least you never had to mill around anywhere in the extreme heat of summer or winter cold while waiting for company to arrive.

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At least, if you arrive late, you immediately get straight to work.

5. You were catching up on the current events.

Before getting out of bed, you tell yourself you’re only going to check on the weather conditions so you can plan your outfit for the day.

Then you open the Twitter app, see a trending topic, open it to discover that it’s a worldwide epidemic.

You then proceed on to checking official news sites for details and updates.

Always late?

Consider yourself well-researched about the latest biz about the president-elect, the tsunami that occurred in Japan, or the happenings in Brangelina’s divorce.

These are just a few great conversation starters.


We all get carried away.

Sometimes, there are more interesting things to accomplish than preparing for the day ahead.

Don’t forget to consider the early birds though; they too have other plans of their own.

Your actions will impact other people, too.

Everything happens for a reason, so it’s best if we just let things take their own course.

Remember that being excessively late will also have its consequences.

That truck-related collision on the highway could either be caused by you if you were speeding to make it on time, or be totally steered clear of if you decided to take it slow.

Compared to time-conscious countries like Germany, I’d migrate to Latin America, where everyone is laidback.

Doesn’t the idea of daily siestas and dinner past 8 in the evening sound enticing?

What’s there to hate about being always late now?

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