25 Russell Wilson Quotes that Motivate and Inspire

Level up and touch down to success with our Russell Wilson quotes. 

Russell Wilson has become a household name, but what drives this Super Bowl champion to reach the top of his field?

Find out with our Russell Wilson quotes below. 

Who is Russell Wilson?

Russell Wilson is a professional American football player in the National Football League. 

He played ten seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, where he led them to a Super Bowl Championship. 

Check out these Russell Wilson facts below:

  • Wilson has been named to nine Pro Bowls. 
  • Wilson plays in the NFL and minor league baseball. 
  • Wilson is part owner of the Seattle Founders FC, an MLS team. 

How many Super Bowl games have Russell Wilson won?

Making it to the Super Bowl is one of the most difficult achievements in the world. 

Scientists and mathematicians have worked out the odds of winning, and the numbers are astronomical. 

Many things have to go in a team’s favor in order for them to even get to the Super Bowl. 

Russell Wilson led his team to consecutive Super Bowl appearances.

The Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII.

The following year they returned to the Super Bowl and lost after Wilson’s pass was intercepted at the goal line. 

Is Rusell Wilson married?

Wilson has been married twice. 

He got married to his first wife and high school sweetheart, Ashton Meem.

After their relationship failed, Wilson started dating singer and artist Ciara.

The two got married in 2016 and have a child together. 

Their relationship has been scrutinized by their fans and the public, especially considering how Ciara was engaged and had a child with rapper Future before Wilson. 

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The power couple has managed to stay strong and committed despite public attempts to break them. 

What is next for Russell Wilson?

Some say his prime days are behind him, but Russell Wilson keeps on grinding. 

Some critics say he has lost a step after a trade to the Denver Broncos and knee surgery. 

However, Wilson has the heart of a champion and can never be counted out. 

To learn more, check out our Russell Wilson quotes below. 

Short motivational Russel Wilson quotes

Let’s start with these short quotes from the elite quarterback. 

1. “Live with a purpose.” — Russell Wilson

2. “Play with a purpose.” — Russell Wilson

3. “Don’t be afraid to excel.” — Russell Wilson

4. “Don’t be afraid to be great.” — Russell Wilson

5. “Separation comes from preparation.” — Russell Wilson

The best Russell Wilson quotes about God and spirituality

Wilson is very open about his commitment to Christianity. 

6. “I’m with an amazing team.” — Russell Wilson

7. “Jesus has brought me here.” — Russell Wilson

8. “No one can stop what God has for you.” — Russell Wilson

9. “I’m here today because God has brought me here.” — Russell Wilson

10. “I believe He perfectly placed me in the right spot at the right time.” — Russell Wilson

The top Russell Wilson quotes about the heart of a champion

Wilson knows to win; you have to be at your best. 

11. “I have the heart of a champion.” — Russell Wilson

12. “Every setback has a major comeback.” — Russell Wilson

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13. “And that’s what I try to bring to the table, and I have a long way to go.” — Russell Wilson

14. “Always persevere, always have a great perspective, and always have great purpose in your life.” — Russell Wilson

15. “I think to be a great quarterback, you have to have a great leadership, great attention to detail, and a relentless competitive nature.” — Russell Wilson

Famous Russell Wilson quotes about striving for the top

Whether it is knowledge of the world or the football field, Russell Wilson is driven to know more. 

16. “I’m still learning, and I’m still on a constant quest for knowledge.” — Russell Wilson

17. “You can do something great means you will do something great.” — Russell Wilson

18. [My goal is] do something different, being unique and being uncommon.” — Russell Wilson

19. “Every day I wake up, and that’s my goal, to be on a constant quest for knowledge.” — Russell Wilson

20. “I thought about all the people that told me I couldn’t do it and told me I couldn’t get there.” — Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson quotes and sayings about life

Let’s close our list with these cool Russel Wilson quotes. 

21. “There’s a king in every crowd.” — Russell Wilson

22. “The only person I can change is the one in the mirror.” — Russell Wilson

23. “I had this urge to play the game of football because so many people said I couldn’t do it.” — Russell Wilson

24. “I’ve been through a lot in life, and had some ups and downs. It’s what’s led me to this day.” — Russell Wilson

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25. “I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook.” — Russell Wilson

Nice guys do finish first

Russell Wilson is generally recognized as one of the nicest guys in the NFL. 

His rise to the top, status as a champion, and marriage to the love of his life all prove that nice guys can finish first. 

What is your favorite Russell Wilson quote?

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