25 She Is Quotes Celebrating The Muses Of The World

Have some fun and honor your favorite muse with our She Is quotes. 

Jonghyun is remembered as one of South Korea’s most talented artists. 

Relive some of the best moments of his creativity with our She Is quotes.

Who is Jonghyun?

Jonghyun was a South Korean author, singer, dancer, radio host, and artist.

He is best remembered for his time as the lead vocalist of the South Korean band Shinee. 

His song, She Is, is one of his most successful hits. 

Check out these interesting Jongyun facts below:

  • His first album, Base, was number one on the Billboard World Albums Chart. 
  • Jonghyun was admired for his artistic control and involvement in his content. 
  • Jonghyun committed suicide in 2018, dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

What is a muse?

A muse is a personified force that inspires creativity or imagination. 

In Greek and Roman culture, the muses were the daughters of the gods who inspired humanity. 

The song, She Is, tells the story of a muse in Jonghyun’s life. 

The song playfully highlights the beauty of women and honors them for their natural ability to inspire. 

Why should I listen to She Is?

K-pop has taken the world by storm, but I get it; it might not be for everybody. 

You will love Jonghyun’s She Is if you enjoy boy band-esque dance moves, bright colors, and playful tunes.

The album is quintessential K-pop and comes complete with all of the bubble gum, pink hair, boy band moves, and pop-inspired interpretations about life. 

The video for the song, She Is, is nothing short of a K-pop masterpiece. 

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What is She Is about?

She Is tells the story of a person who feels inspired. 

The video and the lyrics tell a tale. 

They seem to narrate the difference between how society sees women and how Jonghyun sees women. 

The setting of the video is an industrial site.

The women present resemble products or dolls ready to be sold.

Perhaps this is a metaphor addressing how stereotypes about women are sold to the public. 

In this case, the factory seems to represent a patriarchal way of thinking. 

As the video continues, demolition is happening, representing how the old gender perspectives are crumbling. 

To learn more, check out our She Is quotes below. 

Short She Is quotes about sweet love

Let’s start with these short She Is quotes. 

1. “Oh, she is!” — Jonghyun, She Is  

2. “Oh sweet love.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

3. “You know that!” — Jonghyun, She Is  

4. “I like it like that.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

5, “I like your darker brows.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

The top She Is quotes for loving the skin you are in

She Is serves as a reminder to love you for you! 

6. “Don’t be embarrassed.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

7. “You know this is natural?” — Jonghyun, She Is  

8. “Please don’t hide yourself.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

9. “You may look ugly in your own eyes.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

10. “I like everything about you, you know that.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

The top She Is quotes about admiring your body

Body shaming is at an all-time high.

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She Is breaks the mold reminding people to love their eyes, skin, and hair.  

11. “I like it when you’re foxy.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

12. “When I simply look into your eyes.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

13. “I like your lips that look a little sullen.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

14. “I don’t care how other people are going to see it.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

15. “I like it when you pretend like you don’t know anything.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

Famous She Is quotes about falling in love

Check out these quotes about the hypnotizing power of love. 

16. “That’s no, no, no, no, no!” — Jonghyun, She Is   

17. “One more time sing it baby, Ho!” — Jonghyun, She Is  

18. “So many, and you’re doing it on purpose?” — Jonghyun, She Is  

19. “There’s a string of guys who like you, so many.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

20. “I’m crazy about you, and you’re doing it on purpose?” — Jonghyun, She Is  

She Is quotes about the perfect moment

Love doesn’t require flashy settings to be perfect. 

21. “Oh she is, the morning breeze is just perfect.”  — Jonghyun, She Is  

22. “I got a good hunch, every single thing about you.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

23. “We sit quietly in front of mildly flavored coffee cans.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

24. “I like the way you look at me with your small eyes.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

25. “I think I’m going to go crazy when our eyes meet and when I see you.” — Jonghyun, She Is  

She Is, and You Are

The next time you feel inspired, ask yourself who was your muse?

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She Is is a song that encourages everyone to follow their inspiration, love who they love, and never regrets any of it. 

What is your favorite quote from She Is?

Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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