Shrill Quotes to Help You Break Out of the Perfectionist Mold

These Shrill quotes will inspire and make you laugh at the same time.

Shrill is a comedy series streaming on Hulu.

It is based on the book Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman.

The show follows the story of Annie, described as a fat enthusiastic young woman who wants to finally change her life but not her physique.

As she tries to make her way to become a successful career woman, she begins to struggle to handle her multiple failed relationships and losses in life.

Although she has all it takes to be a successful woman, the world seemingly sees her as not good enough.

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Shrill quotes from Annie

1. “It was hornily good.” — Annie

2. “I don’t know. I would like to be with you, if you wanted to try being with me. ” — Annie

Shrill quotes from Annie

3. “I gotta taste all the little man pots. I eat men.” — Annie

Shrill quotes about i gotta taste all the little man pots. I eat men

4. “I shouldn’t have to tell you that our sex life is private.” — Annie

5. “I would say, don’t overthink it.” — Annie

Shrill quotes on i would say, don't overthink it

6. “And women, we’re like screaming in huge pink letters that we’re powerful just to try to convince ourselves. ” — Annie

Shrill quotes about women

7. “I’m fat. It’s just true, you know?” — Annie

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Shrill quotes on i'm fat. It's just true, you know

8. “If I’m not busy I’m sad.” — Annie

Shrill quotes on if i'm not busy i'm sad

9. “I’m shaking my shit up a little bit. You know, taking a chance on myself.” — Annie

10. “I’m tryna be the person that I actually wanna be.” — Annie

Shrill quotes and saying

11. “I’m not off the rails. I am the rails.” — Annie

Shrill quotes about i'm not off the rails. i am the rails

Shrill quotes from Fran

12. “I do what I do because it’s what I want.” — Fran

Shrill quotes from Fran

13. “I don’t need to figure things out. I like what I’m doing with my life.” — Fran

Shrill quotes about life

14. “You look like a park ranger in a porno.” — Fran

15. “It’s only a dry spell if you’re thirsty.” — Fran

Shrill quotes that it's only a dry spell if you're thirsty

16. “Every time you treat her like dirt, which is often, and she comes crawling back that fucks with me.” — Fran

17. “Come and join the pasta party, bitch.” — Fran

18. “I don’t apologize to white people.” — Fran

Shrill quotes of i don't apologize to white people

19. “You’re so wise. And pretty. And wise.” — Fran

Shrill quotes about you're so wise. and pretty. and wise

20. “My favorite thing is you not having a child with a guy that says ‘raw-dog.’” — Fran

Shrill quotes about raw-dog

Shrill quotes from Gabe

21. “God, doctors are just drug dealers with their finger up your ass, aren’t they?” — Gabe

Shrill quotes from Gabe

22. “I’m Mother Teresa, but less of a bitch.” — Gabe

23. “Please honey, I invented drugs.” — Gabe

Shrill quotes on please honey, i invented drugs

24. “From now on, no more dramatic exits.” — Gabe

More Shrill quotes

25. “And the millennial pulls out the bully card.” — Gabe

Wise Shrill quotes

Who is your favorite Shrill character?

This series portrays the bias and disapproving perception of the public for being a woman, more so, being overweight.

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In a world where we are blinded by crazy standards of society from social media, magazines and entertainment industries, this show gives a fresh take on how we can uplift ourselves in our own special way.

This series is well received by the fans and gained tons of positive feedback across the internet.

Its authentic depiction of being an overweight woman in a hyper-perfectionist world can surely relay its core message across the screens.

So, let these Shrill quotes and sayings be a reminder for us to not be quick to judge a person based on physical appearance.

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