20 Snitch Quotes From The Fast-Paced Movie

Bring some action into your life with these Snitch quotes!

Snitch is a 2013 action thriller that was directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Barry Pepper, Benjamin Bratt, Michael Kenneth Williams, Susan Sarandon, and Jon Bernthal.

The movie brought in $57.9 million at the box office against its $25 million budget.

The plot focuses on John Matthews, a father (Dwayne Johnson) that must go undercover working for the DEA to expose a drug dealer.

If he follows through, it will reduce the sentence of his estranged son, who has been framed in a drug deal by his best friend.

John is put in increasingly dangerous situations as the DEA reneges on their promise unless John helps them take down a more prominent drug kingpin.

Enjoy these Snitch quotes that will have you excited to see the movie!

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Snitch quotes by John Matthews

Check out these quotes from the main character in the movie!

1. “I love you, son.”  John Matthews

2. “What if I did it for him?”  John Matthews

3. “Of course I believe you.”  John Matthews

4. “Please, I just want to help my son.”  John Matthews

5. “What if I helped you make arrests?” — John Matthews

6. “Daniel, thank you for not ratting me out.” — John Matthews

7. “I admire you so much. The stand you’re taking.” — John Matthews

8. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my son.”  John Matthews

9. “Daniel, I know I’m the one who put us in this danger.”  John Matthews

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10. “I know you’ve done this before, undercover. Do you have any advice?”  John Matthews

Snitch quotes from the rest of the cast

Check out these quotes from other characters in the movie.

11. “And what if you don’t live”  Analisa

12. “So how much weight can you move?” — Malik

13. “Look, believe me, man. I thought about it.”  Daniel James

14. “I’m not a drug dealer. I swear to you, dad.”  Jason Collins

15. “I believe in the mandatory minimum laws.” Joanne Keeghan

16. “Show us your loyalty and your future will be bright, my friend.”  El Topo

17. “They will hunt us down, man. They will… They’re gonna come after our families, John.” — Daniel James

18. “Just be yourself, John. If you try to be something you’re not, they’re bloodhounds.”  Agent Cooper

19. “The mandatory minimum laws are very simple. Jason is facing 10 years in prison.”  Agent Thompson

20. “That means you’re running their money this time, hundreds of millions of dollars.”  Joanne Keeghan

A father will do anything for his kid

This excellent action movie shows how far John will go to free his son from the false charges against him, regardless of what it may cost him.

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