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The Babysitters Club Quotes to Remind You of Your Childhood Friends

These Babysitters Club quotes will take you back to your childhood days.

The Babysitters Club is a comedy-drama streaming on Netflix as a reboot of the 1990 HBO series.

It is based on a classic children’s book series by Ann M. Martin that built massive readers during its heights in the 80s and 90s. It’s about friendship and navigating the messy world of growing up.

In this series, we follow the enthusiastic adventure and drama of five young middle-schoolers as they find their way to navigate the world and understand themselves. Soon they’ll find themselves building a babysitting business at a very young age.

The Babysitters Club Quotes below will make you miss the moments you had with your long-time friends.

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The Babysitters Club quotes from Kristy

1. “He just kept droning on and on about the genius of Thomas Jefferson and how all men are created equal… if he was such a genius why didn’t he say all people?” — Kristy

2. “You’re gonna get all dressed up for some dude who couldn’t even be bothered to ask you out for real?” — Kristy

3. “We can’t lose this club, it’s the best idea I’ve ever had.” — Kristy

4. “They’re trying to get a piece of our action so we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition.” — Kristy

5. “What is the meaning of decorum? Well, I know what it’s supposed to mean. Raising my hand, waiting to be called on, being non-disruptive, and all things that would probably make your life easier. But to me, decorum means other things, like knowing when you’re wrong… giving people the benefit of the doubt… and most of all, being a good friend… all in order to create a perfect union where all people are created equal. Although it may not be your definition of decorum, it is mine.” — Kristy

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6.“Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you could like make one phone call and reach a bunch of good sitters at the same time? A few times a week we’d all meet together in the same place, and people would call and offer us jobs.” — Kristy

7. “A business where people hire us to baby-sit. and it’s not just girls, boys can take care of kids, too.” — Kristy

8. “I’m bossy, get used to it.” — Kristy

9. “Look, although the baby-sitter’s club was my idea, it doesn’t mean I get to tell you guys what to do all the time. And the club’s ours, not just mine — even though it was my idea. But with that being said, it would be an honor to continue serving as your president, but I understand if you guys want me to step down.” — Kristy

The Babysitters Club quotes from Claudia

10. “Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden in you mind.” — Claudia

11. “With all the things I can do, the only thing they care about is the one thing I can’t.” — Claudia

12. “When I’m painting or sculpting all the little voices telling me what I should be doing and who I’m supposed to be, go away.” — Claudia

13. “Social media rots your brain.” — Claudia

14. “You don’t choose to be an artist, Janine! You just are.” — Claudia

15. “I need the money. I’ve grown accustomed to a certain quality of life.” — Claudia

16. “Why don’t they loiter at the mall like other teenagers?” — Claudia

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17. “Another thing I’m pretty good at is cooking. I do it a lot with my grandma Mimi. She’s taught me a lot. mimi is the best person i know – at everything. I think it’s because whatever she does, she does it with so much love.” — Claudia

18. “ I need the money, I’ve grown accustomed to a certain quality of life. sable paintbrushes.” — Claudia

The Babysitters Club quotes from Stacey

19. “I thought if you knew, that’s all you’d see me as. The sick girl.” — Stacey

20. “I think you’re confusing real life with Gossip Girl.” — Stacey

21. “That’s the great thing about math, you know if you’re right.” — Stacey

22. “New year, new you.” — Stacey

23. “This rug is my husband.” — Stacey

The Babysitters Club quotes from Mary Anne

24. “As long as you know your only right about 95% of the time instead of 100, I’m good.“ — Mary Anne

25. “Isn’t it illegal to be on Instagram before you turn 13?“ — Mary Anne

26. “Maybe it’s a Horcrux, a piece of someone’s soul trapped inside, calling out to me.” — Mary Anne

27. “Act first, then ask for forgiveness later.” — Mary Anne

28. “Kristy’s one of those IT clowns bringing night terrors into the daylight.” — Mary Anne

29. “Everyday, I either end up looking like the world’s oldest toddler or the youngest senior citizen” — Mary Anne

30. “A small step for man, a giant leap for my dad.” — Mary Anne

31. “Oh how we rage.” — Mary Anne

32. “She’s nice. She’s just new. It’s not the worst thing in the world to make a new friend.” — Mary Anne

33. “I’m very aware that I’m the least cool member of the baby-sitter’s club. Claudia is a style icon, Kristy totally rocks the normcore look, and Stacey is so chic she’s practically french.” — Mary Anne

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34. “Other than the BSC, the majority of my social life involves an 83-year-old woman who’s been helping me master a twisted cable rib stitch.” — Mary Anne

35. “You can’t always tell from someone’s outside who they are on the inside. But if you never ask them, they never get a chance to surprise you.” — Mary Anne

36. “Stacey, that man is way too old for you. He’s at least 17.” — Mary Anne

The Babysitters Club quotes from Dawn

37. “Parents are just older weirdos doing the best they can. Just like us.” — Dawn

38. “We don’t have a choice in who our parents are. You get who you get. If you’re lucky enough to have them at all.” — Dawn

39. “Just a little more left-brained than you are.” — Dawn

40. “Moving across the country is about the biggest change you can make.” — Dawn

The Baby-sitter Club is full of hope and a light-hearted series that will keep your hearts warm. It is well-received by the fans of the novels and 90s series because of its sincerity and ability to connect to its audience in a wholesome way.

In a world full of toxicity and chaos, we could use more of these series that could connect to our good and young selves. Watching these series can actually put a smile not only on your face but also on your heart.

Hopefully, you had fun reading The Babysitters Club quotes and sayings, and of course, you can share these also with a friend to remind them of the fun times you had together.

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