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The Kominsky Method Quotes to Make You Laugh

The Kominsky Method quotes below will give you a good laugh.

The Kominsy Method is a comedy-drama that brought tears and extreme laughter to many of its audience.

It follows the story of Sandy Kominsky, an actor who had huge success during his prime and now in his twilight years, is a Hollywood acting coach.

The show also centered around his friendship with Norman Newlander and how they cope with their fast-changing world.

This show is about friendship and the true meaning of life.

It touches on the idea of living in the moment, especially in the little years you have in this world.

It carefully manages to instill these thoughts while remaining true to the comedy and hilarious sequence that the audience loves.

These The Kominsky Method quotes will bring you fun and excitement!

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The Kominsky Method quotes from memorable conversations within the show

1. Secretary: “I am so delighted that you’re back.”

Norman: “Give it time. The feeling will pass.”

2. Sandy: “Listen, I finally got the urologist on the other line.”

Norman: “Wexler? Tell him I hope he gets his index finger caught in a wood chipper!”

3. Dr. Wexler: “Oh, that’s a big, old prostate.”

Sandy Kominsky: “Any chance that my ass is just shrinking?”

4. Norman: “I know. I’m just not that kind of Jew.”

Rabbi: “Really? And what kind of Jew are you?”

5. Norman: “I’m, I’m the atheist kind.”

Sandy: “Did you know he was at Woodstock?”

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6. Norman: “Oh yeah, in a band?”

Sandy: “No, in the mud.”

7. Norman: “Humiliation doesn’t bother you, does it?”

Sandy: “I’m an actor.”

8. Norman: “I’ve never been to an Indian casino before.”

Sandy: “They’re pretty much like a Vegas casino, except they’re not overly fond of ‘reservations’.”

9. Receptionist: “Horses are very spiritual animals, and they help our patients in their path to recovery.”

Norman: “Ah. A path filled with horse shit.”

10. Roz: “All right. It causes the body to hold on to more water, which raises the blood pressure, which puts more strain on the kidneys, the heart, arteries, and the brain. And, for a man of your age, is the kiss of death.”

Sandy Kominsky: “That’s pretty scary.”

Roz: “Yes, it is.”

Sandy Kominsky: “Now, would you please pass me the salt?”

The Kominsky Method quotes from Norman Newlander

11. “Being human and being hurt are the same damn thing.” — Norman Newlander

12. “The secret to a happy relationship is that the woman must always feel like she comes first.” — Norman Newlander

13. “I had a whale of a nap, so I’m good until 10.” — Norman Newlander

14. “I urinate in Morse code – dots and dashes.” — Norman Newlander

15. “No, no. It’s not lying. It’s acting. You should try it sometime.” — Norman Newlander

16. “You know what it’s like to be human? Is that something you wanna know? Fine, I’ll tell you. It hurts to be human. It hurts like hell. And all the exploring in the world doesn’t make that hurt go away. Because being human and being hurt are the same damn thing!” — Norman Newlander

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17. “I absolutely loathe the way you drink.” — Norman Newlander

The Kominsky Method quotes from Sandy Kominsky

18. “Dating advice? Last time you went on a date, Richard Nixon was in office and he was doing well.” — Sandy Kominsky

19. “So what is acting? I mean, when an actor acts, what is he or she… or they actually doing? Well, on one level, the answer is simple. They’re making believe. They are pretending. But on a on a much deeper level, we need to ask ourselves what is really happening?” — Sandy Kominsky

20. “You know, I miss getting lost.” — Sandy Kominsky

21. “For the 100th time, I am an actor. Not a plumber.” — Sandy Kominsky

22. “This is what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna go back in there. We’re gonna greet the guests, eat pumpkin ravioli, make a toast. You will dance with your daughter. I will dance with the Pez dispenser, and with any luck, I’ll be drunk enough to vomit all over his mother.” — Roz

Which of these The Kominsky Method quotes is your favorite

On its run, this series won and was nominated for dozens of awards due to its masterful comedy element and story success.

Michael Douglas perfectly executed his role and gave life to Kominsky and is such a treasure on TV screens.

If you want both a touch of drama and comedy, you should try streaming The Kominsky Method now.

This show paints a portrait of both life and aging.

So grab some friends together and share these The Kominsky Method quotes and sayings with them and watch the series to have a good laugh.

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