25 The One That Got Away Quotes From the Popular Book About Life

Fans of fictional love stories or author Bethany Chase will love these The One That Got Away quotes.

The One That Got Away is a fiction book about a woman whose life is going how she wanted when a former lover re-enters her life, which causes her to rethink her current relationship.

The book was written by Bethany Chase and published by Ballantine Books in 2015.

The One That Got Away follows Sarina Mahler, who believes that she has her life nailed down.

Ever since her mom died ten years ago, she has wanted a family and is now about to be engaged to a loving man named Noah.

Her architecture practice is also growing, and she feels like her life is falling into order when everything gets turned upside down.

Take a look at these The One That Got Away quotes to learn more about this popular book.

Here are some key lines and moments from the story.

1. “He made it so easy for me to fall in love with him.” — Bethany Chase

2. “One man’s desperate is another man’s persistent.” — Bethany Chase

3. “This is one of the shittiest parts of grief, right here. The absolute futility of it.” — Bethany Chase

4. “Even these last few terrible days, he’s been my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night.” — Bethany Chase

5. “Contrary to what I’d hoped, my attraction to him has not diminished with familiarity—it’s gotten stronger.” — Bethany Chase

6. “I’ve been both dreading and looking forward to his return; dreading it, I suppose because I am looking forward to it.” — Bethany Chase

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7. “This home is the one you fill with your own family, whoever you choose them to be—but the peace is in the choosing.” — Bethany Chase

8. “My sense of connection to him had just been so immediate and effortless that I couldn’t comprehend his not feeling the same way.” — Bethany Chase

9. “After eight months apart, I feel more disconnected from him than I ever expected to. More than anything, I want to have this separation behind us.” — Bethany Chase

10. “I want to be the only one you think about. I want to mean as much to you as you do to me, and it would hurt too much to settle for less than that.” — Bethany Chase

The One That Got Away Quotes Showing Sarina’s Struggle

Throughout the story, Sarina struggles between her love for Noah and her rekindled feelings for Eamon, as shown in the following quotes.

11. “I’ve never met anybody Irish who came in a shade darker than moonglow.” — Bethany Chase

12. “I think sometimes you get so used to being with someone that it’s just a habit, not something that really makes you happy.” — Bethany Chase

13. “But, all of a sudden, the bubbling excitement I’d felt about Eamon’s job has evaporated. Instead, I just feel like I swallowed a shovelful of broken gravel.” — Bethany Chase

14. “I love you, Ree. I can’t wait until I’m home for good, and we can just be together again. And then we can get married and finally get started on our lives together.” — Bethany Chase

15. “And as I stood there, blinking in breathless surprise, he dipped his head and kissed me, right in the middle of the drink aisle with his arms full of the national beer of Texas.” — Bethany Chase

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16. “If Eamon really is moving back to town, he’s good enough friends with Danny that I’m going to be seeing a fair amount of him, so I have got to quit with the staring and the blushing.” — Bethany Chase

17. “The best part of Noah’s passion for travel is his generosity in sharing it with me. I can’t always afford my share of the trips he suggests, but nothing makes him happier than to treat me.” — Bethany Chase

18. “The only sign, the entire time, that anything might possibly be less than perfect came at the very end when I woke to the soft clink of his belt buckle as he quietly dressed.” — Bethany Chase

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More The One That Got Away Quotes from the Novel

Here are a few additional quotes telling the story of Sarina’s choice for her future.

19. “This is why the home you build yourself, in many ways, is the most rewarding one of all. You can fill it, and populate it, with whatever and whoever you wish.” — Bethany Chase

20. “Death is not the way they show it in the movies, with the dying person holding on just long enough for one last embrace, some final words of love or absolution.” — Bethany Chase

21. “I don’t know how one force of emotion can be at once so sharp, so ragged with splintered edges that pierce and rip, and yet also so blunt and blank and immutable.” — Bethany Chase

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22. “Eamon is already waiting for me at the front door, silhouetted against the warm gold light spilling from inside. I walk up, slip my arms around his waist, and turn my face up for a kiss.” — Bethany Chase

23. “This is a whopper of a commission: getting hired as project architect for a fast-growing spa chain is going to be the job that finally turns me from a one-woman operation into a bona fide company.” — Bethany Chase

24. “And I feel so hollow that I’m ashamed. I never intended to mislead him. Every word I said, I meant at the time; but now I don’t understand how I could ever have thought that what I felt for him was enough.” — Bethany Chase

25. “Gardening is as close as I get to meditation. Instead of chanting, I have the texture of the earth in my hands, the varied colors and the textures of the earth in my hands, the varied colors and textures of the plants, the rich smell of mulch.” — Bethany Chase

What Happens to Sarina?

When Noah takes a temporary assignment abroad, Sarina’s former lover, Eamon, moves back to town and hires her to remodel his house.

She enjoys working with Eamon and remembers why she was attracted to him in the first place and begins to question what or who she really wants in life.

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