25 The Punisher Quotes that Give You a New Perspective on the “Good Guy”

The Punisher quotes below will give you a look at the popular anti-hero.

We’re used to heroes being the “good guys”.

They come in and save the day and the whole world is thankful for what they do.

They get great publicity and all is good with the world.

That’s how we view “heroes” in movies and comic books typically.

But The Punisher shows us that not all heroes look that way.

The Punisher is the story of an anti-hero from Marvel Comics.

It’s the story of Frank Castle.

His family was murdered by the mob.

This sends Castle into a tailspin where he becomes The Punisher.

His goal is to take on crime his own way.

He’s kind of like a one-man vigilante as you’ll see in The Punisher quotes below.

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The Punisher quotes by Billy Russo

1. “Sometimes I think the only way to get by this world is to step off it for a while.” — Billy Russo

2. “There’s nothing like a nice smile to let them know you give a shit.” — Billy Russo

3. “I am talking about an army, not a gang! I am talking about a brotherhood. I am talking about not taking any more sh*t! From anyone! Enough of us… fighting for each other… we could be gods.” — Billy Russo

The Punisher quotes by Lewis Wilson

4. “Remember it is ruin to run from a fight, so take open order, lie down and sit tight and wait for support like a soldier. Wait, wait, wait like a soldier.” — Lewis Wilson

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5. “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, And the women come out to cut up what remains, just roll to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your God like a soldier. Go, go, go like a soldier.” — Lewis Wilson

The Punisher quotes by Frank Castle

6. “Dying’s easy. You’re gonna learn about pain. You’re gonna learn about loss! Every morning, I look for ’em, Bill. I look for ’em… but then I remember. It’s gonna be the same for you. When you look at your ugly, mangled face. You’re gonna remember what you did. You’re gonna remember, Bill! YOU’RE GONNA REMEMBER ME!” — Frank Castle

7. “If you’re gonna look at yourself, as soon as you look in the mirror, you gotta admit who you are. But not just to yourself, you gotta prove it to everybody else.” — Frank Castle

8. “You just point and shoot. There’s no safety. If you run out of bullets, it probably means we’re both dead.” — Frank Castle

9. “They died from terminal stupidity.” — Frank Castle

10. “Call me old-fashioned. I don’t work with Russians.” — Frank Castle

11. “That’s the thing with Bill. He’s always alone.” — Frank Castle

12. “Rough Road.” Uh, it’s… It’s what you called me, remember? Rough Road. I don’t know, I… I thought it was funny.” — Frank Castle

13. “Yeah, it was like the tougher you acted, the more scared you looked.” — Frank Castle

14. “You’re a kid. Go act like one. I can’t have you on my conscience.” — Frank Castle

15. “Yeah… I think you’re a boil on my ass. A big one. One that just won’t go away.” — Frank Castle

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16. “I think about those women, you know? What were their faces like, you know? What were they thinking about when my bullets, my bullsh*t, when it… ripped right through them and ended everything they had…” — Frank Castle

17. “It’s not that I didn’t know. I didn’t care. I didn’t care. Right then, I would’ve killed anything that got in my way. You know what that means, right? Now I’m the monster. Yeah. If any of those pieces of sh*t that I killed, if they deserved to die… so do I.” — Frank Castle

18. “I’m not the one that dies, kid. I’m the one that does the killing. The thing is, every time I try to be someone different, that’s when the wrong people get hurt.” — Frank Castle

19. “You’re the only one that’s different, Curtis. All that time we spent training to kill people, you were trained to put ’em back together. You know, help ’em, heal ’em. Me and Bill, not so much.” — Frank Castle

20. “You know, I remember… I remember killing every one of ’em, Curtis. You know, just… They’re dead. Sometimes, I think that’s all I got. Just me and the ghosts.” — Frank Castle

21. “Only someone who’s never been shot would say something stupid like that.” — Frank Castle

22. “I just wanted to be with them. But that day, we went to that park, and the kids were too old for that stupid carousel, but that day they just laughed, you know? They were laughing. We were all laughing like idiots. And then And that laughter, it stuck with me, you know? After I lost them, it would just It would echo, you know? It was over and over. And it wasn’t just in my dreams. It was, like It was in my heart, you know? And I just I wanted to hold onto it. I wanted to live in it and just hear that laughter, but thing is, I can’t hear it anymore. It’s all I had. It’s gone.” — Frank Castle

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23. “Look, I know you. All right? You’re brave. You’re strong, all right. But you are so goddamn stubborn, and you will throw everything away for me, and I cannot let that happen, all right?” — Frank Castle

24. “Okay, John. Here’s the thing. That kid right there… the one whose head you got that gun on, you see, I’d do anything for her. Anything.” — Frank Castle

The Punisher quotes by Dina Madani

25. “Frank, you can’t just kill people when you feel like it.” — Dina Madani

Which of these The Punisher quotes is your favorite?

If you like the storyline and character of the Punisher, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy it more.

The character is featured in comic books, films, and movies.

Versions of the story and character have been used by Marvel from the 1980s until today.

He’s popularly known for the white skull emblem he wears.

While the story of the man behind The Punisher changes a little from one story and universe to the next, the underlying theme is the same.

As these quotes show, The Punisher is a man who lost everything and is left with nothing to fear as he takes on the “bad guys” once and for all.

If you’re looking for a different kind of hero story to follow, this is one you may enjoy.

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