25 The Tick Quotes About An Unlikely Superhero 

Comic book and superhero fans will enjoy these fun and entertaining The Tick quotes.

The Tick is a fictional superhero that was created by Ben Edlund in 1986.

He was intended to be a parody of comic book superheroes, and his popularity has led to a series of comic books, an animated television series, two live-action television series, and a video game.

Although some facts about The Tick differ from the comic books to the television series, we know that he is a male that is around 40 years old and suffers from amnesia.

The Tick is always seen in his blue costume and is viewed as a tall and muscular man.

He is dedicated to fighting crime in the city. 

However, he is dim-witted and, in the animated series, often needs the help of his sidekick Arthur.

Take a look at these The Tick quotes to learn more about the superhero!

Top 10 The Tick Quotes

Here are ten popular lines from the movie.

1. “Great white tater tots!” The Tick

2. “Gravity is a harsh mistress.” The Tick

3. “Did you just call your gun Shakira?” The Tick

4. “Justice is here, and it’s wearing udders.” The Tick 

5. “You’re pretty uppity for a sidekick, pal.”  The Tick

6. “Am I never naked… or am I never not naked?” The Tick

7. “The boots of evil were made for walkin’.” The Tick

8. “We are a justice sandwich. No toppings necessary.” The Tick

9. “Yes, my slimy friend, once again, slime does not pay!” The Tick

10. “We are superheroes, men. We don’t have time to be charming.” The Tick

The Tick Quotes from a One-of-a-Kind Superhero

The quotes from this movie are ones you won’t see in any other superhero film or comic.

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11. “By the way, you’re cleaning up this mess, Mister.” The Tick

12. “You’re not going crazy; you’re going sane in a crazy world.”  The Tick

13. “I have a glow you cannot see. I have a heart as big as the moon.”  The Tick

14. “The key to successful falling lies in realizing you are a falling person.” The Tick

15. “When you get into bed with evil incarnate, it always take the covers.” The Tick

16. “Well, once again, my friend, we find that science is a two-headed beast.” The Tick

17. “The world owes you a hug, small soldier, and I am the one that’s gonna give it.” The Tick

More The Tick Quotes for Fans of the Superhero

If you love the comic or film, here are a few more quotes for you.

18. “Well, I can’t just summon a maniacal laugh. I need to see something maniacally funny.” The Tick

19. “You know, gang, when you’re a superhero, you never know where the day will take you.” The Tick

20. “Destiny dressed you this morning, my friend, and now fear is trying to pull off your pants.” The Tick

21. “Wicked Men! Cease your antics, or I may be forced to assault you with the U.S. Postal System!”  The Tick

22. “And so, may Evil beware and may Good dress warmly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables.” The Tick

23. “We don’t need to look for a bargain; goodness is cheap because it’s free, and free is as cheap as it gets.”  The Tick

24. “I am the wild blue yonder. The front line in a trying, never-ending battle between good and not-so-good.” The Tick

25. “I don’t know the meaning of the word ‘surrender.’ I mean, I know it, I’m not dumb… just not in this context.”  The Tick

What Are the Tick’s Superpowers?

The Tick has superhuman strength and can survive without oxygen underwater or in space.

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He needs his antennae for balance and is not immune to sickness, as he has been seen with a cold.

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