25 Trainspotting Quotes from the Classic British Film

Get nostalgic with our Trainspotting quotes from the classic film. 

We have compiled some of the funniest and most memorable Trainspotting quotes for your enjoyment below.

What is the film Trainspotting about? 

Trainspotting is a hilarious black comedy that sparked the careers of big names like Ewan McGregor and others. 

In the film, McGregor plays Mark ‘Rentboy’ Renton, a heroin user who struggles with his addiction as he tries to clean up his act. 

The movie has memorable quotables and iconic scenes that fans across the world remember and repeat. 

Check out these interesting facts about the film Trainspotting below:

  • Begbie is a closeted gay man whose fear results from being outed. 
  • Ewen Bremmer, who plays Spud, initially played the role of Renton. 
  • Ewen McGregor once showed up to the set drunk after partying all night. 

What Does Trainspotting Mean?

Similar to many other words, trainspotting has varied definitions. 

One of the original meanings of trainspotting comes from the leisure activity some people enjoy train watching. 

Some people enjoy watching trains go by so they can pay close attention to the different types of train designs and functions. 

As far as the movie Trainspotting is concerned, the meaning still involves trains but is much different. 

In the 1980s, the supplies of medical-grade morphine were in high demand. 

In Edinburgh, drug dealers were unable to meet the needs of local drug addicts, so they began getting their heroin supplied from London. 

During this era, the primary transportation for commercial and illicit goods was by train. 

People who rode and transported the drugs on trains were called mules. 

As the trains entered their destination cities and slowed down, mules would throw the packages of drugs out of the window. 

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Local dealers would send a few trusted junkies to watch for the goods, fetch them and return them to the dealers, hence trainspotting. 

If you are a movie fan, check out our Trainspotting quotes below and relieve some of the film’s classic moments and one-liners. 

Best Trainspotting Quotes by Sick Boy

Sick Boy is a bit of a curmudgeon who tends to see the glass as half full; here are some of his best quotes. 

1.It’s certainly a phenomenon in all walks of life.” — Sick Boy 

2.No, it’s not bad. But it’s not great either, is it?” — Sick Boy 

3. “Do you see the beast? Have you got it in your sights?” — Sick Boy 

4. “Well, at one time, you’ve got it, and then you lose it, and it’s gone forever.” — Sick Boy

5. “And in your heart, you kind of know that although it sounds all right, it’s actually just shite.” — Sick Boy 

Top Trainspotting Quotes from Spud

Spud hilariously struggles with his relationships and boundaries; here are some of his best moments. 

6. “I’ve got balls like watermelons, I’m telling you.” — Spud 

7. “In a word: pleasure. It’s like, my pleasure in other people’s leisure.” — Spud 

8.No! Uh. Yes. Only to get my foot in the door. Showing initiative and that like.” — Spud 

9. “Ehhh, cool. Whatever you say, I’m sorry. You’re the man. The dude in the chair.” — Spud 

10. “It’s a nightmare. She told me she didn’t want our relationship to start on a physical basis as that is how it would be principally defined from then on in.” — Spud 

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Most Memorable Mark Renton Quotes

Mark struggles with drug addiction, and his world is ruled by finding his next fix. 

11.It looks easy this, but it’s not. Looks like a doss, like a soft option. But living like this, it’s a full-time business.” — Mark Renton 

12. “No matter how often you go out and rob and f*** people over, you always need to get up and do it all over again.” — Mark Renton 

13. “One thousand years from now, there won’t be any guys, and there won’t be any girls, just wankers. Sounds all right to me.” — Mark Renton 

14. Our only response was to keep on going and f*** everything. Pile misery upon misery, heap it up on a spoon, and dissolve it with a drop of bile.” — Mark Renton 

15. “Since I was on remand, they’ve had me on this program. The state-sponsored addiction. Three sickly sweet doses of methadone a day instead of smack. But it’s never enough. And at the moment, it’s nowhere near enough.” — Mark Renton 

Ice-cold Trainspotting Quotes from Diane 

Diane’s character is who inspires Mark’s libido to come back, but she does not mince words and quickly reduces would-be suitors to tears. 

16. “The truth is that you’re a quiet, sensitive type.” — Diane  

17. “Do you find that this approach usually works?” — Diane  

18. “Taxi! A little bit crazy, a little bit bad. But hey – don’t us girls just love that?” — Diane  

19. “Or let me guess, you’ve never tried it before. In fact, you don’t normally approach girls, am I right?” — Diane  

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20. “But if I’m prepared to take a chance, I might just get to know the inner you: witty, adventurous, passionate, loving, loyal.” — Diane  

Hilarious Trainspottig Quotes from Begbie

21. Did you bring the cards?” — Begbie 

22. It’s f***ing boring after a while without the cards.” — Begbie 

23.The cards, the last thing I told you was to mind the cards!” — Begbie 

24. “That wee lassie got glassed, and no c*nt leaves till I find out what c*nt did it.” — Begbie 

25. Armed robbery. With a replica. I mean, how the f*** can it be armed robbery with a f***ing replica?” — Begbie 

The Success and Backlash of Trainspotting

Fans of the film consider it to be one of the defining films of the 1990s and a landmark British film as well.  

As a film, Trainspotting was a successful small-budget film that grossed over seventy-two million dollars worldwide. 

Many people remember the worst toilet in Scotland scene as being overtly gross. 

However, fortunately for the actors and actresses in the film, the feces in the scene was made of chocolate and smelled pleasant to them. 

While many consider the film a cult classic black British comedy, the film also received much pushback from critics. 

Many critics felt that Trainspotting portrayed drug addiction as something fun and playful. 

The same critics lambasted the film because they felt it encouraged youth to turn to drugs to solve their life challenges. 

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