50 Annoyed Quotes to Avoid Getting Annoyed

These annoyed quotes will help you learn about the annoying nature of people and how to deal with it.

The quotes present solutions to your annoying behavior, which might have become part of your nature.

It’s part of human nature to get annoyed at something and to react to it, but it has harmful effects on your personality.

Annoying behavior has the following impacts on your personality

  • You become irritable
  • Loss of understanding
  • You suffer from stress 
  • Aggressive behavior

The quotes below show the experiences of authors about the ways to counter it.

But before moving further to the quotes section, let’s first discuss ways to deal with getting annoyed.

Ways to Deal with Getting Annoyed

It would help if you dealt with your annoying nature as soon as possible to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

Following are some ways to deal with getting annoyed.

Remove yourself from the Annoying Situation

Removing yourself from the situation or thing making you annoyed is the instant way of preventing you from getting annoyed.

When you get away from the annoying cause, you will have space, and your thinking will change.

Your mind will start assessing things differently, and you will be able to realize things.

Talk to your Companion 

Friends are very helpful during difficult times and understand you well.

Your friend can give you reality-based advice to help you solve your problems.

Your friend can have a complete and impartial overview of the solution and will tell you how to counter annoying causes.

Do Exercise 

Exercise is a great way to tackle getting annoyed and make you feel fresh.

During exercise, you can release your frustration of being annoyed and your mind gets clear of your problem.

Exercise causes the release of endorphins that stabilize your mood and gives you positive energy.


Meditation is a technique by which you can make your mind focus on a particular thing and helps to redirect your thoughts.

It is the best way to structure your thoughts and bring positive thoughts and avoid negativity inside you.

You can concentrate on the positive aspects of your surroundings and can stop being annoyed.

Top 10 Annoyed Quotes 

Check out the top annoying quotes from famous people.

1. “I get annoyed a lot with things.” — Josh Widdicombe

2. “I get annoyed when Bieber breathes.” — Michelle Beadle

3. “When you lose a game, you are annoyed.” — Joachim Low

4. “When I get out, I get annoyed with myself.” — Babar Azam

5. “I have never worn a watch. I did at 17 and it annoyed me.” — Eve Best

6. “I fumbled my senior year in the playoffs. It just annoyed me.” — Saquon Barkley

7. “When I was 17, I was hyperactive and annoyed my teachers.” — Keegan Allen

8. “My kids get annoyed if you ask them what their GCSE results are.” — John Bishop

9. “I almost get annoyed at the fact that I’m not going to use all that I got.” — Jerry Lewis

10. “If I were gay, life would be a lot simpler. I’m kind of annoyed that I’m not.” — Grace Slick

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Self Annoyed Quotes

In this section, you will get quotes from various authors who share their experiences of getting annoyed in different situations.

11. “I am proud, but I’m annoyed with myself for not believing in myself enough.” — Lizzie Armitstead

12. “I just get annoyed at myself. A lot of swearing goes on generally when I am driving.” — Lando Norris

13. “My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody; they were my refuge when annoyed – my dearest pleasure when free.” Mary Shelley

14. “Since I was a child, I’ve always been annoyed if I didn’t win. If I lost a match, I would be annoyed, and then I would just want to train so that I could win the next day.” — Alexis Sanchez

15. “If I get annoyed because I’m not in the headlines and don’t do well in training, I won’t do well if I have to go in. I’ve to be prepared because the World Cup isn’t easy.” — Paulo Dybala

16. “I know it sounds funny, but every time I have a disaster in the kitchen, it knocks my confidence level a little bit more, and I feel annoyed with myself that I can’t do better.” — Lesley Nicol

17. “I’m always annoyed about why black people have to bear the brunt of everybody else’s contempt. If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we’re demons.” Toni Morrison

18. “I am annoyed by people that send messages via FaceBook because I get an e-mail telling me there is a message on FaceBook – so I end up processing two messages for every one sent.” — Vint Cerf

19. “I think I’ve always wanted to be different from everybody else. I get really annoyed when I do something and everybody else does it too, or if I’m doing something that everybody else is doing.” — Nadia Ali

20. “I’m always trying to think of ways to make something more efficient. If I have to do something once, that’s fine. If I have to do it twice, I’m kind of annoyed. And if I have to do it three times, I’m going to try to automate it.” — Tobias Lutke

Annoyed Quotes about family

The below-mentioned quotes show the experiences of an annoyed family.

21. “My daughter is a bit annoyed with me that she didn’t get to meet Baby Yoda.” — Greig Fraser

22. “I pop gum. My parents get so annoyed with me. I know my dad wishes he never taught me how to do that.” — Hilary Duff

23. “It’s hard to get me to even say I played good. That’s just in me. I’m just never satisfied. A lot of my friends get annoyed by it.” — Karl – Anthony Towns

24. “I get so annoyed at people not looking after their parents. The deal is when we are growing up they look after us and as they grow older we look after them. That’s the deal.” — Len Goodman

25. “Typically, we get annoyed when our spouses complain. We get defensive. But, really, when your spouse complains, he or she is giving you wonderful information about what would make him or her feel loved.” — Gary Chapman

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26. “When my lady and I sit down and watch TV, I find she gets annoyed at characters because they don’t do what she would do in the situation. I’m always like, ‘Well, she has to do that because that’s what the story is.’” — Dallas Roberts

27. “My sons and I thoroughly enjoy Legos. We go to the toy store every week for more. I never want to take what we build apart; I want to put it on a shelf. My wife is starting to get a little annoyed with the Legos lying around.” — Mark Wahlberg

28. “I knew Quintessentially was a success when my father, who does a lot of business in Beirut, introduced himself to somebody and they said, ‘Oh, do you know Ben Elliot? I’d really like to meet him.’ I remember him ringing me up, really annoyed.” — Ben Elliot

29. “Sometimes, on holiday for a few days, I would rest, but I couldn’t sit for long. I had to go to the gym to run. To get myself fit. I need to do something. Sometimes my wife would get annoyed and say, ‘Come on, we are on holiday,’ but she knows what I am like.” — Cesar Azpilicueta

30. “My wife says that if people reach conclusions as to what I am like based on what they see from me on the pitch they would say I am a guy who is always annoyed, always in a bad mood, they’d say what must it be like to live with me. There are two of me, two different people.” — Luis Suarez

Insightful Annoyed Quotes

The below quotes show the reality of annoying nature.

31. “New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed; I fit right in.” — Jane Pauley

32. “People accused me of leaving Napoli for money, but that was not true and really annoyed my family.” — Fabio Quagliarella

33. “Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t.” Friedrich Nietzsche

34. “Justin Salinger showed up one day with a pink cowboy hat on and everyone else got really annoyed because somehow he’d managed to get the pink cowboy hat.” — Alex Cox

35. “Status anxiety definitely exists at a political level. Many Iraqis were annoyed with the US essentially for reasons of status: for not showing them respect, for humiliating them.” — Alain de Botton

36. “This nation has given the world an object lesson in the whole duty of neutrals, which is to furnish an outlet for the wrath of a belligerent who is annoyed because he cannot defeat his opponent.” — Elmer Davis

37. “From the exterior face of the wall towers must be projected, from which an approaching enemy may be annoyed by weapons, from the embrasures of those towers, right and left.” — Vitruvius

38. “The only thing that might have annoyed some mathematicians was the presumption of assuming that maybe the axiom of choice could fail, and that we should look into contrary assumptions.” — Alonzo Church

39. “At 99 and after a long stay in a nursing home, the death of legendary photographer Eve Arnold was hardly a surprise – though she may have been just a little annoyed to quit a few months short of 100.” — Beeban Kidron

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40. “People are people, and I get a bit annoyed that the music business only focuses in on the big metropolises. I find that people that don’t live in big cities are just as likely to enjoy music as people that do live in big cities.” — Eddi Reader

Funny Annoyed Quotes 

Following are some funny annoyed quotes as well that you would like to read. 

41. “I was a pedantic child. I’d get really annoyed at the logic of small things that don’t bother anyone else.” — Peter Baynham

42. “I still have a good girl deep inside, but also recognise that it’s worth saying things people will disagree with or get annoyed.” — Jo Swinson

43. “I get slightly annoyed if I’ve got bushy eyebrows or I haven’t got any make-up on, but apart from that I love chatting to new people.” — Kadeena Cox

44. “It’s the reaction I’ve gotten my whole life: that I learn something and try to tell people in conversation, but when I tell them, they are annoyed.” — Adam Conover

45. “I’m a huge ‘Breaking Bad’ fan; I would be really annoyed if anyone told me anything about what was going to happen in the last eight episodes.” — Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

46. “I’m an actor, not a writer. I’d be pretty annoyed if the writers tried to come in and hang over my shoulder telling me how to act, so I don’t go in and tell them how to write.” — Shoshannah Stern

47. “We were only there for five days and during that time Tom was a bit annoyed that the French were more interested in me and my schoolgirl outfit than him and his long scarf.” — Lalla Ward

48. “When I was a little boy in school I had to dress up as a bunny and there’s a picture of me with an annoyed face, and when I saw it, I thought I should name myself ‘Bad Bunny.’” — Bad Bunny

49. “Everything that has a spare piano is ‘like Satie’ and everything with strings is ‘filmic,’ Sometimes I get annoyed when they say my stuff sounds ‘like Satie’. No, it doesn’t. At least, I don’t think so.” — Agnes Obel

50. “I always performed when I was a child. My parents got very annoyed, because my brother and I had our little bedrooms upstairs, and I would plaster the house with posters with arrows pointing upstairs.” — Franka Potente 

Which Annoyed Quote Helped you in Dealing with Getting Annoyed?

We collected the best quotes to help you deal with getting annoyed.

People around you get disturbed by your annoying behavior and try to avoid you.

And you could face loneliness and other health-related issues.

So try to deal with your annoying behavior as soon as possible to make your life beautiful and happy. 

Share a quote that helped you deal with any annoying situation via the comment section.

Your feedback about annoyed quotes will be highly appreciated.

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