20 Uncle Ruckus Quotes From the TV Show The Boondocks

Look at these Uncle Ruckus quotes to learn more about the TV show The Boondocks.

Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character voiced by Gary Anthony Williams on the TV show The Boondocks.

We meet Uncle Ruckus at the beginning of the series in 2005, when he would be 66 years old.

Uncle Ruckus had a rough childhood that contributed to his worldview, including hating his race.

Uncle Ruckus is a black male with an abusive father and a mother who thinks better of white people than her race.

Those circumstances led Uncle Ruckus to get kicked out of his home as a teenager and move to a predominantly white neighborhood called Woodcrest.

He works odd jobs, is short-tempered, is very racist, and spends much of his time spouting racist remarks about his race.

Take a look at these Uncle Ruckus quotes to learn more about the character.

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Famous Uncle Ruckus quotes

Check out some of Uncle Ruckus’ most famous quotes.

1. “My name is Uncle Ruckus, no relation.” – Uncle Ruckus

2. “Okay, first of all, ain’t nobody talking while I’m talking.” – Uncle Ruckus

3. “I work about 32 jobs over the course of a week.” – Uncle Ruckus

4. ”Come on, Robert, pick up the phone!” – Uncle Ruckus

5. “This looks like a damn astronaut shoe.” – Uncle Ruckus

6. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rebel, but I can’t make music with you no mo.” – Uncle Ruckus

7. “I’m not walkin’ to the Moon, I’m walkin’ to the liquor store.” – Uncle Ruckus

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8. “If he gets really desperate, he may start to rap or dance.” – Uncle Ruckus

9. “I’m probably going to have to start selling crack, or rapping, or rapping about selling crack.” – Uncle Ruckus

10. “Jean-Claude Van Damme’s the best martial artist in the world. He killed a man with his butt cheek power.” – Uncle Ruckus

Negative Uncle Ruckus quotes

Uncle Ruckus is very negative, as evidenced by the following quotes.

11. “Shut yo’ preachin’ a.. up, you son of a b…h!” – Uncle Ruckus

12. “I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me sh….n’ myself.” – Uncle Ruckus

13. “You need a special permit for wheels like that.” – Uncle Ruckus

14. “She won’t be too much hassle. The doctor said she gonna be dead any minute now.” – Uncle Ruckus

15. “Due to the conditions of my parole, I am unable to leave the country at this time.” – Uncle Ruckus

16. “I dunno how I’m supposed to pay the bills… probably have to start selling crack.” – Uncle Ruckus

17. “They don’t possess the strength of character or the mental quickness to be a great fighter.” – Uncle Ruckus

18. “I’m gonna get me a dog; name him Levee. I’m gonna kick him every time it rains.” – Uncle Ruckus

19. “Only stealin’ and shootin’ I wanna see is on this here b-ball, you little future ex-con.” – Uncle Ruckus

20. “It was a Fourth of July, and I was told it was an especially good night to be born, but that was some bulls..t.” – Uncle Ruckus

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Uncle Ruckus only has one real friend named Robert Freeman, but he doesn’t admit they are friends since Robert is also black.

Uncle Ruckus desperately wants to be accepted but simultaneously pushes away his true self, hiding it behind his hatred.

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