25 How to Get Away With Murder Quotes

Relive your favorite moments with these How to Get Away with Murder quotes.

The series How to Get Away with Murder made its first appearance on television in 2014, starring award-winning actress Viola Davis.

The story revolved around Annalise Keating, a criminal defense attorney/law professor, and the five students she chose to work as interns at her firm.

Throughout 6 seasons, Annalise and The Keating 5 experience different struggles in life.

The struggle of being married, growing up in a foster family, addiction, gender identity, trauma, and struggle to have a fair society as well as its justice system.

Despite all the struggles they experienced, the characters continued to be persistent, self-aware, and brave, just as we should with our daily struggles.

These How to Get Away with Murder quotes can help you face a difficult life with a brave heart.

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Quotes from How to Get Away with Murder

1. “We’re all bad people. That’s the only thing we have in common.” ― Bonnie

2. “You ready to fail like your dad’s condom?” ― Connor

3. “You’re not as good a liar as you think.” ― Tegan

4. “You know what a pig is? It’s a bitch for the white man.” ― Nate

5. “Smile or go to jail.” ― Connor

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6. “Speak of the devil and she shall appear.” ― Annalise Keating

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7. “You call it crazy. I call it winning.” ― Annalise Keating

8. “This is criminal law 100 or as I prefer to call it ‘How to get away with murder’.” ― Annalise Keating

9. “Get me some chocolate chip cookies, I hate all this healthy food!” ― Annalise Keating

10. “You all belong in hell.” ― Caleb

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How to Get Away with Murder quotes from Annalise Keating and others

11. “Never take a learning opportunity away from another student. No matter how smart you need everyone to think you are.” ― Annalise Keating

12. “I think about it a lot, killing myself. I have ever since I was a child. A lot of times I think the world would be a much better place without me in it. But I don’t do it. You’re a better woman than me and if I don’t deserve to die, then you definitely don’t.” ― Annalise Keating

13. “I know I’m weird. People have always called me that, but I stick to myself ,and I don’t bother anyone, alright? I’m not someone who could do that, kill someone. You’re wrong about me.” ― Phillip

14. “Choose your husband carefully, Ms. Pratt. You’ll only have yourself to blame if it ends badly.” ― Annalise Keating

15. “Racism is built into the DNA of America.” ― Annalise Keating

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16. “Are you good for anything or can you only do your job when you’re screwing evidence out of someone?” ― Annalise Keating

17. “You want to be a better man? Then stop hating who you are and be a better Frank.” ― Annalise Keating

18. “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” ― Niles

19. “A good lawyer never reveals their deep throat.” ― Michaela

20. “Better to have no father than a bad one.” ― Annalise Keating

21. “You’re messing with the wrong bitch” ― Annalise Keating

22. “We sighed a deal with the devil, Michaela.” ― Connor

23. “Think carefully. Everything about this moment will not only determine your career, but your life.” ― Annalise Keating

24. Bonnie: “I just wanted a family.”

Laurel: “Me too.”

25. “Take the money. Get away from all this. Or Sam’s gonna destroy your life like he’s done everyone else.” ― Frank

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Which of these How to Get Away with Murder quotes is your favorite?

The finale is a typical How to Get Away with Murder episode involving courtroom drama, huge personal confrontations, shocking discoveries, and plot twists.

It will make you feel a sense of guilt, innocence, and need for reconciliation.

While some scenes may be incomparable to real-life situations, the overall emotions shown by the characters are relatable and applicable to our daily lives.

Sometimes life can make you experience drama and plot twists.

However, you have to remember that struggles are a part of life that will help us progress.

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It can also help you become braver and be a better decision-maker, just like Annalise.

Remember these How to Get Away with Murder quotes and lines when you want to feel the courage to face your struggles.

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