What Your Husband Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

It’s hard to know what to get your husband for Valentine’s Day. 

Traditionally Valentine’s day is one of romance, where loved ones exchange small tokens of affection and admiration for each other. 

We believe this day of love comes from a Saint Valentine or Valentinus, one of three saints recognized by the Catholic Church.

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Although exactly which saint is the true namesake remains a great debate. 

The recognition of Valentine’s day goes back almost 650 years to the first record of this day being celebrated as a romantic one, in the poem of Englishman Geoffrey Chaucer entitled “Parliament of Foules.”

Since then, Valentine’s day has continued to grow into a day of extremes. 

Small and simple love notes are a thing of the past, now replaced by overt displays of affection and opulent gift-giving. 

With giving gifts for Valentine’s day, men seem to have it easy.

They have many choices for romantic gifts that they know women will love. 

Commonplace options for men who wish to woo their woman on Valentine’s day include:

  • flowers
  • jewelry
  • fancy dinners
  • expensive champagne

But the best choice isn’t so obvious for women seeking to give that perfect give to the man in their life. 

Some of the top gifts typically given to men on Valentine’s day in the United States are:

  • Lingerie (that the woman wears and he enjoys)
  • Boxer shorts
  • Tools
  • Tickets to sporting events

But what if none of these seem to suit your man?

Maybe he isn’t the tool-toting type, or doesn’t like sports? 

Then what?

Sure, lingerie is a nice gesture, and it’s true that he probably would enjoy it.

But the thing is, lingerie has kind of been done to death. 

It feels unoriginal. 

Plus, it’s not usually the man who picks out the lingerie; the woman will wear it. 

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So the woman is essentially picking out a gift for herself that the man gets to enjoy as a bonus, but what if it’s not what he would enjoy most?

Maybe she picks out a red, lacy négligée, and he really wants some black, strappy, crotchless bondage panties.  

See the problem?

If you truly want to get your man something that he would really want and is just for him, think a little outside the box. 

After much research (meaning talking to many men), I have compiled a list of the three things your husband (or any man) wants for Valentine’s day. 

So when you’re trying to think of the best gift to give your guy for Valentine’s Day, keep this list in mind!

The Top 3 Things Your Man Wants For Valentine’s Day 

1. A Blow Job (that you enjoy, too)

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “It’s not my favorite thing on the menu, but I’ll order it from time to time.”  

This is a common sentiment among women, which is precisely why most men report they would like to get more blow jobs. 

Especially married men. 

Blow jobs are great for the receiver but can be tricky and tiring for the giver.

Therefore, many women don’t give them to their husbands frequently.

When they do, it can be a bit of a lackluster performance. 

But men want the performance. 

The men I talked to reported that a great blow job isn’t just about how good it feels; it’s also about how it’s delivered. 

They want the woman to seem into it like she wants to be doing it. 

Or rather, like she needs to be doing it.

Men want their partners to be overcome with an intense and immediate urge to ferociously devour their popsicle… stick and all.

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To guys, the idea that a woman simply cannot control herself in the presence of his manhood is just as hot as any sensation he can feel. 

So, any old average-joe blow job just won’t do as a thoughtful Valentine’s gift. 

If you want him to know how much you really love him, put on your best lipstick and give him the lip service of your life. 

2. Time Off 

Another thing your husband would really love for Valentine’s day is some much-deserved PTO. 

Partner Time Off. 

Whether he’s a dad, a husband, or simply a boyfriend, your man would love to have a whole day where he doesn’t have to think about anyone but himself without the risk of consequences. 

You know how sometimes you just need some “me time”?

Guys need that, too. 

And they need more than just an afternoon off to watch sports or go fishing. 

Typically, their fun time comes with an unspoken agreement that they will eventually make up for it somehow.

But for Valentine’s day, your guy would love to be given a pass to be selfish for an entire day. 

He can go out with friends, spend the whole day playing video games, or even disappear into the wilderness. 

And when he reappears, there will be no questions asked. 

No expectations in place and nothing to make up for. 

To be honest, getting the entire day to do whatever you want and not have to explain yourself one iota to your partner sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

He thinks so, so give him a day of PTO for Valentine’s day. 

You could even sweeten this selfless gift by tossing him a $20 and telling him to buy himself something nice. 

3. To Know That You’re Happy

This one sounds cliché, but it’s true. 

Most of the men I talked to said that knowing their partner is happy makes them most happy. 

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Sweet, right?

Your man really just wants to know that he is doing a good job of keeping you happy.

So, one of the best gifts you can give him this Valentine’s day is to let him know he is. 

Come up with a creative way to let him know what a great job he does at being your partner.

Write him a cute letter or record a video telling him he is amazing at making you laugh.

Or that you love how he fixes things around the house or is a great parent/partner/provider.

Tell him he makes you very happy and that you feel tremendously lucky to have him in your life. 

This will be a great gift for him because he’ll know that he’s excelling at making you happy, and it’s a nice ego stroke, too. 

And we all know that men love a good ego stroking. 

It’s The Thought That Counts 

You may have noticed that none of these gifts have any monetary value, which might make it feel like you’re not really “giving” him anything. 

On the contrary. 

We’ve all heard the saying that when giving gifts, “it’s the thought that counts.” 

This couldn’t be more true with gifts for men. 

What they appreciate the most are the things that their partners are often just too exhausted to do or too distracted to express. 

Even if you decide to get him a material gift, including one thoughtful extra from this list will go a long way in making him feel your love, affection, and admiration this Valentine’s day. 

Let us know what you plan to get your man for Valentine’s day in the comments below!

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