25 Vegeta Quotes From the Popular Character of the Dragon Ball Franchise

Manga and anime fans will love these Vegeta quotes from the Dragon Ball character.

Vegeta is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise, also referred to as Prince Vegeta or Vegeta IV.

The character was created by Akira Toriyama and first appeared in “Sayonara, Son Goku” in the November 1988 edition of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

Ryo Horikawa voices Vegeta in Japanese and Christopher R. Sabat in English.

He was initially designed to be a short-lived antagonist in the Dragon Ball story but became such a popular character that his role kept expanding.

Vegeta’s story is that he is a prince of an alien warrior race called the Saiyans.

His main rival is Goku, who has the title of “The strongest fighter in the Universe,” which Vegeta desperately wants.

Take a look at these Vegeta quotes to learn more about this popular character.

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Best Prince Vegeta Quotes

Enjoy these short and classic lines from the alien warrior prince.

1. “While I was with you guys, I became more human. I didn’t like that.” — Vegeta

2. “I will not stop; I will not rest until I reach my goal or die trying.” — Vegeta

3. “At least try to face your death with some honor.” — Vegeta

4. “You’re better than me, Kakarot. You are the best.” — Vegeta

5. “Only a failure abandons his principles and pride.” — Vegeta

6. “You’ll never learn to think like that clown.” — Vegeta

7. “Push through the pain. Giving up hurts more.” — Vegeta

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8. “Is it slavery when you get what you want?” — Vegeta

9. “It’s not over when you lose; it’s over when you quit.” — Vegeta

10. “Every breath you take is an assault on my honor.” — Vegeta

11. “He will pay the ultimate price for what he has done to my son.” — Vegeta

12. “Welcome to the end of your life, and I promise, it’s going to hurt.” — Vegeta

13. “There’s only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all.” — Vegeta

Learn more about the character through these quotes from Prince Vegeta.

14. “I do not fear this new challenge. Rather like a true warrior, I will rise to meet it.” — Vegeta

15. “I do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups, and I drink plenty of juice.” — Vegeta

16. “Just because you were born a monster doesn’t mean you have to live like one.” — Vegeta

17. “You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there’s one thing a Saiyan always keeps: his pride.” — Vegeta

18. “Strength is the only thing that matters in this world. Everything else is just a delusion for the weak.” — Vegeta

19. “I find it hard to believe that my cells are in your body. How could you have turned out so ugly.” — Vegeta

20. “You’re the one who started this game, and now that you’re losing, it’s no fun anymore. You’re just a big baby.” — Vegeta

21. “Even if nobody believes me, supports me or recognizes my effort, I’ll keep on going.” — Vegeta

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22. “Every time I reach a new level of strength, a greater power appears to challenge my authority.” — Vegeta

23. “Even the mightiest warriors experience fears. What makes them a true warrior is the courage that they possess to overcome their fears.” — Vegeta

24. “Spend most of your life ruled by another, watch your race dwindle to a handful, and then tell me what has more meaning than your own strength.” — Vegeta

25. “He’s… he’s even saved my life as if I were a helpless child. He has stolen my honor… and his debts…must be paid!” — Vegeta

What is Vegeta’s Personality?

As the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta is very proud of his heritage and his royal status, which he mentions quite often.

Vegeta has a horrible temper and is extremely arrogant, but he is also proud and hardworking.

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