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10 Ways to Create Time to Find Yourself and Love Yourself

Dr. Nikki Martinez, Lead Contributor

How many people feel like they have no time for themselves?

That they get up, rush around through their morning routine, work non-stop all day, and then come home exhausted, but must do their evening routine as well?

It can be really difficult to find time for yourself, time to find yourself, and time to practice good self-care.

Here are a few creative ways to fit that time into your day, and to make yourself and your needs as much a priority as anything else that you might be doing.

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1. Always wake up 30-60 minutes before you need too, and before you need to do anything for yourself or anyone else.

Starting your day with quiet time to enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to an inspiring podcast, work a little on a project that fulfills you, or simply just have some completely unselfish “me time.”

2. Make sure that you take little break during the day to recharge.

Take this time to take a walk and clear your head, listen to some music, read an article, or literally sit in your car and get some physical space to yourself.

This little breaks can be very restorative and inspiring.

3. Know what you want to do.

Make your daily to-do lists, as well as a list of phone calls and e-mails to return.

Don’t leave for the day until everything is complete.

While it might take a little extra time while you get used to the system, it will save you time in the long run.

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You will start and end the day with a complete clean slate, and this leaves your evenings to you and what you want or need to do with them.

4. Make a commitment that at least one night a week is just for you.

This can be going to yoga, taking a pottery class, going somewhere quiet to read, or going to a group to meet with people who share a common interest.

This serves to revive and inspire you.

It promotes the ideas that your passions and interests are just as much a priority as anything else.

5. Become a volunteer.

If you do not feel like you are connecting with what you are doing for a living, but only have some faint ideas of what you might want to try, or you are not sure you would be good at it, volunteer.

This is a great way to try different things out, and to find out once and for all if something is all that you dreamed it would be, or if it is actually not for you.

6. Have a date night.

If you have kids and a partner, make a deal that you each set aside one night each week where one watches the kids, and the other has the evening to do with as they need and they please.

This is a great practice, as it always you to explore and develop your individual needs and interests, and typically creates a situation where you appreciate the time together more.

7. Let go of negative thinking and guilt.

We have often convinced ourselves that taking time to ourselves, or making ourselves a priority is selfish.

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Nothing could be further from the truth.

Taking this time and rejuvenating our well-being and sense of self, makes us a better role model, a better partner, and a better parent.

Also, taking this time often makes us a better employee, as we have a better work-life balance.

8. Have work boundaries.

Make sure that you have a good work-life balance.

Take on what you can handle.

Learn to be assertive.

Learn the skills of asking for help, and saying “no” when needed.

While this might feel difficult, this makes you better at the tasks you are working on, and keeps you from spreading yourself to thin.

9. Take time to disconnect.

No laptops, no phones, no electronics as all.

Truly remove yourself from all that stimulation and focus on something quiet, or something that you enjoy working on.

It could be reading a book, doing a craft, gardening, taking a walk.

You will be shocked at the energy and clarity this times gives you, as it allows you to shut down and reboot.

10. Get good rest.

Be mindful of sleep, food and exercise.

What we put into our bodies, how we treat and take care of our bodies, and getting sufficient rest are essential to our well-being.

We want to eat healthy and organic, exercise several times per week, and be certain that we are getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

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