It’s Time To Know You Are Already Complete

Do you feel like no matter what you do you just can’t seem to get life right?

Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Perhaps you are always left feeling disappointed and frustrated that your expectations didn’t turn out as planned?

When we are confronted with any of these scenarios, we often assume that there must be something wrong with us.

We are convinced that there is something lacking within us or there is something that we need to fix.

And so the search begins.

We venture into the world of personal development and self help.

We search for all the ways we can fix our “brokenness.”

Perceiving ourselves as if we are flawed because we can’t seem to get “it” right only leads us down a long and often confusing road.

Believing that there is something that we need to change within us or some destination that we need to reach outside of us only takes us further away from our truth.

Looking for where we are incomplete only keeps us falling into the trap of self judgment and shame.

This occurs because under all the attempts of striving to change or reach an outcome is the belief that states, “I am not enough just as I am.”

This belief carries deep shame-based energy.

Living in this low vibration keeps us spinning our wheels and feeling even more disappointed.

What is really happening?

These so called problems are simply a reflection of the lack of self love and acceptance that we are not offering to the whole of our being.

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We may tell ourselves a good story that says, “If only I reached a certain outcome I would finally feel complete.”

It doesn’t work this way.

There is nothing to change and there is no place to reach.

There is only self love and acceptance to practice in every moment.

What if the following were true instead?

What if we are all perfect just as we are?

Flaws and all.

What if every disappointment or failure was exactly what we needed so that we could experience expansion and growth?

What if every person that was placed on our path had something profound to teach us?

What if all the experiences we encountered with them were the perfect opportunities to bring us towards our calling, our purpose and ultimately our destiny?

What if we were all here to serve each other’s growth, even in what looks like the most horrific circumstances?

There comes a time when we need to stop asking, “Why did this happen to me? and starting asking, ”What can I learn from this?

What if our pain is really an opportunity to go within so that we could stop listening to our mind and begin to hear the wisdom of our soul?

What if life is always unfolding just as it’s meant to so that we could remember who we are and why we are here?

What if it’s all of our so-called mistakes and challenges that lead us down the path that our logical mind could never imagine?

What if the universe has everything taken care of?

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What if it knows exactly what and who to put on our path so that we could fall down, fall apart and then return with more gifts than we could have ever thought possible?

What if life is just trying to get our attention so that we could wake up to our own unique truth?

What if it’s all happening to show us that we do indeed have choice in every moment?

The truth about not being faced with challenges

I observe so many people attempt to take the easy road.

They will do anything to avoid experiencing discomfort.

The truth is without challenge and discomfort, we are not forced to go within.

Instead, we succumb to superficial lives.

We play by the rules and travel through life with an extremely limited mindset.

Rather than questioning our thoughts, we settle for what we were told was possible.

We follow the herd and refrain from taking risks that will nurture our soul.

We buy into the belief that we are the victim of our fated experiences and sadly close ourselves off to the destiny that is wanting to unfold for us.

You are whole and complete exactly as you are

Our challenges and adversities allow us to bring our most precious gifts to the forefront.

They are the doorway to stepping outside the box and expressing our truth.

The most important thing we can do is give ourselves the gift of feeling whole and complete just as we are.

We can begin to experience this by shining a light on the aspects of ourselves that we have tried so hard to bury and hide out of fear and shame.

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Our job is not to fix anything, but instead to accept and love all the parts of ourselves that we deem as unacceptable.

There is nothing about us that is an accident.

Our stories of our past and present, our emotions, beliefs, judgments, fears and actions all serve great purpose.

Loving and accepting all of who we are opens the doorway to being divinely guided onto a path that is most aligned with our soul.

The world needs this more than anything else right now.

It needs us to stand in our most authentic and brilliant self and shine in the totality of our wholeness.

And we can only truly shine when we have owned both our darkness and our light and allowed all of who we are to step forward.

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