25 You Are The Best Quotes About Friendship and Loyalty

As the title suggests, this article offers you the most popular “You Are The Best” quotes.

These quotes relate to a well-known South Korean TV series, “You Are The Best.”

In addition to our quotes section, we have also shared some relevant and interesting information about this TV series.

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“You Are the Best” is a remarkable series aired on South Korean TV.

The story of this series was captive and had an essence of human feelings and emotions.

It was directed by Yoon Sung-shik and Seong-sik Yun. 

Apart from this, Yoo-Kyung Jung was the writer of this series.


The story revolves around Lee Soon Shin, a beautiful young girl.

After the death of her father, she faces numerous hardships.

She struggles to find happiness within herself.

Meanwhile, her love story starts amid the ups and downs of her life.


“You are the Best” lets you explore a wide range of themes, including:

  • Dreams and Ambition
  • Friendship 
  • Self-Discovery 
  • Resilience
  • Competition and Rivalry
  • Guidance and Mentorship 
  • Personal Growth 

Character List

Following is the list of popular characters in the TV series:

  • Ji-eun Lee as Lee Soon-shin
  • Jo Jung-Suk as Shin Joon-ho
  • Du-shim Ko as Kim Jung-ae
  • Mi-sook Lee as Song Mi-ryung
  • Yoo In-na as Lee Yoo-shin
  • Joo-Won Ko as Park Chan-woo

Fostering Friendships

“You Are the Best” relies on a powerful story that unleashes the true power of friendship

The series is all about the journey of Lee Soon-shin toward living her personal dreams.

This story also unfolds the strength of forming meaningful connections.

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The bonds thus created could support one to handle the toughest times of one’s life.

Besides, different themes portrayed in this series coincide with the issues faced by the youth.

Embracing Aspirations

This TV series follows young individuals’ lives and explains their challenges.

It also unfolds the struggles that they have to face when striving to live their dreams.

The series goes deep into the lives of some aspiring musicians.

They are embarking on a journey to fulfill their artistic ambitions. 

“You Are the Best” combines humor, drama, and emotions.

It paints a vibrant picture of youth and determination. 

Top 5 You Are The Best Quotes

Here is a collection of the top 5 quotes from the captivating world of the  TV series.

1. “Rumors will eventually die out.” — Lee Soon Shin

2. “The hardest thing in this world is to relax.” — Shin Jun Ho

3. “Your life is something that you change yourself.” — Song Mi Ryung

4. “If there’s one thing you can’t trust, it’s a man.” — Jang Gil Ja

5. “It’s hard to lure someone who has already moved on.” — Kim Young Hoon

You Are The Best Quotes from Lee Yoo Shin

Yoo Shin’s quotes provide a window into the complexity of love and self-development by exploring the range of relationships.

6. “Love has no reason.” — Lee Yoo Shin

7. “A woman knows a woman.” — Lee Yoo Shin

8. “What’s really scarier than families are co-workers.” — Lee Yoo Shin

9. “Being friends is so much better. No miscommunications. No break-ups.” — Lee Yoo Shin

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10. “A guy eventually ends up saying, ‘Your skirt is too short, your nails are too showy…” — Lee Yoo Shin

You Are The Best Quotes from Shin Jun Ho

The quotes of Shin Jun Ho, the story’s protagonist, will fascinate you.

11. “A star isn’t born. A star is made.” — Shin Jun Ho

12. “Every human doesn’t like what other humans do.” — Shin Jun Ho

13. “If you’re being good, nobody will say bad things about you.” — Shin Jun Ho

14. “People say they’re doing it for others, but it’s actually for themselves.” — Shin Jun Ho

15. “Everyone changes. Humans change their hearts a lot of times in a day.” — Shin Jun Ho

You Are The Best Quotes from Kim Jung Ae

Kim Jung Ae shines as a beacon of wisdom, and his quotes leave an enduring impact. Get ready to catch up in the allure.

16. “People must continue living.” — Kim Jung Ae

17. “Opportunity only comes a few times in life.” — Kim Jung Ae

18. “You just have to put on make-up to look pretty.” — Kim Jung Ae

19. “Don’t leave a man alone. It’s easy for a man to cheat on a woman.” — Kim Jung Ae

20. “As human beings, the only way to attain happiness is to do what we want.” — Kim Jung Ae

You Are The Best Quotes from Sim Mak Rye

Sim Mak Rye is the main character in the TV show, and her quotes have the depth and honesty of someone who has been through a lot.

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21. “Blood is really thicker than water.” — Sim Mak Rye

22. “There’s no such thing as friendship between men and women.” — Sim Mak Rye

23. “Earning too much money is not good. People should live like people.” — Sim Mak Rye

24. “They say that you don’t see a person’s true colors until you’ve known them for long.” — Sim Mak Rye

25. “In this world, there are 3 kinds of sentences that can never be trusted. An old person who wants to die early. A merchant who’s selling at a loss. An old maid who doesn’t want to get married.” — Sim Mak Rye

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“You Are the Best” is a poignant portrayal of human resilience and transformation.

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