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12 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Productivity In The Workplace

Jeff Moore, CEO of Everyday Power
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12 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Productivity In The Workplace

So the question is, how do we use these tips to increase productivity?

Which ones do we use first or can we start anywhere, slowly incorporating all of them into our work and time management efforts?

Do we try to use all of them at once?

Will my productivity improve if I only use a couple of the ideas?

When we improve our productivity, we are one step closer to maximizing our potential.

increase productivity

What if you made the big picture commitment to increase your productivity in 30 days?

How would life be different?

What if you said, I will only utilize 1 tip at a time, and I will spend 2-3 days on each tip.

After 30 days, you will have experimented with all of them and now you know which ones work best for you.

Make sense?

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.

12 Simple Strategies To Increase Your Productivity In The Workplace

1. Choose the right time

Don’t set yourself up for failure from the beginning.

Choose a time that is appropriate for the task.

2. Toss it

If it’s not essential to the success of the project, get rid of it.

3. Get the bad stuff out of the way

As Brian Tracy says, “Eat the frog”.

Get the most difficult tasks out of the way first.

It’s all downhill from there.

4. Set a goal each day (or night)

You can’t hit a target if you don’t set one.

Be clear each day about what you want to get done.

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5. Eliminate all communication

Block out all distractions from people via social media, cell phone or even drop-ins.

6. Batch similar tasks together

Whether your writing, calculating, reading, taking notes, making calls, responding to emails or brainstorming.

Study after study shows that by grouping tasks we get them done better.

7. Set a timer

Make it short, make it fast.

Your concentration will automatically improve.

8. Set targets

Set bite size goals with no excuses.

Whether it’s 100 calls or 20 written pages from your upcoming book – you cannot leave your seat until it’s done.

9. Use the Pareto Principle

Look at all the things that need to be done.

Then focus on the small percentage of tasks that you know will yield the biggest the results.

If you don’t know, think about which actions have consistently produced results in the past.

10. Delegate your work

What program can you use or what person can you reach out to for help?

Leverage people and programs.

11. Set a deadline

Don’t work without a sense of clarity.

Have clear start and end dates.

12. Increase your speed

Have a sense of urgency with your work and life.

What your doing is important and you have a lot to do!

As always, I hope this helps.

Please feel free to share this with family, friends and colleagues.

All the best,

Jeff Moore

This infographic originally comes from here.

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