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7 Ways to Change from a Dream Killer to a Dream Chaser

7 Ways to Change from a Dream Killer to a Dream Chaser

The biggest hindrance to our dreams is loud and unrelenting. This dream killer hurls a constant barrage of insults, doubts, and fears at us all day.  From early in the morning this doubter starts in, you’re not good enough! Late in the evening while trying to fall asleep, No one cares! There is no escape because this liar looks back at us with cold eyes while we look in the mirror. This liar, dream killer, and hindrance to your dream is YOU.

We love to blame circumstances or other doubters but they never say things that are worse than we tell our selves. We knock ourselves down and put a lid on our life. We sabotage our dreams before they even begin. We talk ourselves out of even tying because aft all who cares. We have stayed with good enough and a life of existence for too long. We have stood in the way of our dreams long enough. We must be the champion of our dreams instead of the villain. We must change the world by changing ourselves. With patience and focus we can stop killing our dreams so that we can live them. These 7 things will make you a dream chaser instead of a dream killer.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Walt Kelly


The first step is to acknowledge your negative thoughts. A lot of times stinking thinking happens so fast we aren’t even aware that it happened. Acting like negative thought life doesn’t exist will only grow your negative thoughts. Like shadows in our minds these thoughts can appear larger than reality. To move past we must acknowledge that there is something to move from.  We must at the basis of everything have a starting point. Sometimes this can be overwhelming if our thoughts have been unchecked for a long time. Acknowledging bad thoughts is the first step in removing the liar in our minds.

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Pulling the negative thoughts out of our minds and on paper clarifies the ridiculous thoughts lingering up there. A lot of your thoughts when put on paper will be so unrealistic and you will see it right away the rest of the negative thoughts you will see are not that bad. Negativity survives in ambiguity and shadows pulling them to the light will remove and shrink many of your thoughts. Bring everything into the light even those thoughts that are embarrassing. Leave no stone unturned this is the only way to move on. Writing makes way for replacing your thoughts and changing you from a dream killer to a dream chaser.

Positive affirmation

The only way to change our thoughts is to replace them. If you and I stopped at acknowledging negativity and writing it down, we would give it power. To try and not think negative is futile. When you first start saying positive affirmations you will probably feel foolish, do it anyway. What is important with these is to say something you will believe. Belief is the founding blocks to true change. Take your negative thoughts that you wrote down and change them into something positive. Find something positive and reinforce it. Replace your stinking thinking and thoughts will become actions.


A heart of gratitude will transform your life. No matter how bad things in your life are there are things to be grateful for. Sometimes it takes more effort to see your blessings but I assure you they are there. Focusing on your blessings will keep your heart grateful and your hands giving. Focus the most on blessings that will be there no matter what. Things that no matter what life throw at you will always be there. Your mind when out of practice will naturally focus on the negative instead of the positive. Be patient with yourself but stay on it. Grateful thoughts will help you on your journey of chasing your dreams.

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Power Five

Surround yourself with a power five. Jim Rohn talks about this principle which is that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If your friends are stinky thinkers you will be too! Write down who are positive to you and your dreams and who are negative influencers. Starts cutting out the negative voices on the outside to positively affect the inside. Choose wisely, your friends have more impact on your life then you could imagine. Be kind but be consistent in setting up boundaries for who is best for you. Some relationships are meant to last but most should change with the seasons of life. Be conscious of who you are spending time with to change your thought life.

 Fake it

Your body language is linked to your brain. Posture, smile, and move like you are successful and happy and you will be successful and happy. Slouching and frowning will make your thoughts negative. Act like your feeling confident and you will become more confident. Faking body language is not being inauthentic but a rewiring of your thought life. Be ever conscious of your body language and what it is communicating to your mind. When you find your thought life is going down the drain stop and look at what your body is communicating. Change your body language to change your thoughts.


The more we learn to move in spite of feeling the more we will feel successful. Expect that you will afraid. Fear is all part of the journey but you must get going and move even while afraid. Action in spite of feelings is the calling card of someone that will achieve their dreams. It is as if the days you don’t feel like pursuing your dreams and do it anyway where all the success is found. Moving without feeling like it is the sign of a mature dream chaser and one that will reach the dreams in there heart. After all action is what matters. Move to get your inner monologue to shut up.

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You can be the hero of your own story. Change your thought life and change your world. The inner world will always need to change for the outer world ever will. A little progress everyday will lead you in a direction you never use to think was possible. Don’t give up and don’t yield to the liar that rages in your mind. You have what it takes. You can learn skills that will make your dreams possible. With time and focus you can make up for any shortcoming you think you have. Be blessed on  journey as you change yourself and change the world.

Are you the hero or the villain to your dreams?

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