25 Ace Attorney Quotes for Your Inner Detective

If you love courtroom drama, you will love these Ace Attorney quotes!

Ace Attorney is a visual novel adventure video game created by Capcom.

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The Benefits of Reading Ace Attorney Quotes

Ace Attorney games follow the adventures of various defense attorneys as they investigate crimes, gather evidence, and defend their clients in court.

The below quotes showcase the critical thinking skills and logic needed to play the game. 

Reading Ace Attorney quotes can motivate you to play intriguing games that will challenge your mind and help keep you sharp.  

The gameplay of Ace Attorney is divided into two parts: investigation and courtroom trials. 

During the investigation phase, players must:

  • Search for clues
  • Interview witnesses
  • Gather evidence to build the case

In courtroom trials, players will:

  • use evidence to cross-examine witnesses 
  • argue their case to prove their client’s innocence

The use of logic puzzles and deduction is one of the unique features of Ace Attorney.

Players must use critical thinking skills to piece together the evidence and arguments presented in court to win their cases.

This is partly why Ace Attorney has gained such a large following. 

As of 2021, Ace Attorney sold 7.7 million copies worldwide, and this number doesn’t account for sales of spin-offs and adaptations that many people also play. 

In fact, Ace Attorney became so popular that it has also been adapted into a popular anime series and a live-action film released in Japan in 2012. 

Overall, playing Ace Attorney can help enhance critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail, all of which benefit real-life situations. 

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Please enjoy these quotes from Ace Attorney

Top Ten Ace Attorney Quotes

Here are the ten best Ace Attorney quotes from the characters that said them. 

1. “OBJECTION!” – Phoenix Wright

2. “Foolish fools fooling foolishly.” – Dick Gumshoe

3. “Justice is blind, but she sees all.” – Apollo Justice

4. “When something smells, it’s usually the Butz.” – Larry Butz

5. “There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Simon Blackquill

6. “The only time a lawyer can cry is when it’s all over.” – Mia Fey

7. “Life is often disappointing. Isn’t that right, Mr. Justice?” – Kristoph Gavin

8. “Lawyers only believe in facts, and nothing else.” – Franziska von Karma

9. “In the court of law, all that matters is the evidence.” – Manfred von Karma

10. “A defense attorney’s job is to fight for their client’s innocence.” – Phoenix Wright

Ace Attorney Quotes from Apollo Justice

One of the main characters in Ace Attorney, Apollo, has a strong sense of justice and dedication to his clients.

11. “I can’t forgive those who steal, especially when they steal the truth.” — Apollo Justice

12. “Sometimes, the most unexpected witnesses hold the key to unlocking the truth.” — Apollo Justice

13. “The truth is a powerful weapon. It cuts through lies and exposes the real culprits.” — Apollo Justice

14. “Sometimes, the most unexpected witnesses hold the key to unlocking the truth.” — Apollo Justice

15. “The courtroom is where the real drama happens. It’s a battle of wits and evidence.” — Apollo Justice

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16. “Evidence is the backbone of the courtroom. Without it, we’re just arguing about feelings.” — Apollo Justice

17. “The only time a lawyer can definitively say ‘yes’ is when someone asks them if they’re a lawyer.” — Apollo Justice

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Miles Edgeworth Quotes

Here are some Ace Attorney quotes from the prosecution character Miles Edgeworth.

18. “The path to justice is a treacherous one, but it is a journey worth taking.” — Miles Edgeworth

19. “It’s never been the size of your fangs that counts. It’s what you do with them.” — Miles Edgeworth

20. “A good prosecutor is aware of the principle: if you’re going to gamble, know the odds.” — Miles Edgeworth

21. “The pursuit of truth requires a sharp mind and a keen eye for detail. A prosecutor must possess b*th.” — Miles Edgeworth

More Ace Attorney Quotes

Check out more memorable quotes from various characters. 

22. “A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets.” — Miz Fey

23. “A foolish man can never be wise, but a wise man can still be a fool.” — Simon Blackquill

24. “A witness is someone who saw something important but forgot it at the time.” — Ema Skye

25. “Sometimes you have to be willing to change your mind, or else nothing will ever change.” — Athena Cykes

Fan Favorite Pheonix Wright

Phoenix Wright is the Ace Attorney series’s main protagonist and a fan favorite. 

Players know and love him for his determination, wit, and unwavering belief in his clients. 

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In the games, Phoenix often finds himself in challenging situations.

He often faces tough opponents and seemingly insurmountable evidence against his clients. 

However, he always overcomes these obstacles with intellect, perseverance, and a solid moral compass.

Many fans appreciate his sense of justice and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Phoenix Wright’s character is also popular in the cosplay community. 

His iconic blue suit, red tie, and spiky hair make him a recognizable character that fans gravitate towards. 

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