25 Psych Quotes From the Hit Detective Comedy Television Series

If you’re a fan of the hit television series Psych, you will love these Psych quotes!

Psych ran for eight seasons as a hit detective comedy-drama television series on USA Network.

The series premiered in 2006 and was created by Steve Franks and starred actors James Roday Rodriguez, Dule Hill, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, and more.

The series’ popularity led to two movies being created after the show ended, and there are talks for an additional three movies.

The plot of the show follows best friends Shawn and Gus, who hilariously end up helping the police solve crimes when Shawn starts his own detective agency.

Shawn’s father had been a law enforcement agent, and when Shawn ends up regularly calling in tips, the police believe he is either an inside man or a psychic, so he starts his own agency.

Take a look at these Psych quotes to learn more about the hit television series. 

Psych Quotes From Shawn

Here are some of the best quotes from Psych’s main character.

1. “You like nasty stuff.” — Shawn

2. “Note to self: be rich one day.” — Shawn

3. “You got bologna on your face, son!” — Shawn

4. We are men, Gus. The world is our toilet.” — Shawn

5. “Sorry, I was too busy James Bonding it up in here.” — Shawn

6. “Well, the plot, unlike your hair, continues to thicken.” — Shawn

7. “The chips say you’re a cheater, cheater pumpkin eater!” — Shawn

8. “Take pictures of moments because that’s what matters.” — Shawn

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9. “Falling in love with you was never part of the plan, okay?” — Shawn

10. “My name is Shawn Spencer; this is my associate, Jazz Hands.” — Shawn

Funniest Psych Quotes

Enjoy these hilarious quotes from the hit comedy-drama.

11. “I’m just a ham and eggs man.” — Gus

12. “Is that my Teddy Ruxpin in there?” — Gus

13. “He’s got the last of the secret taco sauce in there!” — Gus

14. “It’s those tearful press conferences, man. They get me every time.” — Shawn

15. “Injury-free since June, when Gus broke his finger flipping the injury countdown calendar.” — Shawn

16. “I apologize to cockroaches everywhere, especially Jiminy Cricket, although for the first time in thirty years, it occurs to me he might be a cricket.” — Shawn

17. “What isn’t clear is why people always say ‘goes without saying,’ yet still feel compelled to say the thing that was supposed to go without saying.” — Shawn

Iconic Psych Quotes

Check out these classic and iconic quotes from your favorite Psych characters.

18. “True love knows no bounds.” — Gus

19. “We take our hand-held entertainment very seriously.” — Gus

20. “Need you? What makes you think I need you, Shawn?” — Gus

21. “We’re so far off the grid I think we may be back on the grid.” — Shawn

22. “Man, I’m nobody’s charity case. I demand to dig my own grave!” — Gus

23. “Just because you put syrup on something, don’t make it pancakes.” — Shawn

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24. “That’s interesting. Just yesterday, you told me you intend on having your wedding in space.” — Gus

25. “Partners do not lie to each other because partners put their lives in each other’s hands.” — Carlton

Is Shawn Really Psychic?

Shawn is not psychic but has an eidetic memory and has honed his observation skills from hours working with his dad.

Unfortunately, the law believes he is a psychic, so he is forced to continue the charade to stay out of jail and to help the police solve crimes.

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