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Born as Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio in San Juan Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny is a Latin trap and reggaeton singer and songwriter.

Arguably the best trap artist of this generation, Bad Bunny also dabbles in other music genres like hip-hop, soul, rock and soul.  

Singing at the age of 5 and writing songs by 13, this trail-blazing artist was an early starter in the world of music.

Bad Bunny’s major influences were Vico C, Daddy Yankee, Mark Anthony and Héctor Lavoe.

He went to The University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo and studied audiovisual communication.

But Bad Bunny eventually dropped out to further concentrate on his musical career.

To pay for his expenses, he worked as a grocery store bagger by day while creating his own music by night and uploading it to SoundCloud.

After hearing Bad Bunny’s song, “Diles,” DJ Luian was impressed and signed him to his music label in 2016.

“Soy Peor” was Bad Bunny’s breakthrough single, issued in December 2016 and peaked at #22 on the Hot Latin Songs chart.

He also started collaborating with other renowned musicians like Karol G, Cardi B, Drake, etc, and soon became the successful, multi-award-winning artist he is today.

Below are some Bad Bunny quotes if you want more insight into his passion for music and life.

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Bad Bunny quotes about music and life

1. “Money does not change people, people change.” – Bad Bunny

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Bad Bunny quotes about music and life

2. “You don’t have the same mentality as you did five years ago – even one year. People are always changing, and I believe that everyone deserves the space to change and for people to recognize their change.” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny quotes that will encourage you

3. “For years, decades, the system has taught us to stay quiet. They’ve made us believe that those who take to the streets to speak up are crazy, criminals, troublemakers.” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny quotes to inspire you

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4. “I think that by staying true to myself and making music from my heart, the blessings come.” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny quotes and sayings

5. “We need to try to unite audiences, unite countries, join musical tastes, unite people.” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny quotes to motivate you

6. “I don’t want to be fake. I’m just being me. And I have the power to break stereotypes and whatever useless rules that society puts on us.” – Bad Bunny

Meaningful Bad Bunny quotes

7. “If I have a platform and a voice, I should use it for my people.” – Bad Bunny

Bad Bunny quotes for Instagram

8. “Music has the power to inspire the world.” – Bad Bunny

Top Bad Bunny quotes

9. “When I came into this industry, I was never afraid to be myself.” – Bad Bunny

Special Bad Bunny quotes

10. “When I write, it’s like choosing which shoes I’m going to put on. More often than not, my lyrics are personal – but I sometimes have to put myself in other people’s shoes.” – Bad Bunny

Random Bad Bunny quotes

Inspiring Bad Bunny quotes

11. “My goal in music is to create nostalgic moments.” – Bad Bunny

Inspiring Bad Bunny quotes

12. “If tomorrow I want to release a rock album or I want to release a bachata album, nobody can tell me anything – why can’t I?” – Bad Bunny

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Cool Bad Bunny quotes

13. “Everyone has their style and your style explains a lot about who you are – you feel me? I’ve had style since childhood, so I like to dress how I feel. But maybe I get carried away by some trends.” – Bad Bunny

Amazing Bad Bunny quotes

14. “The only difference between Benito and Bad Bunny is 16 million followers on Instagram. And the money that Bad Bunny has in the bank. Benito had, like, $7. The numbers are different, but I’m still the same. Even my insecurities remain the same.” – Bad Bunny

Appreciation Bad Bunny quotes

15. “If a small-town boy like me who bagged groceries was able to make his dreams come true, you can too.” – Bad Bunny

Favorite Bad Bunny quotes

16. “I can simply tell you that since I was a kid, I didn’t like to look like anyone else.” – Bad Bunny

Wise and inspirational Bad Bunny quotes

17. “I’ve always been surrounded by many great people and professors, but my family, especially my mom who was a teacher, was the person who encouraged me to study and pushed me to continue. When we’re young, we don’t understand why our parents bug us so much with school and doing homework, but it’s a blessing to have that support at home.” – Bad Bunny

Inspirational Bad Bunny quotes

18. “Since childhood, I’ve been a clown. I’ve always liked being very funny or trying to make people laugh. It’s my original self.” – Bad Bunny

Positive Bad Bunny quotes

19. “I grew up in a rural area called Vega Baja and I’m the first of so many talented people in this area to make it out. I take great pride to represent where I come from and I am able to show my fans, and everyone who listens and watches me, that anything is possible.” – Bad Bunny

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Funny Bad Bunny quotes

20. “I always like to create things that get attention. It used to be a problem when I wasn’t famous. Now, I can do whatever I want and people have to accept it.” – Bad Bunny

Wise Bad Bunny quotes

Other interesting Bad Bunny quotes

21. “When I was at school, I used to stay on a balcony singing and people would stand around listening.” – Bad Bunny

Other interesting Bad Bunny quotes

22. “To all the musicians, to the Academy, with all due respect, reggaeton is part of our Latin culture. And it’s representing as much as any other genre at the worldwide level.” – Bad Bunny

Relatable Bad Bunny quotes

23. “Music is something no one can control.” – Bad Bunny

Other Bad Bunny quotes

24. “The fame isn’t important to me. It’s a blessing to have. Having so many people that support me, that love me and listen to my music, is beautiful.” – Bad Bunny

MoreBad Bunny quotes

25. “A good song never gets old.” – Bad Bunny

Best Bad Bunny quotes

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In 2020, Bad Bunny and his album “YHLQMDLG” respectively won Spotify’s most-streamed artist and most-streamed album globally.

This was also the first time ever a non-English language music artist topped the year-end list.

Fun fact:

Did you know that his stage name, “Bad Bunny,” was from a grumpy childhood photo of him wearing a bunny suit?

He then created a Twitter account using Bad Bunny and the rest was history.

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