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Arcane Quotes from the Netflix Series Characters

Fans of the game will enjoy these Arcane quotes.

Arcane is an animated series on Netflix based on the popular video game League of Legends and focuses on the story of sisters Vi and Jinx.

It is set in the city of Piltover, home to a thriving suburban topside and the struggling underdeveloped undercity known as “The Lanes”.

As the disparity between the rich and poor grows, the descent of the citizens for each other also expands.

Jinx, also called Powder, became a sympathetic villain after she accidentally caused the death of her loved ones and was abandoned by her sister.

The emotional trauma she experienced in her childhood transformed Powder as she became corrupted by the violence and greed of Silco, the Kingpin of the Lanes.

These Arcane quotes will testify why this series is considered the most amazing Animated film in history by many.

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Arcane quotes from Silco

1. “There’s a monster inside all of us.” — Silco

2. “Ever wonder what it’s like to drown? Story of opposites. There’s peace in water. Like it’s holding you, whispering in low tones to let it in. And every problem in the world will fade away. But then, there’s this thing… in your head, and it’s raging. Lighting every nerve with madness. To fight. To survive.” — Silco

3. “Power, real power, doesn’t come to those who were born strongest, or fastest, or smartest. No. It comes to those who will do anything to achieve it.” — Silco

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4. “You’d die for the cause, but you won’t fight for one?” — Silco

5. “What is truth, but a survivor’s story?” — Silco

6. “The only way to defeat a superior enemy is to stop at nothing. To become what they fear.” — Silco

7. “We came from a world where there was never enough to go around. That is why we fight.” — Silco

8. “Betrayal, that pain that feels like it’ll eat you from the inside out, can either break you or forge you into something greater.” — Silco

9. “Everyone makes mistakes, right? What’s important is that we don’t repeat them.” — Silco

10. “Is there anything so undoing as a daughter?” — Silco

11. “The world’s growing smaller every day, thanks to Hexgates. And now, we’re cut off. The topsiders are leaving us further and further behind.” — Silco

12. “Imagining yourself a hero? One final act to make you the martyr you’ve always seen yourself as? Then what are you waiting for?” — Silco

13. “The sons and daughters of Zaun deserve more than their runoff.” — Silco

Arcane quotes from Jayce Talis

14. “We can’t make a deal with a snake and cut off its head. We both have our shitty parts to play.” — Jayce Talis

15. “Humans don’t live for centuries. We can’t wait for progress. We need a leadership focused on the future, not the past.” — Jayce Talis

16. “We are the City of Progress. And our future is bright.” — Jayce Talis

17. “My father put hammers in the hands of the people, and they built this magnificent city. Imagine the wonders they could create if we put magic in their hands.” — Jayce Talis

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18. “We’re no strangers to failure. What makes this the City of Progress is that we keep trying until we get it right.” — Jayce Talis

Arcane quotes from Vander

19. “A bit of advice. Don’t threaten the guy who pours the drinks.” — Vander

20. “You can’t escape the past. Right? Be a shame if I had to put them on again. Cast iron’s, well, it’s hard to clean.” — Vander

21. “You’ve got a good heart. Don’t ever lose it.” — Vander

22. “When people look up to you, you don’t get to be selfish. You say run, they run. You say swim, they dive in. You say light a fire, they show up with oil. But whatever happens, it’s on you.” — Vander

23. “Nobody wins in war.” — Vander

24. “No matter how the world tries to break you. Protect the family.” — Vander

Arcane quotes from Heimerdinger

25. “If dangerous ideas didn’t excite the imagination, we would never wander astray.” — Heimerdinger

Which of these Arcane quotes is your favorite?

The series did a fantastic job setting the tone and distinction between the two different worlds of Piltover.

In addition, it created an exciting world-building by using the Hextech, a crystal that powers the industrialization of the topside, and the Shimmers, an ominous drug that propels the economy of the lanes.

This series’s masterful blend of action and story sets the bar higher for animated films based on popular games.

The story writing justifies each characters’ action and the flow of the series.

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However, the audience is left hanging at the end if it is still possible for Jinx to reconcile with her good nature or be a true villain in the franchise.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading these Arcane quotes and sayings, and of course, you can always share these with your fellow gamers.

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