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As Good As It Gets Quotes From The 90s Rom-Com

These As Good As It Gets quotes will warm your heart, help you appreciate the little things, and laugh out loud! The award-winning romantic comedy from 1997 stars Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, and both iconic actors bring their “A” game.

Nicholson plays Melvin, a novelist who has obsessive-compulsive disorder. His eccentric behavior is amplified by the fact that he also seems to hate humanity (and animals) and is homophobic.

Hunt does a spectacular job of portraying Carol, a single mother with a chronically ill and asthmatic son. Greg Kinnear stars as Melvin’s neighbor, a gay artist named Simon.

As Good As it Gets is real, raw, and captivating. It’s no wonder Nicholson and Hunt won Best Actor and Best Actress. It was nominated for Best Picture too but lost out to Titanic.

Keep reading these As Good As It Gets quotes to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone today. If you haven’t seen this movie, you will want to go turn it on after scrolling through these witty lines!

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As Good As It Gets quotes from Melvin

1. “Don’t be pessimistic, it’s not your style.” — Melvin

2. “You’re a disgrace to depression.” — Melvin

3. “You make me want to be a better man.” — Melvin

4. “What if this is as good as it gets?” — Melvin

5. “I’m drowning here, and you’re describing the water!” — Melvin

6. “People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch.” — Melvin

7. “It’s not right to go into details, I got nervous. I screwed up, I said the wrong thing.” — Melvin

8. “Well, maybe I overshot a little, because I was aiming at just enough to keep you from walking out.” — Melvin

9. “I could be in bed right now with a woman who, if you make her laugh, you got a life. Instead I’m here with you. No offense, but a moron pushing the last legal drug.” — Melvin

10. “Never, never, interrupt me, okay? Not if there’s a fire, not even if you hear the sound of a thud from my home and one week later there’s a smell coming from there that can only be a decaying human body and you have to hold a hanky to your face because the stench is so thick that you think you’re going to faint. Even then, don’t come knocking.” — Melvin

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11. “My compliment is, that night when you came over and told me that you would never… all right, well, you were there, you know what you said. Well, my compliment to you is, the next morning, I started taking the pills.” — Melvin

12. “Some of us have great stories, pretty stories that take place at lakes with boats and friends and noodle salad. Just no one in this car. But a lot of people, that’s their story. Good times, noodle salad. What makes it so hard is not that you had it bad, but that you’re that pissed that so many others had it good.” — Melvin

As Good As It Gets quotes from Carol

13. “I’m so afraid you’re about to say something awful.” — Carol

14. “Why can’t I have a normal boyfriend? Just a regular boyfriend, one that doesn’t go nuts on me!” — Carol

15. “We all have these terrible stories to get over.” — Carol

16. “When you first entered the restaurant, I thought you were handsome… and then, of course, you spoke.” — Carol

17. “To hell with sex! It was better than sex! We held each other! What I needed, he gave me great.” — Carol

18. “Judging from your eyes, I’d say you were kind, so so much for eyes.” — Carol

19. “Can we get you anything else? Water, coffee, couple of female slaves?” — Carol

20. “Come on in, and try not to ruin everything by being you.” — Carol

21. “Do you have any control over how creepy you allow yourself to get?” — Carol

22. “It’s not your table, behave! This once, you can sit at someone else’s station.” — Carol

As Good As It Gets quotes from Simon

23. “ The best thing you have going for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself.” — Simon

24.“Melvin, do you know where you’re lucky? You know who you want.” — Simon

25. “Don’t ask. I’m tired of my own complaints. I need to get some new thoughts.” — Simon

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26. “But you’re beautiful, Carol. Your skin, your long neck, the back, the line of you. You’re why cavemen chiseled on walls.” — Simon

27. “ Lucky for you… you’re here for rock-bottom. You absolute horror of a human being.” — Simon

28. “Is this fun for you? You lucky devil. It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? “ — Simon

29. “So the life that I was trying for, is over. the life that I had is gone, and I’m feeling so damn sorry for myself that it’s difficult to breathe.” — Simon

30. “You look at someone long enough, you discover their humanity.” — Simon

31. “Well, here I am, sweetheart! Happy to see me, you little piss-ant mop? How about another ride down the chute?” — Simon

32. “Waiting gives the devil time.” — Simon

As Good As It Gets quotes from Frank

33. “I grew up in hell! My grandmother has more attitude than you!” — Frank

34. “If there’s a mental health organization that raises money for people like you, be sure to let me know.” — Frank

35. “You think you can intimidate the whole world with your attitude, but you don’t intimidate me.” — Frank

36. “I like Simon! I like him enough to batter you unrecognizable if you verbally abuse him or so much as touch that dog again.” — Frank

37. “Meantime, I’m gonna think of some way that you can make it up to him.” — Frank

38. “I hate doing this! I’m an art dealer.” — Frank

39. “Have a nice day. Okay! Party!” — Frank

As Good As It Gets quotes from other characters

40. “I also grew a beard, but you don’t care about me.” — Dr. Green

41. “Simon, you’re broke. The medical bills are sixty one thousand now and the show didn’t go well.” — Jackie

42. “I’ve spoken to your parents they didn’t hang up or anything but they say they’d feel strange if they called you” — Jackie

43. “He thought I should have notes so I did this right: maintained focus, didn’t get emotional, and tried not to terrify you.” — Jackie

44. “If you want to see me, you will not do this. You will make an appointment.”  Dr. Green

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45. “You love me the way you do your remote control as long as I switch every time you press one of my buttons.” — Woman at table

46. “I can help you if you take responsibility to keep regular appointment.” — Dr. Green

47. “Two o’clock would be a good time, and here is the key in case he is asleep. Open the curtains for him, so he can see God’s beautiful work.” — Nora

48. “And he’ll know that, even things like this, happen for the best.” — Nora

49. “You better find something else to do with your free time.”  Beverly

50. “We are going out like people do. If you can’t feel good about this break and step out a little. . . then I – I think you ought to have Mr. Udall send you over a psychiatrist.”  Beverly

Which of these As Good As It Gets quotes is your favorite?

Melvin has several interactions with Carol at the diner she works at. Then Simon is hospitalized after an assault, leaving no one to care for his dog. Simon’s agent manages to convince Melvin he is the only one who can do it.

Melvin becomes increasingly agitated with life and questions his current lifestyle. He barges into his psychiatrist’s office demanding help but is told he will need to make an appointment.

Then, in the lobby full of people, he utters the titular words we can all relate to on some days: “What if this is as good as it gets!” There are so many relatable quotes from this movie that will be perfect if you are writing an essay about life… or are just looking for that perfect Instagram caption.

This film is about growth, love, friendship, and all the things that make this life “good.” You will cringe at first, laugh, and maybe even cry. What more could you ask for from a movie? In fact, that might just be as good as it gets…

Leave some of your favorite As Good As It Gets quotes and sayings in the comment section below.

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