WALL-E Quotes From the Lovable Robot Movie

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Fans of Disney and Pixar Animation will love these WALL-E quotes!

WALL-E is a computer-animated science fiction movie that Walt Disney Pictures released in 2008.

The movie was directed by Andrew Stanton and co-written by Stanton and Jim Reardon.

WALL-E stars the voices of Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, and Sigourney Weaver, among others.

The award-winning movie was released with critical acclaim.

It grossed more than $532 million at the box office against a $180 million budget.

The plot of the movie takes place on a futuristic Earth in 2105, when due to greed and environmental neglect, Earth became uninhabitable.

While humans live on giant starliners, trash-compacting robots are left to clean up Earth.

In 2805 it is realized that the cleanup has failed, and the only remaining active robot is WALL-E, who has developed a personality.

Enjoy reading these WALL-E quotes to learn more about the Disney movie.

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WALL-E Quotes from the Captain

These popular quotes from the Captain paint the picture of what happens throughout the film.

1. “I don’t want to survive! I want to live!” — Captain

2. “We’ll see who’s powerless now!” — Captain

3.“Wait, that doesn’t look like Earth. Where’s the blue sky?” — Captain

4. “AUTO, you are relieved of duty!” — Captain

5. “AUTO, EVE found the plant. Fire up the Holo detector.” — Captain

6. “Humans would put seeds in the ground, pour water on them, and they grow food—like, pizza.” — Captain

7. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We’re having a slight malfunction with the autopilot.” — Captain

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8. “You kids are gonna grow all kinds of plants—vegetable plants, pizza plants. Oh, it’s good to be home!” — Captain

9. “What do you mean ‘classified?’ You don’t keep secrets from the captain.” — Captain

10. “But life is sustainable now; look at this plant—green and growing. It’s living proof he was wrong.” — Captain

More of the best WALL-E Quotes

Enjoy these quotes from the other popular characters from the film.

11. “We cannot go home.” — AUTO

12. “Try blue; it’s the new red!” — Axiom’s Computer

13. “All communications are terminated. You are confident to quarters.” — Auto

14. “Remain calm. Remain calm.” — Teacher Robot

15. “Hey, WALL-E! It’s your buddy John!” — John

16. “That is classified, Captain. Give me the plant.” — AUTO

17. “Mr. President, sir. Sir, time to go.” — Advisor to Shelby Forthright

18. “After 700 years of doing what he was built for – he’ll discover what he’s meant for.” — Tagline

19. “Too much garbage in your face? There’s plenty of space out in space!” — Commercial Voice

20. “Hoedown. A social gathering at which lively dancing would take place.” — Axiom’s Computer

21. “Go to full autopilot, take control of everything, and do not return to Earth. I repeat, do not return to Earth.” — Shelby Forthright

22. “Um, operation cleanup has, well, uh, failed. Wouldn’t you know, rising toxicity levels have made life unsustainable on Earth.” — Shelby Forthright

23. “Rather than try and fix this problem, it’ll just be easier for everyone to remain in space.” — Shelby Forthright

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24. “A is for Axiom, your home sweet home. B is for Buy N Large, your very best friend.” — Teacher Robot

25. “As always, the weather is a balmy 72 degrees and sunny, and, uh—oh, I see the ship’s log is showing that today is the 700th anniversary of our five-year cruise. Well, I’m sure our forefathers would be proud to know that 700 years later, we’d be doing the exact same thing they were doing.” — Captain

What Happens to WALL-E?

When a robot is sent to Earth to look for signs of plant life, WALL-E falls in love with this sleek robot called EVE.

When EVE is transported back to her Starliner, WALL-E clings onto her probe ship to return with her.

There they must convince the humans that Earth is fit to return to and start a new life on.

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