5 Reasons You Need Journaling in Your Life

At some point in your life, I am sure someone has suggested journaling.

I know what you might be thinking!

Journaling… that’s not for me.

I don’t do it now, nor do I intend to start soon.

I’m just going to skip this article and wait for the next great one that applies to me!

Hang on, though!

Give me a few minutes of your time.

Let’s see if I can offer a fresh perspective on why journaling could be effective in your life.

Journaling can:

  • be a tool for personal growth
  • be a healthy outlet for stress
  • enhance your problem-solving ability
  • help organize your thoughts and ideas
  • provide perspective

Reason #1: Journaling is a Tool for Personal Growth

Any time that you take to work through your thought processes will provide helpful insight into how you think.

This is an opportunity to analyze and understand any of those patterns or negative beliefs that consistently appear in your mind.

When you look back and see exactly how you overcame a challenge in your life or business, your hope can be renewed.

The present reminds you that you can overcome whatever new challenge has presented itself.

Did you know that many famous people kept a journal or a diary?

Just to name a few:

I imagine each person has various reasons for choosing to write.

However, I think it is easy to assume that, at the very least, they used it as a personal growth and development tool.

I, for one, want to learn from those who went before me!

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Reason #2: Journaling Provides a Healthy Outlet

Journaling is much more than just recalling your day’s events.

It’s mainly an outlet for your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative.

Remember that feeling you had after meeting with a good friend for coffee and talking about life?

Or, after that long phone call with a close family member where you vented about a tough situation?

Journaling can have that same effect!

Journaling allows you to take those circling thoughts from your head and put them down on paper.

The more you create an exit for those thoughts, the better you will be.

Journaling can improve sleep and focus because you won’t be as distracted or overwhelmed.

The purpose of re-reading your entries is to allow you to see progress and areas where you still might be stuck.

This insight is crucial to your journey as you change patterns or habits.

Reason #3: Journaling Enhances your Problem-Solving Ability

Think about that last meeting you attended where you and a few coworkers strategized how to solve a problem.

What was your process?

Typically, we identify and name the problem and then brainstorm what might be the best solution.

The same can be true for journaling.

You would write out the problem you are having, re-read it, make any additions or corrections, and then write out potential solutions.

We can write this as a list to help structure your ideas and resolutions.

You will see various perspectives, you will develop and facilitate alternative ideas, and you can examine any implications or repercussions as well.

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Eventually, your solution will be identified, and you will feel confident about your choice.

This feeling of satisfaction will then lead you to take the steps required in moving forward.

Reason #4: Journaling Organizes Your Thoughts and Ideas

If you are an internal processor, this benefit of journaling is unparalleled.

Regardless of what circumstances lead you to journal, having a place to write out your ideas and plan a well-thought-out articulate plan is extremely beneficial.

When you can communicate more clearly to someone, it can often eliminate any misunderstandings or further conflicts.

For example, how often have you tried to have a hard but important conversation with your spouse, child, co-worker, or close friend, and the words didn’t quite come out as you had hoped?

Using journaling in this way allows you to organize what you want to say, thus leading to a more clear and more concise conversation.

After all, doesn’t better communication, whether in the workplace or at home, become invaluable?

Reason #5: Journaling Helps Provide Perspective

Many people understand the value of gratitude and positive thinking, but sometimes it can be easily overlooked as well.

I know that when I can remind myself of those things that are going right, my attitude shifts a bit.

We know this shift in mindset as a fresh perspective.

I want you to pause right now and spend 20 seconds listing five things you are grateful for.

It is hard to continue dwelling on the negative when we allow ourselves to acknowledge the positive.

It doesn’t make the negative disappear, but it allows perspective to come into play.

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This is incredibly significant!

When we write these things down regularly as part of our journaling routine, it has that much more power in our lives.

We can revisit these entries and be reminded (again) amidst the hard that we really have a lot of good in our lives.

This renewed sense of hope gives us new energy to keep running the race!

Enjoy the benefits

I hope you could see the many benefits of what journaling can add to your personal and professional lives!

I encourage you not to see it as a chore.

See it as a tool that can help propel you toward additional success in life!

Share some of your favorite things about journaling with us in the comment section below!

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