25 Bluey Grannies Quotes from the Hit Kids Show

Check out our Bluey Grannies quotes and learn how these colorful characters have captured the hearts of millions of fans. 

Bluey is a popular Australian cartoon.

Several characters from the show have prompted their own fandom. 

Check out our Bluey Grannies quotes below to learn more. 

What is Bluey?

Ok, so your first question might be, what is Bluey?

Bluey is an Australian children’s cartoon that both kids and parents adore. 

Check out these Bluey facts below:

  • Bandit is an archeologist.
  • The show does not list some of the child voice actors in its credits to protect their identities. 
  • The voice actors who play Bandit and Chilli worked together for four years before meeting in person. 

Who are the Bluey Grannies?

Ok, if you are new to the show, this is where things can seem a little complicated. 

What I appreciate about Bluey is how it encourages kids to use their imagination while authentically capturing the adventures of parenthood. 

Grannies is a game played by Bingo and Bluey. 

When Bingo and Bluey play Grannies, Bingo is Rita, and Bluey is Janet. 

The Grannies are hilarious because they poke fun at the stereotypes often projected onto older adults. 

Who is Rita?

Rita is a Granny played by Bingo. 

She is hard of hearing, slow-moving, and a terrible driver. 

She is known for her hi-jinx and “shoplifting” her favorite delicacy, canned baked beans. 

Her pet snake Bupsy also shows up at the most inopportune moments. 

Who is Janet?

Janet is Rita’s partner in crime and fellow Granny. 

When playing Grannies, Bluey takes the role of Janet. 

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Janet is a chatty, fun, and helpful grandma. 

She is full of energy and does not mind correcting the kids. 

Grannie Janet wears big dramatic glasses and takes naps several times throughout the day.

She often covers up for Rita’s shenanigans, especially when she shoplifts beans. 

Are there actual grandparents on the show?

Yes, there are!

While Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin have grandparent alter-egos, there are also actual grandparents in the show. 

Nana is Bluey and Bingo’s paternal grandmother. 

Chilli’s mom is Mrs. Cattle, a character we have not met but whose face we see hanging in a picture frame. 

For more fun content, check out our Bluey Grannies quotes below. 

Short Bluey Grannies quotes for Bluey fans

If you love Bluey, you will love these Bluey Grannies quotes. 

1. “Pardon?” — Rita, Bluey 

2. “Okay, Janet.” — Rita, Bluey

3. “What was that, Janet?” — Rita, Bluey 

4. “Where are the beans?” — Rita, Bluey 

5. “I couldn’t find any baked beans.” — Rita, Bluey

The top Bluey Grannies quotes about beans

Beans are always on the menu when Bluey Grannies are around. 

6. “Run, Rita!” — Janet, Bluey

7. “Don’t worry about her love.” — Janet, Bluey

8. “She’s just looking for baked beans.” — Janet, Bluey

9. “Ugh! Just having a Nana nap, love.” — Janet, Bluey

10. “Oh, it’s the show about that big blue baboon!” — Janet, Bluey

The best Bluey Grannies quotes about watching tv

Who better to look for the remote and argue over what to watch than Bluey Grannies?

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11. “Change the channel!” — Janet, Bluey

12. “Turn on the TV, Rita!” — Janet, Bluey

13. “Where are the beans?” — Rita, Bluey 

14. “Look, I think it’s best if – Ohh!” — Rita, Bluey 

15. “Make sure you pick up some beans for dinner, Rita.” — Janet, Bluey 

Famous Bluey Grannies quotes for chilling out

The Bluey Grannies love to relax and have a good time. 

16. “Chili!” — Rita, Bluey

17. “Wake up!” — Janet, Bluey 

18. “Oh, nothin’ dear.” — Janet, Bluey

19. “Don’t worry about her love.” — Janet, Bluey 

20. “She’s just looking for baked beans.” — Janet, Bluey 

Bluey Grannies quotes and sayings about calling Nana

These quotes remind us that you should call your Nana whenever you have questions. 

21. “Who’s there? Hang on.” — Nana, Bluey 

22. “Oh, there you go! Hi girls!” — Nana, Bluey 

23. Oh, yes, Bingo, I floss every night.” — Nana, Bluey 

24. “Bob! Can you work this thing out?” — Nana, Bluey 

25. “Oh, I can never work this thing! I’m gonna take this back!” — Nana, Bluey 

Bluey Grannies are fun!

Bluey is a fun show, but Bluey Grannies are even more fun! 

What is your favorite Bluey Grannies quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below. 

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