20 Bob’s Burgers Quotes For the Animated Series Fans!

Check out these Bob’s Burgers quotes from the award-winning animated sitcom!

Bob’s Burgers was created for Fox Broadcasting Company by Loren Bouchard and first appeared in 2011.

The series is still running, and along with being nominated for numerous awards, it has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program in 2014 and 2017.

The plot of the show centers around the Belcher family, who run a restaurant and experience many adventures.

The two parents, Bob and Linda, work at the restaurant with their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise.

The show focuses on the family running the restaurant while living above it and gives us glimpses of the children’s lives at school.

The show is fictionally set in New Jersey and features some characters from other animated series and even has a crossover with the animated show Archer.

By the time you finish these Bob’s Burgers quotes, you will be a fan of the show!

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Sarcastic Bob’s Burgers Quotes

The show is full of sarcasm, as you’ll see in these quotes.

1. “The real tragedy is that I don’t have time to get nachos before we start.” – Linda

2. “I wanna take her stupid neck and wring it!” – Linda

3. “I guess when you’re hall monitor, you have to leave your feelings in your locker.” – Rudy

4. “One man’s trash is another man’s Christmas gift for Dad!” – Gene

5. “Kissing is one of the great parts of life, like dancing.” – Tina

6. “I don’t appreciate your lack of sarcasm.” – Louise

7. “Was it obvious I don’t care?” – Gene

8. “When I die, I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Selleck’s face.” – Linda

9. “I know all sequels are good, but this is amazing.” – Louise

10. “Can you really put a price on love?” – Gene

Bob’s Burger Quotes From Fan-Favorite Characters

If you love the animated series, you’ll enjoy these quotes.

11. “You don’t want to mess with my sister. She’ll wear down your self-esteem over a period of years.” – Tina

12. “Ooh, the south terminal. I bet they have sweet tee and lightning bugs.” – Gene

13. “Well, I decided to go join the birds. I eat lots of bread already and I’m tired of fighting.” – Gene

14. “Kids are horrible. Why do we keep making them?” – Bob

15. “Bob, if you take burgers from me, I will murder you and your mouthy wife!” – Teddy

16. “My life is more difficult than anyone else’s on the planet, and yes, I’m including starving children so don’t ask.” – Gene

17. “I should write a parenting book. Call it, ‘Hey You, I Saw That! Put it Back!’” – Linda

18. “Hi, my name’s Louise. I would like to donate a piece of my personal chalk, in case you need to outline a body.” – Louise

19. “When I shut my eyes and cover my ears, I feel like I could spend the rest of my life with her.” – Gene

20. “Rich people run funny. Must be all the money in their pockets.” – Linda

Every Good Show Needs a Nemesis

Bob’s Burgers has the main competitor right across the street, Jimmy Pesto’s Pizza, which is generally more successful than Bob’s Burgers.

This scenario creates tension between Bob and Jimmy, as seen in the series.

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