25 Cam Newton Quotes to Inspire Your Greatness

Let your inner competitor rise to the occasion with our Cam Newton quotes.

Cam Newton is one of the most electrifying athletes in professional sports.

What makes the Heisman Trophy winner so elite?

Find out with our Cam Newton quotes. 

Who is Cam Newton?

Cam Newton is a professional American football player. 

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1989. 

His father, Cecil Newton Sr, played in the NFL as a safety. 

His brother Cecil Newton Jr also played in the NFL. 

Check out these Cam Newton facts below:

  • His nickname is Super Cam. 
  • Newton won Offensive Rookie of the Year. 
  • Newton is the NFL’s league leader in quarterback rushing touchdowns. 

Cam’s early success in the NFL

After winning the Heisman trophy and the 2011 BCS National Championship Game as a junior, the Carolina Panthers selected Cam as the number one pick. 

Newton entered the NFL as a powerful quarterback who could run, pass and make plays. 

He stormed the league, winning the Rookie of the Year award, and he is the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season.

The Panthers won three division titles with Newton as quarterback. 

In 2015 he won the MVP award and led Carolina to a 15-1 record. 

He took the Panthers all the way to Super Bowl 50. 

Did Cam Newton win the Super Bowl?

Winning the Super Bowl is one of the most challenging achievements in professional sports. 

Cam made it to the Super Bowl in 2015, but the Panthers lost the game. 

While Cam is not a Super Bowl champion, he is one of four African American quarterbacks to win the MVP award and was the first to receive it solely.

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Where is Cam Newton today?

Cam has had a successful NFL career. 

After playing for the Panthers, Cam was traded to the Patriots. 

Cam has remained an unsigned free agent after an unsuccessful stint in New England, still looking for a team. 

To learn more, check out our Cam Newton quotes below.

Short Cam Newton quotes about reaching your goal

Cam has the spirit of a lion and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. 

1. “I’m that lion.” — Cam Newton

2. “Hindsight is always 50/50.” — Cam Newton

3. “It’s a day-to-day learning process.” — Cam Newton

4. “Word of mouth travels faster than anything else.” — Cam Newton

5. “I’m an example of why people deserve second chances.” — Cam Newton

The top Cam Newton quotes about excuses 

If there is one thing Cam won’t tolerate, it’s excuses. 

6. “Excuses are a disease” — Cam Newton

7. “You cannot make progress with excuses.” — Cam Newton

8. “I think we all have unbelievable potential.” — Cam Newton

9. “You can’t live your life trying to make everybody happy.” — Cam Newton

10. “But a wise man once told me potential has never won a game.” — Cam Newton

The best Cam Newton quotes about winning 

Cam is a born winner who believes everyone is capable of victory. 

11. “When people see you do alright, then you start winning their hearts.” — Cam Newton

12. “The only thing that’s going to get you away from all the talk is winning” — Cam Newton

13. “You don’t go into the game to compete. You go into each game to win.” — Cam Newton

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14. “It’s not going to come easy, though. It doesn’t matter how many people you do right. You’re still going to be hated by so many others.” — Cam Newton

15. “A person that says ‘losing is not difficult,’ I don’t even want to be around that person. And obviously, that person has never won anything relevant in their life.” — Cam Newton

Famous Cam Newton quotes about fame and friendship

Cam has had to tighten his circle as his success soared. 

16. “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion.” — Cam Newton

17. “Genuine people, at this stage of my life, are very scarce. “ — Cam Newton

18. “I’m always protecting who I am. Thinking about my brand.” — Cam Newton

19. “Most of the time, I don’t really give people a chance. I have a wall up.” — Cam Newton

20. “My pop always said, ‘One day you can be on top of the world, and the next day the world can be on top of you.’” — Cam Newton

Cam Newton quotes and sayings to live by

Let’s close out our list with some words of encouragement from Cam.

21. “I’m a living testament that anything is possible.” — Cam Newton

22. “We’re just out here every single day trying to do the best that we can.” — Cam Newton

23. “It’s no secret that I am not afraid to shine bright and be festive, and I like to encourage that in others.” — Cam Newton

24. “Some people have certain beliefs, and I have my own belief, and we can agree to disagree on certain things.” — Cam Newton

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25. “I scratch my head sometimes and ask myself, ‘Why am I in this position?’ A lot of answers I come back with are, ‘Why not?’” — Cam Newton

What makes you competitive?

Cam Newton reminds us to unleash our inner beast. 

What are you competitive about?

Be sure to tell us about it in the comments section. 

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