25 Castle Rock Quotes that Will Keep You Scared

Stephen King fans will love these Castle Rock quotes.

Castle Rock is an American psychological horror film based on the characters made by Stephen King and is set in his fictional town called Castle Rock.

This series features a deep thrilling narrative and brilliant storytelling that captures the essence of Stephen King’s characters.

Fans of his books will surely love how this series gives life to their favorite stories and book characters.

The series is covered with tons of mystery that will keep your senses fixated on the screen as you unravel the story of Castle Rock in each episode.

These Castle Rock Quotes will send some chills down your spine as you read some of the brilliant scriptwriting in the series.

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Castle Rock quotes by Henry Deaver

1. “Truth doesn’t change, it’s just truth. Pure. But justice? Well, that looks different, depending on what side of that invisible line you’re on.” — Henry Deaver

Castle Rock quotes by Henry Deaver

2. “Thing is, a ghost called me. From inside this prison.” — Henry Deaver

Wise Castle Rock quotes

3. “Some folks get away, spend the rest of their lives trying to forget this place. Maybe they do forget, for a while.” — Henry Deaver

Other Castle Rock quotes

4. “Some never leave, no matter how hard they try. Most of us are trapped here for a reason.” — Henry Deaver

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Top Castle Rock quotes

5. “Everyone in this town has some sin or regret, some cage of his own making. And a story, a sad one, about how we got this way.” — Henry Deaver

More Castle Rock quotes

6. “Maybe something turned you into a monster. Or maybe you were one all along. Doesn’t matter. You’re here now. This is who you are. This is where you live. This is where you’re from.” — Henry Deaver

Epic Castle Rock quotes

7. “Whoever you’ve got ain’t my client. My clients are all dead.” — Henry Deaver

Top Castle Rock quotes

8. “Take their money, you gotta take their version of the story.” — Henry Deaver

Short Castle Rock quotes

Castle Rock quotes by Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

9. “We’ve been making bad deals with the wrong fella for a long, long time.” — Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

Castle Rock quotes by Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

10. “I thought we’d be killing each other by now, like civilized human beings.” — Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

Cool Castle Rock quotes

11. “Nobody really retires these days.” — Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

Castle Rock quotes about nobody really retires these days

12. “Deal is only as good as its weakest link.” — Reginald ‘Pop’ Merrill

Amazing Castle Rock quotes

Castle Rock quotes by Jackie Torrance

13. “Best place to finish a book is where it started.” — Jackie Torrance

Castle Rock quotes by Jackie Torrance

14. “You know, kids used to dress up like you for Halloween.” — Jackie Torrance

Random Castle Rock quotes

15. “The only thing people contemplate in this town is suicide.” — Jackie Torrance

Epic Castle Rock quotes

16. “Cool murder basement.” — Jackie Torrance

Castle Rock quotes about cool murder basement

Castle Rock quotes by Dale Lacy

17. “Take any house in this town. Hell, take mine. Every inch is stained with someone’s sin.” — Dale Lacy

Castle Rock quotes by Dale Lacy

18. “When they find you, ask for Henry Deaver. Henry Matthew Deaver.” — Dale Lacy

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Castle Rock quotes for Instagram

19. “Give a man the keys to the dungeon, tell him to lock up the monster. Or pin a star on his chest. Call him ‘Sheriff.’ Maybe he succeeds a while, a year, a decade or two if he’s lucky, but evil outlasts us all.” — Dale Lacy

Meaningful Castle Rock quotes

20. “People say it wasn’t me, it was this place. And the thing is, they’re right.” — Dale Lacy

Castle Rock quotes and sayings

Castle Rock quotes by Annie Wilkes

21. “What I can’t get my kadooza around is why they’re keeping you alive. Maybe they’re still living in a world where reasonable people can come to an arrangement. I would love that. I’m as reasonable as they come.” — Annie Wilkes

Castle Rock quotes by Annie Wilkes

22. “There’s a whole lot wrong with me and very little right, but the thing that keeps me on the right side of the double yellow line, is knowing how to love one thing. And that’s you.” — Annie Wilkes

Special Castle Rock quotes

23. “There are two kinds of people that made America: searchers and settlers.” — Annie Wilkes

favorite Castle Rock quotes

24. “People in places like this will tell you the trash on the highway shoulder is all there is, and you should chase after that trash as it blows in the filthy wind, and they will try to make you one of them.” — Annie Wilkes

Castle Rock quotes to inspire you

25. “But it’s their freedom to make you trash, their trash. So they can use you, and own you, and throw you away.” — Annie Wilkes

Castle Rock quotes to helping others

Which of these Castle Rock quotes is your favorite?

Throughout the series, fans will get to see items, events, characters and places that resemble popular creations of Stephen King.

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They’re like Easter eggs scattered around each episode, which are extremely rewarding for long-time fans of the books and movies.

If you like a good horror and psychological series with tons of branching storylines, then this series is for you.

Just be sure to have somebody beside you and keep a good amount of light nearby for your personal safety so you won’t be scared.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these Castle Rock quotes and sayings.

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