20 Grey’s Anatomy Cristina Yang Quotes

For Grey’s Anatomy fans, you will love these Cristina Yang quotes.

Cristina Yang was an integral character on Grey’s Anatomy from season one to season ten.

The character is played by Sandra Oh and was pivotal to the show’s success.

Cristina’s character has numerous romantic relationships throughout the series, including a marriage to Owen Hunt, another doctor, and her relationship with the other main characters is a big part of the show.

We get to see the complete career arc of Cristina Yang as she is an intern at the beginning of the show but becomes the Chief Medical Officer by the end of her tenure on the show.

Enjoy these Cristina Yang quotes!

Confident Cristina Yang quotes

You can see from these quotes that Cristina is confident and secure in her medical skills.

1. “Being a hero has its price.” — Cristina Yang

2. “Don’t give up on yourself.” — Cristina Yang

3. “Don’t question my medical decisions.” — Cristina Yang

4. “You’re on your own. Be on your own.” — Cristina Yang

5. “There are no teams here, no buddies.” — Cristina Yang

6. “I’d say wish me luck but I don’t need it.” — Cristina Yang

7. “Pretty good is not enough; I wanna be great.” — Cristina Yang

8. “It was an impossible decision and I stand by it.” — Cristina Yang

9. “I know what’s being asked of me and I’m doing it.” — Cristina Yang

10. “Everything isn’t so perfectly right or perfectly wrong.” — Cristina Yang

Boss Cristina Yang quotes

These quotes show that Cristina Yang was the Boss!

11. “I get angry when I go without sleep.” — Cristina Yang

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12. “Baby steps don’t include multiple traumas.” — Cristina Yang

13. “First-year med students. Too dumb to find the toilet.” — Cristina Yang

14. “If he wants to hate me, then fine. I can’t make someone stay.” — Cristina Yang

15. “Well, I’ve grown up as much as I plan to, and I don’t come around.” — Cristina Yang

16. “My guy’s a freaking fossil. The last time he was in an OR, it was lit by candles.” — Cristina Yang

17. “Should I sleep, or should I shower? I could sleep in the shower, but I’m also starving.” — Cristina Yang

18. “I’m unstoppable and you got defeated by a piece of plastic covered in urine. Buck up.” — Cristina Yang

19. “I am focused. I’d be a whole lot more focused if you weren’t standing there with your pants on fire.” — Cristina Yang

20. “Running a code can be chaotic. Sometimes the best thing you can do is know when to get out of the way.” — Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang worked hard

One of the things we see from her character is that she is a hard worker.

She is constantly pushing forward, even when tired, and wants to be the best surgeon.

If you have work traits like Cristina Yang, you will be successful.

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  1. Corrie Kosugi

    January 16, 2023 at 8:39 AM

    “Someone sedate me” when she couldn’t stop crying after leaving Dr. Burk on her wedding day

    • Danielle Dahl, Managing Editor

      January 16, 2023 at 12:29 PM

      What a great quote and scene! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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