25 Eazy-E Quotes About Ambitious

Get hyped and look at these memorable ambitious Eazy-E quotes from one of hip hop’s most influential artists.

I can remember being in awe, watching NWA for the first time.

They were a West Coast supergroup of hip-hop trendsetters.

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What are the benefits of reading these Eazy-E quotes?

Eazy wasn’t the best emcee in the group; Ice Cube took that title.

He didn’t make the best beats of the crew; Dre was there for that.

Eazy brought something else to the table, something special.

Even though the group had legendary personas on stage, those who grew up on NWA can remember the crowd bubbling over with the energy of anticipation.

You could hear the collective shouting in unison, “We want Eazy! We want Eazy!”

The lights would dim, and DJ Yella would drop the beat.

A familiar voice would yell, “Compton!”

Like rolling thunder, Eazy would step on stage and work his magic.

There are quite a few lessons we can learn from Eazy-E, including:

  • don’t be afraid to express yourself
  • be proud of where you come from
  • be creative when problem-solving

Golden age Eazy-E quotes

1. “Compton is my city.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Eazy wore Compton on his back wherever he went, even when he famously went to the White House. Eazy had immense pride in his community and let everyone know. There is power in feeling connected to where we are from.

2. “We’re like reporters.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: In 2022, rappers like NORE, Joe Budden, Talib Kweli, and others have shifted to becoming journalists and content creators. Eazy and NWA laid the foundational groundwork for rappers to be taken seriously as creative reporters. Eazy was addressing meaningful issues in his community.

3. “I put Compton on the map.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Most of us knew little about Compton, California, unless we were from there. All that changed when NWA came out proudly telling the story of their city.

4. “Cussing ain’t for everybody.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Eazy understood that his content was not for everybody. His discernment made him prosperous; he knew his lane and his audience. He was willing to break barriers, and his work brought together fans from various communities.

5. “Don’t be a follower, be a leader.” Eazy E

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Everyday Application: Eazy was an entrepreneur before he was a rapper. He used his platform as a rapper to expand his business. He rapped and talked about growth as a person and as a business. Eazy reminds us to forge our path and be ourselves.

6. “Where you from, fool? Compton!” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Compton is a city with a history of police brutality. Community leaders and grassroots organizations had been spotlighting the conditions across America in places like Compton. However, what they shared often fell on deaf ears. NWA felt they were artistic journalists for portraying what was happening in their community, giving a voice to the voiceless.

7. “Eazy-E is going to remain Eazy-E.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: One of the foundational features of life is growth and expansion. Eazy started as a hustler, and as he reached success, he never lost his hustler’s ambition. As we grow and naturally transform, remaining true to our core values and being malleable to new perspectives is essential.

8. “The boys in the hood are always hard.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: One of the most famous chorus lines in hip-hop history! Boyz N The Hood was one of Eazy’s most famous songs, but Ice Cube wrote it. It tells the story of a day in the life in Compton while informing the listener of the value of remaining true to one’s integrity.

9. “A solution to stop gang banging: SNOW!!” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Eazy was known for thinking outside of the box. Gang violence existed in his neighborhood. When rival gangs like Bloods and Crips united to stop police brutality, Eazy and NWA were around. He joked that since kids in Compton rarely saw cold weather, snow would be the only thing to keep them inside and stop the violence.

10. “But I will not portray Compton as a bad city.” Eazy E

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Everyday Application: Calling something “bad” is a judgment. We often make judgments without fully understanding the context. Compton developed a notorious reputation as a tough place to live, but no city should be reduced to just one aspect of its conditions. Eazy made it his business to portray Compton as a place that produced talented artists.

11. “I’m here to save you, but who’s to save me?” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Frequently, leaders lament how they look out for their community but do not have anyone looking out for them. Eazy did not live long, but we can learn from his example. Everyone needs to be checked in on, loved, and encouraged, even those in leadership positions.

12. “They don’t care if it’s ugly; they just want reality.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: NWA was open about its content. They did not shy away from serious subjects. However, their music was not glorifying violence. Instead, it critically analyzed violence. Eazy was passionate about sharing his reality with others, even the ugly parts.

13. “Just remember: It’s your real-time and your real life.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Eazy existed in a world before scripted reality television and 24/7 social media access. He would often address the fact that he felt it was important for his young fans to remember to be the best version of themselves and follow their dreams despite NWA’s subject matter. In various interviews, he talks about focusing on honing one’s craft and moving forward.

14. “If you want to get your point across, you gotta cuss.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: Eazy was known for saying what was on his mind. NWA broke ground as a group that highlighted the value of free speech. “Express Yourself” is one of their first hits. Eazy felt that expressing yourself with complete integrity sometimes meant it was necessary to cuss. Dam right!

15. “I’ll let the people decide what they think is good taste.” Eazy E

Everyday Application: A smear campaign to get NWA and Eazy E banned spread across the country, particularly after dropping their famous hit “F%#K The Police.” When censors attempted to cancel NWA, it only fueled the fire. Eazy played it smart, and instead of making a case for why he thought his music had relevance, he put the matter to the public’s opinion.

Real G’s Eazy-E quotes

16. “We’re giving them reality.” Eazy E

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17. “Don’t quote me boy, ’cause I ain’t saw shit.” Eazy E

18. “I’m not religious, but wrong or right, that’s me.” Eazy E

19. “Now I’m in the biggest fight of my life, and it ain’t easy.” Eazy E

20. “What we’re showing may not be your reality, but it’s ours.” Eazy E

21. “The black police in Compton are worse than the white police.” Eazy E

22. “I’m not a registered Republican or Democrat. I don’t even vote.” Eazy E

23. “Fee fi foe fum, she’s scratching on my back. Oh, here she comes.” Eazy E

24. “Get thee behind me Satan, and push me along. I’m kin to the devil.” Eazy E

25. “We’re not making records for the fun of it; we’re in it to make money.” Eazy E

What are your thoughts on Eazy E?

Eazy wanted more for his community.

He once said, “Like the others before me, I would like to turn my own problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin. Because I want to save their asses before it’s too late.”

To his fans, he was Eazy-E, but to his family, he was Eric Wright, his real name.

Eazy helped create classic hip-hop songs like Boyz N The Hood, Straight Outta Compton, We Want Eazy, and Dopeman.

Eazy E fathered many sons and daughters, 11 children in total.

His son Lil Eazy-E has made a name for himself as an artist.

When he died, it was a tragic day for hip-hop culture.

Many people mourned the loss of a true talent.

Over 3000 people in person attended his funeral, while many more mourned across the country.

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