25 Elvira Quotes From the Mistress of the Dark

Fans of horror movies will love these Elvira quotes!

Elvira is a fictional character and the stage persona of actress Cassandra Gay Peterson.

Elvira became famous for her love of B Horror movies, her looks, and her humor.

The character became famous for her weekly B horror movie presentations on the television station KHJ-TV in Los Angeles.

Each week she would be in her famous tight and revealing costume while cracking jokes and encouraging a love of horror movies as she introduced a B horror movie.

The character’s popularity led to the 1988 movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and another movie in 2001 called Elvira’s Haunted Hills.

Elvira continues to make many cameo appearances in shows and at events.

Take a look at these Elvira quotes to learn more about the Mistress of the Dark.

Here are some popular Elvira quotes.

1. “My appearance is kind of a shock to everybody.” — Elvira

2. “Revenge is better than Christmas.” — Elvira

3. “Yeah, but now all I can make it do is look cheap.” — Elvira

4. “What is there to do for fun around here?” — Elvira

5. “What’s that perfume you’re wearing, catch of the day?” — Elvira

6. “I didn’t know I had a good aunt, let alone a great one.” — Elvira

7. “Whoa. Must have taken too much antacid in the sixties.” — Elvira

8. “Until then, this is Elvira saying unpleasant dreams.” — Elvira

9. “I don’t know which hole you crawled out of, but I suggest you crawl right back in if you know what’s good for you.” — Elvira

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10. “Yeah, go ahead and fire me. I need this job like a leper needs a three-way mirror.” — Elvira

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Famous Elvira Quotes from the Mistress of the Dark

Here are some famous quotes from Elvira.

11. “My name’s Elvira, but you can call me ‘tonight.’” — Elvira

12. “I have seen the People’s Court. I’m entitled to one phone call and a strip search.” — Elvira

13. “Oh really, I’m in the movies too. Have you ever shown, uh, ‘I Married Satan’?” — Elvira

14. “Yeah, and you never will with those soup cans on your head.” — Elvira

15. “It just so happens, I have an act opening up in Las Vegas!” — Elvira

16. “I hate to interrupt this little episode of the Waltons. But can I have a room?” — Elvira

17. “If I want your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you.” — Elvira

18. “And don’t forget, tomorrow we’re showing the head with two things… I mean, the thing with two heads.” — Elvira

19. “Well, it is a potluck. And believe me, when they open that pot, they’re gonna need all the luck they can get.” — Elvira

20. “I’m going to rip out every single bleach blonde hair out of her scalp, gouge out her eyeballs, then use her head for a bowling ball!” — Elvira

21. “And tell them… tell them that when all is said and done, I only ask that people remember me by two simple words. Any two, as long as they’re simple.” — Elvira

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Elvira Quotes About Her From Other People

Here are some quotes about other people talking about Elvira.

22. “Trash does not complete with class.” — Patty

23. “You think you’re pretty clever, don’t you? Well, mark my words. I’ll get you and your little dog, too.” — Vincent Talbot

24. “Well, if she’s morally unfit, then we have every right to do anything we can to get her out of this town. Are we agreed?” — Chastity Pariah

25. “Please, I don’t think we need to resort to name-calling. I think what Calvin is trying to say is that this Elvira is a person of easy virtue, a purveyor of pulchritude, a one-woman Sodom and Gomorrah if you will.” — Chastity Pariah

Who Is the Actress That Played Elvira?

Cassandra Peterson created and played Elvira, who was a creation based on a “Valley-girl” type of character that she created while in the sketch comedy group The Groundlings.

Cassandra was born in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1951 and began singing and working as a go-go dancer at a young age.

After a singing career in Italy, she moved back to the United States.

Then she began getting roles in the film industry.

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