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Who is Filthy Frank

Also popular as George Miller “Joji”, Filthy Frank is a famous internet personality, musician, and comedian.

He got immediate fame in the 2010s for his comic YouTube content.

In his videos, Joji depicted Filthy Frank as an absurd and bizarre character. 

Early Life and Career

Joji was born in Osaka, Japan, on September 18, 1992. 

He spent his childhood traveling throughout Australia and Japan. 

In 2008, he came to the United States and tried to pursue a career in entertainment. 

This was the time when he started his YouTube channel named DizastaMusic.

In 2011, he started creating videos with a character named Filthy Frank.

Discontinuation of Filthy Frank 

Contrary to the success of Filthy Frank as a character, Miller retired in 2017. 

Miller made this decision to focus on his music career. 

He started releasing music with the showbiz name “Joji”. 

Key Characteristics of Filthy Frank

Here are some of the key characteristics of Filthy Frank that set him apart:

  • Surreal and bizarre humor
  • Multifaceted personality
  • Controversial and offensive content
  • Satirical social commentary
  • Musical talent

Surreal and Bizarre Humor

The humor of Filthy Frank is usually absurd, unexpected, and surreal. 

He is popular for his ability to create unpredictable and strange scenarios.

At the end of his videos, the viewers are left with a sense of confusion and amusement.

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Multifaceted Personality

Filthy Frank isn’t a single character but a collection of different personas.

Each persona has his traits and quirks. 

A few of the most popular characters include:

  • Pink Guy
  • Salamander Man
  • Chin Chin

Controversial and Offensive Content

The content associated with Filthy Frank is usually related to taboo subjects and pushes boundaries. 

Some viewers also find his content offensive. 

On the contrary, a few viewers appreciate his willingness to discuss difficult topics through humor.

Satirical Social Commentary

Despite the offensive and crude nature of Filthy Frank, the character usually had a deeper and strong satirical meaning. 

Miller takes advantage of his characters and relevant scenarios to unfold the truths hidden behind the face of our culture and society.

Musical Talent

Apart from his comedic content, Filthy Frank is also known as a talented musician. 

He makes good use of his musical talent to enhance his comic persona. 

This helps to further elaborate his comedic persona by making satirical rap songs.

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Top 5 Filthy Frank Quotes

Here are the top five Filthy Frank quotes.

1. “You’re a brave dog!” — Filthy Frank

2. “Why did you leave me!?!?” — Filthy Frank

3. “I PUNCHED A RACCOON TODAY!” — Filthy Frank

4. “Herro, my name is a Cowboy Hinaka.” — Filthy Frank

5. “Basically living, living gives you cancer.” — Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank Quotes about Himself

Here, in his own words, are some of Filthy Frank’s thoughts and feelings about himself.

6. “God left me unfinished.” — Filthy Frank

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7. “My life is like my skits: low budget and underrated.” — Filthy Frank

8. “Who’s there? I have a belt, and I’m not afraid to hang.” — Filthy Frank

9. “I actually thought Swag meant hello in Black language.” — Filthy Frank

10. “I don’t use pick-up lines because they don’t work on dead people.” — Filthy Frank

Short Filthy Frank Quotes

Get a kick out of reading these snappy quotes by the one and only Filthy Frank.

11. “WHAT IS WRONG WIT CHU?” — Filthy Frank

12. “There’s a hair in my cake!” — Filthy Frank

13. “Hey ese, I broke into your car!” — Filthy Frank

14. “Mate, this is just the beginning.” — Filthy Frank

15. “If you’re new, then I-I’M SO SORRY!” — Filthy Frank

Filthy Frank Quotes That Are Worth Reading

If you are into the work of Filthy Frank, we think you’ll enjoy the following quotes from him.

16. “Ravioli, ravioli, what’s in the pocketoli?” — Filthy Frank

17. “The series is about to get deeper and bigger…” — Filthy Frank

18. “The prodigy learns from the master, and the master learns from the God.” — Filthy Frank

19. “I would, without a doubt, smash a puppy to death for 10 grand. 10 grand easy.” — Filthy Frank

20. “We live in a time where ignorance is a choice, and people are still choosing ignorance.” — Filthy Frank

Candid Filthy Frank Quotes

The Filthy Frank quotes below are no less straightforward. Feel free to read them with relish.


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22. “If you‘ve stumbled across this channel by accident, well, I’m so sorry.” — Filthy Frank

23. “I came through a portal holding a 40 and a blunt. Do you really want to test me right now?” — Filthy Frank

24. “Like over here at The Filthy Frank Show, we support Prejudice Equality. Everyone gets shit!” — Filthy Frank

25. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a shit about animals. I only give a shit about people who think they give a shit about animals.” — Filthy Frank

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