25 Friendsgiving Quotes From the 2020 Movie

Fans of comedy-drama movies will love these Friendsgiving quotes from the Netflix movie.

Friendsgiving is a comedy drama movie that was released in 2020 on Netflix.

The movie was written and directed by Nicol Paone and produced by Saban Films.

Friendsgiving stars Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Jane Seymour, Aisha Tyler, and Chelsea Peretti, among other talented actors and actresses.

Upon release, the movie received low approval ratings on audience rating sites.

The plot of the movie follows Molly, a new mom going through a divorce, and her best friend Abby, who had come out as a lesbian when she was twenty-nine and was recently dumped by her girlfriend.

Molly and Abby decide to have a laid-back Thanksgiving with just a couple of friends, but a wide cast of party crashers show up instead.

Take a look at these Friendsgiving quotes to learn more about the movie.You may also enjoy these funny yearbook quotes.

Best Friendsgiving Quotes

Here are some quotes from the film to show how Friendsgiving came together.

1. “That’s the whole point of Thanksgiving, Molly. Sugar and regret.” — Abby

2. “Uh, it doesn’t smell vegan.” — Molly

3. “I like a man who knows how to handle his turkey.” — Helen

4. “Barbara, be nice to your sister. She’s had a rough year.” — Helen

5. “I just promised Abby I’d spend the day with her.” — Molly

6. “I don’t believe in grieving.” — Molly

7. “Maybe Molly should carve the turkey. You know, in the name of feminism.” — Jeff

8. “Well, he says he’s here with his charity, but I think he’s actually here for me.” — Molly

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9. “Oh, listen, I thought I would roll the dice and do the turkey in the vertical roaster. Heard it’s amazing.” — Abby

10. “I’m gonna made Eden’s first Thanksgiving a phenomenal one.” — Molly

11. “Molly, bring back some vodka.” — Helen

12. “Good for you, honey. You know what they say, you have to appreciate the lesson in where you are before you can move on.” — Helen

More Friendsgiving Quotes From The Netflix Movie

These quotes tell you more about what happens as the film progresses.

13. “You two were so good together.” — Helen

14. “He cheated on me.” — Molly

15. “This time of year is always really hard for me because I hate my family.” — Perez

16. “I can’t believe you’re seeing someone already. Don’t you think it’s a little quick to move on?” — Abby

17. “How hot is my wife? Lower the chocolates so they can see your breasts.” — Rick

18. “Have you ever pushed a 10-pound baby out of your vagina?” – Molly

19. “Is this moisturizer just for the face, or… oh, hey.” — Jeff

20. “Everyone knows you don’t give babies nuts.” — Molly

21. “I have one just like it in my top drawer. Except mine’s bigger.” — Abby

22. “Did you invite the lesbian for me?” — Abby

23. “Well, maybe I don’t want to spend the day stuffing my face with sugar and regret?” — Molly

24. “Yeah, it was coming out of both ends, and we didn’t wanna risk getting the kids sick, so we’re here.” — Lauren

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25. “Well, it’s great you can separate yourself from the past so quickly like that, but I don’t know if I can.” — Abby

What Happens to Molly and Abby’s Thanksgiving Plans?

Molly ends up inviting her fling boyfriend to dinner along with a mutual friend that invites some other women to try to find Abby a new love interest.

Molly’s out-of-control mother then shows up with an ex-boyfriend of Molly’s, and then many other surprise guests show up to make a crazy and unforgettable Thanksgiving for all.

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