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Ginny and Georgia Quotes to Hold Your Excitement Until Season 2

Enjoy these Ginny and Georgia quotes from season 1 of the series.

Ginny and Georgia is a comedy-drama series about the mother and daughter bond in the new age era.

It follows the story of Ginny Miller, a 15-year-old who is somewhat more mature than her 30-year-old mother.

Georgia, a single mom, had Ginny when she was just 15, and since then, she tries to give a better life than she had to her kids.

The fans loved the story because of the quirkiness and characterization of Georgia. The creators did a masterful job in creating the perfect mother character for Georgia, and it carried the show for seasons.

In an age where teenage pregnancy is rising, this film successfully sheds new light that good things can eventually emerge from difficult circumstances.

These Ginny and Georgia quotes are lovely to enjoy with family or friends.

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Ginny and Georgia quotes from Ginny Miller

1. “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”  Ginny Miller

2. “Love. It’s up. It’s down. It’s easy. It’s hard. It’s a motherf-…” — Ginny Miller

3. “Love. Everyone thinks love is so beautiful. Such a fairytale.” — Ginny Miller

4. “Of course I hurt myself. When you don’t have a voice, you have to scream somehow.”  Ginny Miller

5. “Cool people don’t say they’re cool.”  Ginny Miller

6. “The things you really need to fear don’t go bump in the night. The things you really need to fear exist in us already. We’re the monsters.”  Ginny Miller

7. “You can’t fall in love if you always have your guard up.”  Ginny Miller

8. “Men are visual creatures, so give them something to look at.” — Ginny Miller

9. “What if all your dreams come true, and it’s still not enough?”  Ginny Miller

10. “Don’t flirt with the students or other parents. And, please, don’t hotbox a classroom.”  Ginny Miller

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11. “Unless your name is Jesus, I don’t think your birthday counts as a holiday.” — Ginny Miller

12. “I know about masks. Mine never comes off. Moving around all the time. I’m too white for the black kids and not white enough for the white kids.” — Ginny Miller

13. “If beauty is a weapon, then Georgia has always been locked and loaded.” — Ginny Miller

14. “My mum has never had trouble with men. It’s effortless to her, like breathing. She always knows what to say, how to be. It’s like, I don’t know, got magical powers or something. She’s unapologetically fearless. She just puts herself out there. Men, sex, all of it. I swear to God, I’m adopted.” — Ginny Miller

15. “Power is cold, it’s about control. It’s a game, there are winners and losers. If someone has power, that means intrinsically that someone else does not.” — Ginny Miller

16. “Passion is hot. But now, I think you only want passion until you’ve been burned. Then power starts looking really good. Never let your guard down – I get it now.” — Ginny Miller

17. “For the first time in my life, I think I finally started to understand my mother.” — Ginny Miller

18. “Sometimes when I catch my mum at a certain angle, it feels like I’m looking at someone I don’t know.” — Ginny Miller

19. “I’m not going to be white and bougie even if you put me in a cable-knit sweater.” — Ginny Miller

20. “What are you wearing? You look like Vanessa Hodges at Rydell High.” — Ginny Miller

21. “I’m nothing like my mom.” — Ginny Miller

Ginny and Georgia quotes from Georgia Miller

22. “We’re like the penguins. We can’t fly, but maybe we can learn to swim.”  Georgia Miller

23. “Life won’t throw you parties. You gotta make your own!”  Georgia Miller

24. “You just called Britney Spears retro, so I have to go cryogenically freeze myself.”  Georgia Miller

25. “Love is a lot of things, Maxine. Safe isn’t one of them.”  Georgia Miller

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26. “For a woman, life is a battle. And beauty is a goddamn machine gun.”  Georgia Miller

27. “If I could skin you and wear your prepubescent face, I would.”  Georgia Miller

28. “It’s about the fact that aging is a horrible, inevitable death sentence where your body betrays you slowly ’til you die.”  Georgia Miller

29. “Momma’s dating life is like that desert – nothing in sight as far as the eye can see.”  Georgia Miller

30. “Why are you smiling like you’re about to tell Pinky the plan is to take over the world?”  Georgia Miller

31. “In case you haven’t noticed: I’m 30 and single with two kids from two different guys. Does that look like the ideal, picture-perfect picket fence to you?”  Georgia Miller

32. “You’re so responsible. Sometimes I can’t believe you came out of me.”  Georgia Miller

33. “There are two things you can get from sex with a man: passion or power. But you better make sure you’re getting something. Otherwise you’re just getting screwed.”  Georgia Miller

34. “Fantasies are for people with 401 ks. You gotta keep your feet on the hard ground and your head outta your ass!”  Georgia Miller

35. “Halloween is a chance for everybody to one-up themselves.” — Ellen Baker

36. “If they can see where your makeup ends and your face begins, you’ve done it wrong.”  Georgia Miller

37. “Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree”. — Georgia Miller

38. “You win more flies with honey, but if you get yourself a bee, sting first!” — Georgia Miller

39. “We’re like The Gilmore Girls but with bigger boobs.”  Georgia Miller

40. “You’re gonna like Massachusetts. It’s very patriotic – perfect for a fresh start.”  Georgia Miller

41. “I’m getting that shellfish is a large part of being in Maine.” — Georgia Miller

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42. “It’s me and you against the world, kid. Remember that.” — Georgia Miller

Ginny and Georgia quotes from Zion Miller

43. “Because you can’t choose who you love. Your person is your person, and that is undeniable.” — Zion Miller

44. “Through the lens is how the world makes sense to me.” — Zion Miller

Ginny and Georgia quotes from Maxine Baker

45. “It’s the worst betrayal since Jordyn and Kylie!”  Maxine Baker

46. “Halloween is, like, the sexiest holiday. We can’t stay in and watch movies like losers.”  Maxine Baker

Ginny and Georgia quotes from memorable conversations within the show

47. Ellen: “I quit being a mom. The hours are long, and the pay sucks.”

Georgia: “No kidding! Austin still hasn’t said a single word to me.”

Ellen: “Oh, not mine. Mine talk. They won’t shut up.”

48. Max: “Fall in a ditch!”

Marcus: “Well, I already did that.”

49. Abby: “I didn’t want you to get hurt.”

Max: “That’s funny. That’s what everyone who keeps hurting me keeps saying!”

50. Georgia: “I get it. I have a teenager.”

Ellen Baker: “What? No way. What, did you give birth when you were 12?”

Georgia: “15.”

Which of these Ginny and Georgia quotes is your favorite?

The show successfully blends different emotional colors while ensuring that the character’s perspective is one-dimensional.

The conflict presented is always a touch of grey, and you’ll easily empathize with the character’s actions and reasonings. Ginny’s attitude is a reflection of how teenage life can be both a nightmare and a thrill.

If you want a nice mix of comedy and drama with a combination of complicated family issues with the light resolution of events, then you’ll surely love Ginny and Georgia.

This show completely understands the dilemma that it’s not entirely healthy to have a mom who wants to be your best friend but hesitates to fully grow up herself.

Show a family member appreciation today, and you can always get back to these Ginny and Georgia quotes and sayings anytime.

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