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“I Am Not Okay With This” Quotes from the Netflix Series

If you enjoyed the solo season, you’ll recognize these “I Am Not Okay With This” quotes.

The Netflix series “I Am Not Okay With This” is a serious teenage drama with a supernatural twist.

The show only aired for one season. It was originally approved for a second and final season but was canceled when the Covid-19 pandemic brought production to a halt.

The show follows the life of Sydney. She’s a 17-year-old who recently lost her dad to suicide. Throughout the show, you see the struggles that she has with her emotions and the secret power she hides that seems to be tied to those same emotions.

These “I Am Not Okay With This” quotes paint more of a picture of what you can expect from the show.

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“I Am Not Okay With This” quotes by Sydney

1. “Where I feel shitty about basically everything about myself Stan is the master of zero f*cks” — Sydney

2. “Just, sometimes its feels like the people I love don’t love me back.”  Sydney

3. “The only thing I inherited was pasty skin and my bubbly personality.” — Sydney

4. “Paint me yellow and call me f*cking Sunshine, Goob.”  Sydney

5. “I tried , I tried to be normal But I’m just not wired that way.” — Sydney

6. “Dear diary, go f*ck yourself.”  Sydney

7. “Dear diary, happy f*cking Friday.”  Sydney

8. “Ugh, they both call each other ‘babe’ kill me right now.”  Sydney

9. “Well, let me tell you something. One day, it’s all gonna go downhill, buddy. Your life will be so pathetic, you’ll attend high school reunions, because you know what? Nothing else is ever gonna happen for you in your entire life. Yeah, you won’t even have a dog!”  Sydney

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10. “You know what? So what if I really am a freak? I could be ok with that. I mean, if I really can make a nose bleed with my brain, then maybe it can be used for good.” — Sydney

11. “No one can dress cooler than you, Stan.” — Sydney

“I Am Not Okay With This” quotes by Dina

12. “Everybody feels like a freak sometimes.” — Dina

13. “I wanna be stuck with you.” — Dina

14. “Pretty sure I set the women’s lib movement back a couple decades, but other than that, it went great.”  Dina

15. “No, seriously. Like, the other day, I made a joke about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. No one got it. I had to explain the plot to Brad’s friends. They just looked at me like I was batsh*t crazy.” — Dina

16. “I saw the library, Syd. You lied to me. You let me help you steal something with no idea why. Can you take a moment to realize how sh*tty that is?” — Dina

“I Am Not Okay With This” quotes by Stan

17. “The people who wrote these were probably eating acid like candy. But the point is, they know superpowers.” — Stan

18. “It’s the opposite of lame Syd. It’s theater. It’s live theater. Westinghouse Memorial High School on a Friday night. What could be more tragic? More Shakespearean? Think about it. The moment the lights come up on Hamlet, you know it’s not gonna end well.”  Stan

19. “This is as good as it gets for them. And I like watching ’em, like Hamlet, and when everything goes to sh*t in the end… and everyone dies.”  Stan

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20. “Uh, Mr. Whitaker, sir? Um… Will there be a break for snacks or dinner?”  Stan

21. “And if all goes well, as it should, we grab the footage, our sexcapade remains private, and nobody gets expelled.”  Stan

22.“Okay, Syd, if you honestly believe that someone was there, and they straight up f*ckin’ disappeared, then… I believe it, too.”  Stan

“I Am Not Okay With This” quotes by other characters

23. “From my experience, Mr. File, the holding of an erection is far more successful in the hands of a Homo sapien female.”  Brad

24. “Hey, which one of you punks eats burritos?”  Mr. Whitaker

25. “All right, dude, seriously… there’s a rumor going around that Jenny gave you gonorrhea. I know, it’s sh*tty, and I’m sorry I had to tell you that.”  Ricky

“I Am Not Okay With This” quotes from memorable conversations within the show

26. Mercedes: “Marijuana is a gateway drug.”

Stan: “Uh-huh. And, um… Okay, what — what comes next?”

Mercedes: “Mushrooms, then MDMA, then cocaine, then crack, then heroin, then gasoline, huffing it, then death.”

27. Stan: “Okay, so now that I’ve helped you steal the evidence that would put you in detention for a thousand years, can you tell me what happened in the library?”

Sydney: “No, you’ll think I’m crazy.”

Stan: “I mean, to be fair, I’ve seen you move sh*t with your mind, so crazy feels like a few notches down.”

28. Carl: “All right, stop. Please, just… stop. Now first off, I’m married. Secondly, I’m gay. I find your behavior to be a little bit offensive, and not just to me. To you.”

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Dina: “Yeah, you’re right.”

Carl: “Just try asking politely next time.”

29. Sydney: “Well can you zoom in? Enhance?”

Stan: “Enhance? What kind of f*ckin’ operation do you think I’m running here?”

30. Dina: “And then he asked me for his jacket back.”

Sydney: “Well, look on the bright side. At least you won’t have to wear that hideous jacket ever again.”

Which of these “I Am Not Okay With This” quotes is your favorite?

Fans of the show were disappointed to learn that the second season of the series was not going to be completed. The first season left a lot of unanswered questions.

Sydney had spent several of the episodes feeling like she was being followed. Her power eventually caused her to kill a fellow student in her anger when he was exposing the contents of her diary to the school.

After this happens she meets the stranger who has been following her and it appears they have something supernatural in common.

But that’s where the show ends. The writers had been focusing on working towards a conclusion at the finale of season 2, which never ended up happening.

This means there will forever be the mystery of what happens after these “I Am Not Okay With This” quotes and sayings.

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