25 Mortal Kombat Quotes From the Movies Modeled After the Video Games

Fans of fighting video games or fans of action movies will love these Mortal Kombat quotes!

Mortal Kombat is a movie based on the popular video games of the same name that originated in 1992.

Mortal Kombat released its first movie in 1995 called Mortal Kombat and was followed by the sequel titled Mortal Kombat: Annihilation in 1997.

After the first two movies were released, the video game publisher, Midway, filed for bankruptcy.

After many years of court battles, Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema released a reboot of the series in 2021 in the form of the third movie titled Mortal Kombat.

Like the video games, the movies feature skilled fighters who all have different abilities and skills.

Each movie has a different plot, but they all contain a high amount of violence, fatalities, and brutality.

Enjoy these Mortal Kombat quotes to learn more about the movies.

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Classic Mortal Kombat Quotes

Check out some of the most known quotes from the movie.

1. “I only trust one person, Jax, and you’re talking to her.” — Sonya Blade (1995 movie)

2. “You just shot a fireball out of your hand. How did you do that?” — Kano (2021 movie)

3. “Man, you got one dysfunctional family, you know that?” — Jax (1997 movie)

4. “You should have killed me…when you had the chance…brother.” — Shao-Kahn (1997 movie)

5. “What about me, Gandalf? What does my fortune cookie say?” — Kano (2021 movie)

6. “That dragon marking, it signifies that you’ve been chosen to fight for Earth. It’s an invitation to fight for something known as Mortal Kombat.” — Sonya Blade (2021 movie)

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7. “You got the wrong person, alright? I’m not the fighter that I used to be, okay.” — Cole Young (2021 movie)

8. “No matter how many of my people you put in the ground, there will always be another to take their place.” — Shang Tsung (2021 movie)

9. “I am Liu Kang, descendant of Kung Lao. I challenge you to Mortal Kombat.” — Liu Kang (1995 movie)

10. “If you so much as touch her, Kano, you’re going to need a seeing-eye dog.” — Shang-Tsung (1995 movie)

Tough Mortal Kombat Quotes

You have to be tough to get invited to this fighting tournament!

11. “When I want backup, I’ll radio for it.” — Sonya Blade (1995 movie)

12. “We need to fight smarter. We need to control the fight.” — Cole Young (2021 movie)

13. “You’re like an aggressive little bunny. Soft, and useless.” — Raiden (2021 movie)

14. “I had enough of this. I’m going to find my brother’s killer at the tournament, with or without your consent.” — Liu Kang (1995 movie)

15. “I killed the Lizard Man! Any of you ripped anyone’s heart out?” — Kano (2021 movie)

16. “They will ravage everything you hold dear. There will be no mercy.” — Liu Kang (2021 movie)

17. “Do you have any fu..ing idea who you’re talking to? I’m wanted in over 35 countries for sh.. you fu..ing ballerinas couldn’t even imagine!” — Kano (2021 movie)

Funny Mortal Kombat Quotes

Here are some of the funniest lines from the movie!

18. “Do I look like your travel agent?” — Johnny Cage (1995 movie)

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19. “Those were $500 sunglasses, a..hole.” — Johnny Cage (1995 movie)

20. “It’s not her mind you’re admiring!” — Liu Kang (1995 movie)

21. “I smell something. Bullsh..!” — Johnny Cage (1995 movie)

22. “Come to a little tournament, he said. Be good for the career, he said.” — Johnny Cage (1995 movie)

23. “Spare him, my Lord Raiden. American life has enfeebled his mind. Too much television.” — Grandfather (1995 movie)

24. “What I wanna’ know is…if this Shang Tsung guy’s so great…how come he got such a crummy lookin’ boat?” — Kano (1995 movie)

25. “I’m surrounded by a bunch of guys who probably want to kick my ass. It’s like being back in High School!” — Johnny Cage (1995 movie)

What are the Plots of the Three Movies?

Each movie has a separate plot, with the original Mortal Kombat following three martial artists that have been summoned to an island to compete in a fighting tournament.

The second movie, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, follows six warriors that only have six days to save Earth from an extra-dimensional invasion.

The third movie, Mortal Kombat, follows the washed-up fighter Cole Young who is being hunted down by an assassin named Sub Zero.

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