20 Jack Ryan Quotes From the Hit Television Series

Fans of Tom Clancy’s work will love these Jack Ryan quotes from the popular Amazon Prime network!

The full name of the television series is Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

It is a political action show based on fictional characters created by Tom Clancy.

The series was created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland and stars John Krasinski, Wendell Pierce, Abbie Cornish, and Ali Suliman, among other talented actors.

The series first appeared in 2018, has run three seasons, and is renewed for a fourth season due to its popularity.

The show’s plot follows CIA analyst Jack Ryan, who is pulled away from his desk job to investigate the conspiracies he is uncovering.

Take a look at these Jack Ryan quotes to learn more about this action character.

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Jack Ryan quotes from James Greer

1. “If you pull your weapon to shoot, you shoot.” — James Greer

2. “You got to go with your gut, that’s all you got.” — James Greer

3. “Sometimes it doesn’t work out. That’s the job.” — James Greer

4. “Easier to invent a new life for yourself if nobody’s looking.” — James Greer

5. “You just try to look casual; like you know what you’re doing.” — James Greer

6. “Sometimes you have to break a few rules just to get the job done.” — James Greer

7. “Never move anything into an office you can’t carry out in one box.” — James Greer

8. “People don’t randomly pick passwords, not even terrorist masterminds. They pick something personal.” — James Greer

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9. “There is no version of this job that doesn’t require compromise, not if you want to do something that matters.” — James Greer

10. “We have to examine every angle, consider every possibility. Especially the one that’s staring us right in our face.” — James Greer

11. “When you work behind a desk, your friends don’t get killed. They don’t get captured. They don’t go down in helicopters. But it’s the work, it’s the real work that still needs to get done.” — James Greer

Jack Ryan quotes from Jack Ryan

12. “This business isn’t about trust, it’s about intelligence.” — Jack Ryan

13. “I’m an analyst. I don’t interrogate people. I write reports!” — Jack Ryan

14. “Unstable governments are nothing more than the greatest of opportunities.” — Jack Ryan

15. “I’m cool with the dieting. I’m cool with the meditation. You start quoting philosophy, I have to worry.” — Jack Ryan

16. “It’s better to be on the inside, maybe be able to change something, than be on the outside and not be able to change anything.” — Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan quotes from Petr Kovac and Luka Gocharov

17. “A man does not preside over his successes. Just his failures.” — Petr Kovac

18. “The man at the top can trust no one. Everyone else needs allies.” — Luka Gocharov

19. “The thing about being an exile is it doesn’t just mean you are away from home. It means you have no home to come back to.” — Petr Kovac

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20. “There are no heroes in our profession. But, occasionally, there are good men. Men who act on what is right. Not simply doing what they’re told.” — Luka Gocharov

Who is Jack Ryan?

Jack Ryan is now a CIA analyst but has military training as a former Marine officer and veteran.

Jack Ryan is portrayed as an analyst who is great at uncovering conspiracies. However, he is also adept at field work due to his time in the Marines.

He is also an everyman hero that may be afraid in certain situations, but that doesn’t stop him from acting bravely and heroically when needed.

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