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Lupin Quotes from the French Thriller

Enjoy these Lupin quotes from one of the most popular non-English series on Netflix.

The series Lupin first premiered on Netflix at the start of 2021. It has had two parts and is currently in production for a third. It’s a French thriller that has taken the world by storm.

The title of the series was inspired by Arsène Lupin, a character first created in the early 1900s. He was written into existence by Maurice Leblanc and was part of 50+ novels and short stories until 1941.

In the Netflix series, Assane Diop loses his father due to the actions of Hubert Pellegrini, a business tycoon. He sets out on a mission to end the Pellegrini empire.

He is a professional thief who puts his skills to work to help him avenge his father’s death and clear his name.

These Lupin quotes will give you a taste of what you can expect out of the series.

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Lupin quotes by Assane Diop

1. “You underestimated me. You didn’t look at me. You saw me, but you didn’t really look.”  Assane Diop

2. “Everyone on top while we’re at the bottom. They don’t look, and thanks to that we’re gonna be rich.”  Assane Diop

3. “You know the handcuff trick?” ― Assane Diop

4. “Go in as janitors and come out as millionaires.” ― Assane Diop

5. “Arséne Lupin isn’t just a book. He’s my heritage. My method. My path. I am Lupin.” ― Assane Diop

6. “I’m not a thief. I’m a fan.” ― Assane Diop

7. “So nice that I can count on you to back me up. You my best friend or not? You’re supposed to agree with me, not tell me the truth.” ― Assane Diop

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8. “The police are either incompetent or corrupt. Or both.” ― Assane Diop

9. “The more money there is, the bigger the patsies are.” ― Assane Diop

10. “Hey, I know why you’re here. If you deal so much as a joint, I’ll find you. I got you out of here, I can get you back in.” ― Assane Diop

11. “I’ll tell you how to make some cash. A bunch of cash – it will be more money than you can ever be able to spend!” ― Assane Diop

Lupin quotes by Fabienne Beriot

12. “I know you. You won’t give up. You know the difference between good and evil. And you never quit. In spite of the danger and the forces trying to stop you. That’s why I admire you.” ― Fabienne Beriot

13. “Fabienne doesn’t exist anymore. She was reduced to silence by big business!” ― Fabienne Beriot

14. “Pellegrini took the most precious thing I had. My career. He made me seem like a crazy cat lady.” ― Fabienne Beriot

15. “A good journalist never reveals her sources.” ― Fabienne Beriot

16. “We may have lost the battle tonight. But I know you, you won’t give up. You know the difference between good and evil. And you’ll never quit. In spite of the danger and the forces trying to stop you. And that’s why I admire you. So we’re going to fight. For your father, for your family. For us. We’re going to fight, Assane. Together.” ― Fabienne Beriot

Lupin quotes by Raoul

17. “Are you really a thief? That’s why they took me?” ― Raoul

18. “How far will you go, Papa?” ― Raoul

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Lupin quotes by other characters

19. “Do you know what they call men like your dad? A gentleman.” ― Mrs. Pellegrini

20. “They were born with silver spoons in their mouths and shit for brains.” ― Benjamin Ferel

21. “There’s this one story about a necklace. It makes me think of Arsène Lupin.” ― Youssef Guedira

22. “The foundation was robbed, but we refuse to be intimidated.” ― Pellegrini

Lupin quotes from memorable conversations within the show

23. Assane: “Tell me and I’ll stop.”

Raoul: “No. Continue. “

24. Benjamin: “What now?”

Assane: “We disappear.”

25. Claire: “You’re my only guy friend. So technically, you’re the man of my dreams.”

Assane: “Wait, so I’m the man of your dreams but I can’t kiss you?”

Claire: “Yeah, there, that’s it, you got it. You’re not that stupid.”

26. Claire: “I don’t know what you’re doing. And I’m not sure if I even wanna know. Do I wanna know?”

Assane: “No, you don’t wanna know.”

Lupin quotes From Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Thief (the book series that Lupin is based off of)

27. “I do my thieving indoors; you do yours on the stock exchange.” ― Maurice Leblanc

28. “What a pity that I am not an honest man!” ― Maurice Leblanc

29. “The train was rushing on, joyously, intoxicated with its own speed.” ― Maurice Leblanc

30. “It was a strange ending to a voyage that had commenced in a most auspicious manner.” ― Maurice Leblanc

31. “Do you want to go back to your solitaire, or would you prefer something that requires two people?” ― Maurice Leblanc

32. “So much the better if no one can ever say with absolute certainty: There is Arsene Lupin! The essential point is that the public may be able to refer to my work and say, without fear of mistake: Arsene Lupin did that!” ― Maurice Leblanc

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33. “Arsene Lupin, gentleman-burglar, will return when the furniture is genuine.” ― Maurice Leblanc

34. “I shall not be present at my trial.” ― Maurice Leblanc

35. “The train was rushing on, joyously, intoxicated with its own speed.” ― Maurice Leblanc

36. “It was a strange ending to a voyage that had commenced in a most auspicious manner.” ― Maurice Leblanc

37. “Life itself, in fact, with its storms and its greatnesses, its monotony and its variety, becomes a sort of tragic epitome; and that, perhaps, is why we enjoy with a fevered haste and an intensified delight this short voyage of which we see the end at the very moment when we embark upon” ― Maurice Leblanc

Which of these Lupin quotes is your favorite?

During the first part of the series, you see the clear connection between the original French novel, Arsène Lupin: Gentleman Burglar, and how Diop chooses to move forward with his life. And it makes for a story and events that fans are finding incredibly entertaining and addicting.

The first two parts of the series are appearing on Netflix dubbed with English-speaking voiceovers.

However, you can choose to watch it in the original French dialogue while reading the English subtitles.

If you haven’t watched Part 1 and Part 2 of the series, this is a great time to get caught up so you’ll be ready once Part 3 is finished and released.

Did you enjoy these Lupin quotes and sayings? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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